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The anchor plate - use to install PVC windows

There are several ways of installation of plastic windows. Anchoring plate for PVC windows are used quite often, You can strengthen them in different ways. Each method has certain positive side, but not devoid of shortcomings and. We illustrate them, leaving the reader to choose yourself the most suitable option for him, since it is impossible to offer a comprehensive solution.

Difficulties, related to the installation

frame fastening anchors, although it may seem a simple pastime, in fact, can cause a variety of negative consequences, especially if the assembly will hold an amateur. Before you decide, Do you need a mount, should carefully examine the possible consequences of the error.

  • In this case, the frame is fixed by means of anchor bolts. In order to make such an attachment, necessary to drill the frame plastic window. The downside of such an action can be called immediately unsealed glass chambers.
  • Another problem may be the freezing of construction, since when drilling broken reinforcement system. If glazed windows will freeze, you come up with excessive moisture in the room, and mold can appear on slopes over time.
  • The installation must be carried out by experienced master, since in inaccurate work plastic construction can be stretched. If the frame geometry is broken, it will be difficult or impossible to return it to its normal position.

but, despite all the disadvantages, in such a fastening method has an important advantage: the window will be firmly secured, and it can be dismantled, Only thoroughly dismantling the inside. The installation takes a little time, It does not require alignment, as is the case with foam, after installation design is immediately ready for use. A compound is considered to be reliable and durable as possible. Sami bolts and plates are inexpensive and are available in all DIY stores.

frame fastening anchors
Types of window mounting

As mounted on the plate?

Anchoring plate PVC windows They help to make the process of design installation quick and easy. One important advantage is no need to pull out double-glazed window frames. The profile system is not subjected to drilling, and therefore, will avoid problems, that arise when drilling through the frame. Double glazing is not depressurized, design does not lose stiffness, begins to freeze. The risk of warping frame is completely absent. However, to call the method also can not be perfect: one of the major drawbacks is that it is not an attractive appearance, since part of the mount after installation will be visible.Anchoring plate for PVC windows

Council: the anchor plate can be hidden under the slopes, if properly install them and disguise its overlay.

A second significant drawback is the increased load on the structure with frequent opening flaps. The window can quickly break down, which is why experts recommend to mount such a way only blind design.

Other ways of attaching the plastic window

There is a method, in which combines several ways to mount the frame, In this case, you can avoid some of the disadvantages of the two methods listed above. In the combined method of the upper frame part is mounted on the anchor plate for windows, and the lower fixed anchors. This allows you to avoid the blows of the frame when opening, as well as adjust its height.

Ankernaya plate
Mounting plate with a window on screws

How to Install Windows on the anchor plate?

Mounting plate for PVC windows are produced different, so you need to choose the right before installing the necessary. There are only two types of constructions: universal, to any suitable window frames, and special, which are made for the odd-shaped windows. Such elements have special tabs, by means of which they can be fixed with screws, putting in a window profile groove. Universal plate and has lugs bolted.

Council: Mounting bolts must be chosen 4,5h25 mm. Please note the sting, it should have a drill for metal, otherwise it will be difficult to drill design.

Anchoring plate for windows
Mounting on anchor

The sequence of work when installing windows on the anchor plate

If you are using the standard windows, it would take about 5 anchor plates. One of them will be located at the center of the frame, others place, departing from the angle of about 20 cm. If you install windows do not need to remove or pull shtapiki: plate to be attached to the outer side of the window opening, hardware in this case is a through.

Anchoring plate for PVC windows
a location of anchor plates on the window

Council: if the structure has a large size, eg, exceeds 4 quarter. m, then you should not mount it on a plate, as the window will be a large mass. Dowel connection, you can use, which can be combined with the anchor plates.

Position of the plates on the wall mark out in advance, that the attachment was more qualitative, bit in the wall for the plate bed knock. Lying in the recess the fixing element to be tightly, not acting beyond its borders. After mounting structure is recommended to fill the gap with foam: This will help to avoid drafts, and securely fasten the window.

Conclusion: Mounting plate for PVC windowsfast and convenient way to mount, though not without flaws. With the right approach it is available and fast solution for reliable installation of window designs.



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