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glazed windows - especially the choice of materials

Glazing balconies quite popular in the cities: because of this it can be converted into a functional heated room or make an unheated structure, capable of protecting against rain and wind. Glazed facade makes more attractive, may give it an unusual appearance.

What are the most commonly used frame?

Installing balconies often occurs without Joinery. We have to think about the last owners of the premises, if they want to get a covered structure. This is usually not required to conduct complex installation work, however, you may need to strengthen the support plate balcony, whichever, how much will weigh glazing and which is able to withstand a lot of balcony slabs.

The aluminum base is convenient, that its mass is minimal, and often strengthening plate is not required. If you manage to get a special permit, It will be possible to close the entire block of high-rise building, creating panoramic windows.

There are several types of frames:

  • Swing-out.
  • sliding.
  • swing.
  • deaf.

glazed windows
According to its constructive execution of the frame there are swing-out, deaf, swing

What you need to know about installing the balcony unit?

Aluminum frames set yourself not always obtained, since their installation requires special equipment. Besides, You need to have the necessary skills and, therefore faster and cheaper to just hire a specialist, than to alter the consequences of unprofessional glazing windows and balconies.

If the structure is on the top floor, rather difficult step is the installation of the roof or sun visor balconies. This will require specialist, having not only appropriate for work at height equipment, but access to such works, since they are associated with risk to life.

Council: if you are going to glaze a balcony on the first floor, should think about installing lattice. Glaze accessible from the ground floor easier, but also criminal to crack a window will be easy. The grille can reliably protect the premises from burglary, especially to increase the degree of protection, if in addition to the lattice, apply a special anti-burglary accessories.
Glazing windows and balconies

What are the profiles you can use, except aluminum?

Glazing of loggias, Balconies quite often carried out using PVC frames with glass. This is a popular, relatively inexpensive way, with no major difficulties during installation, but remember, that such constructions weigh much more and aluminum are not suitable for all mounted systems. The positive side of the plastic double-glazed windows is their high tightness. You will be able to create a warm environment, to hold heating and use hinged design as a full-fledged part of the dwelling.

Council: in some cases, the plate can be further enhanced, but it will add it's not much more strength.

If you want to install double glazing, consider, that most installation is possible, Only if the building was built relatively recently. The fact, that old buildings are quite flimsy, not designed for a large mass. If excessively load the old structure of the building, collapse could occur balcony slab, the consequences of which the owner of premises is responsible.

Glazing of loggias, balconies
Glazed balcony windows of warm PVC profile allows you to turn him into a room

Council: if you want to install a high-quality aluminum profiles, should pay attention to such companies, how PROVEDAL and SLIDORS. counterparts, issuing plastic high quality design, It may be mentioned and KBE REHAU.

What type of glazing to choose?

Window glazing balconies and can be warm or cold. The difference is, that the warm glazing structure will be completely sealed. It is possible to carry out heating, to use the balcony as a part of the room. When the cold glass to achieve the desired tightness can not be, balcony so heat does not make any sense. Temperature thereon will not differ greatly from the street.

Contrary to popular belief, warm glazing can be made of aluminum frames, but you need to use special design, equipped with thermal bridge. This frame is much more expensive than conventional aluminum, often goes more plastic, but retains heat better than PVC, while preserving the main advantage of aluminum - lightweight.

Glazing windows and balconies
Glazed plastic windows

Warm glazing will provide an opportunity to hold on to the balcony heating, install air conditioning, creating favorable conditions for the construction at any time of the year. Such work would cost considerably more expensive than the cold analogue, but it will be more functional.

Cold glass can protect against wind, sediments, dust, but it does not protect from the cold. It makes sense to do, If you plan to store items on the balcony, that should not get wet, dry clothes. Use the room comfortable can only be in the summer, but the balcony will be heated. Install air conditioning and it is pointless, as well as heating, as the cool or warm air from outside can freely penetrate inside. Installing loggias with glazing is cheaper, especially if you use conventional aluminum profiles.

installation of balconies
Installation of plastic profiles

Methods for installing a roof on a balcony

The roof is an important enough element, especially if located on the top balcony floor has a balcony slab above - above the structural element.

installation of balconies

Council: for longer desirable to cover the roof structure with aluminum. This material does not rust, does not rot, It does not need staining or any other additional protection, that allows you to make the roof more durable, without increasing its weight considerably.

The aluminum profile is set, preliminarily preparing for this area. Parapet can be made of concrete, brick, metal. Before starting work, ensure its durability and ability to withstand the expected load of the weight of the glazing. Outside structure can be clad aluminum siding. He will make it more accurate, completed, Protection from exposure to the environment, It helps eliminate gaps, because of which can form drafts.

Conclusion: balcony glazing enough useful regardless of, you choose warm or cold option. Aluminum - practical and material available to carry out such work.



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