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dowel, used for drywall construction

The repair work is often used as the main surface of the plasterboard. It is made dropped ceilings, septa, aligned walls. GCR has many advantages over other surfacing materials. But, there is one big disadvantage - the fragility. To get round this disadvantage, many companies produce fasteners - dowels for plasterboard structures. Thanks to these mountings can be hung on the wall of the FCL and the shelf and a large picture.

What is an anchor

If necessary fix to the plasterboard wall painting heavy, attached to the wall TV, hang the chandelier, need special fasteners, by which the surface will not deform, and the object is in its place, while performing their duties. These fasteners are anchors.

Another purpose is a dowel fixing plasterboard construction elements during assembly. Fixing components frame for gypsum board is performed quickly and efficiently.

Dowel for gypsum plasterboard has different forms in appearance. Depending on the purpose it is made of materials, able to implement functions without defect.

 выбор дюбелей для ГКЛ
Each plug is designed for the weight of orpedelenny

How to distinguish dowels intended? How does the fixation fasteners?

Types of anchors for drywall

This fixture is used in many repair and construction works. Drywall there are some kinds of, which will create fixing strength, whereby the surface will remain untouched.mounting options in hectoliters

Dowel nail for fixing the profile name

The most popular building dowel nail for fixing profiles and hangers to the concrete wall consists of 2 parts. First part: tip - contains 2 sections, it is made from plastic. The second part is the nail, in which thread can be applied. For rack mounting under the drywall used dowel-nails sizes 6/40, 6/60. To fix the guide profile to the wall fixings applicable data. but, for fastening the hangers required to apply a metal anchor, since the suspension lies a big load, that the nylon plug is not able to stand because of its technical characteristics.

Дюбель гвоздь для ГКЛ 6-40,6-60
Dowel-nail for securing guide profile to the concrete wall

action dowel

On plastic parts are cirri. They straighten the sides when the tip enters the nail. The antennae are fixed in concrete (brick) wall, wherein the weight-hang firmly hold the object. The main base of the use of fasteners is to fix profiles to the unfinished base during mounting frame for gypsum board.

Дюбель-гвоздь Кнауф 6/80
Dowel Knauf nail with different shape cuff

These dowel-nail for plasterboard have 2 type - normal and restrictive cuff, which makes metal nails "fail" inside.

Name Number of pieces in a pack, PC.
Impact screw 6*40 mushroom cap 100, 200
Impact screw 6*60 mushroom cap 100
Impact screw 6*60 Nye secretly shlyapka 100
Impact screw 6*80 countersunk head 100
Impact screw 8*60 countersunk head 100
Impact screw 8*80 countersunk head 50
Impact screw 8*100 countersunk head 50
Impact screw 8*120 countersunk head 50


Variants of fasteners in GVL

Next, look at the most popular options and that can be spun into a gypsum plasterboard, to secure the various elements of the decor.

The easiest option - is to find a guide profile with a magnet in his screwdriver to tighten the screw steel. If this fails then it is necessary to resort to using special hardware in the plasterboard sheet.

The most common in the works, associated with plasterboard, It is the anchor "butterfly». On the exterior it has a butterfly with spread wings. The main fastener manufacturing material - polypropylene. Also on sale there are metal products.

Дюбель "Бабочка"
Photography is the most common anchor for drywall "Butterfly"

The action of "Butterfly" for drywall

Initially, a drill hole is the right size. To want to insert the plastic part of the dowels. To this end, the side elements are pressed to the center, dowel hammered hammer. This should be done carefully. Then this part is screwed into the screw. At the time of mounting the screw discloses polypropylene part on the back side surface of the plasterboard (as if the wings are straightened in hand). They run into the GCR, thus there is rigidly fixed and hinged on the weight distribution on the surface, No point load.

Dowel-butterfly has a distinctive feature - it is possible to dismantle the fastening of plasterboard surface.

The butterfly has a different size. Their selection depends on the weight of the subject:

  • The size 8/28. Apply the active dowel for fixing lightweight construction. Screws "butterfly" must be purchased separately. For such a suitable size of the largest screw 3.5 / 35mm. Covering screws absolutely unimportant. Hole for drill anchors is made size 8 mm. Inserted fastener is lock, that does not give the butterfly completely "fail" inside.
  • The size 10/50. Inside the wings of the dowels have 2 planochky, which give added strength when fixing to the rear of the base. This butterfly can withstand weight 24 kg. For the size of the butterfly 10 * 50sleduet buy screws 3.5 / 55mm. The opening of the butterfly is required to 10mm.

    Дюбель "бабочка" в действии
    Mounting dowel-butterfly

Molly screw fixing (MOLLY)

MOLLY Dowel for plasterboard is used in the case of, if required on the surface to fix a heavy object. It is perhaps the most reliable fastening.

In its structure, Molly Unlike plastic dowels fully metal frame. The material is galvanized or stainless steel. It consists of the dowel bushings and screws. The second part is sometimes chosen by yourself, depending on the assigned functions - it can be the end of a head, rings, the hook.

Дюбель Molly имеет зубчики для прочного фиксирования на поверхности
Dowel Molly has teeth for fixing to a firm surface

The sleeve has a slit through the whole element, this creates a spacer portion. In the center of the sleeve has a thread for a screw. When you purchase a single screw should pay attention to this.

screws, go into the set has the support washer, which is a kind of constraint - without her mount in the spacer of the scrolls.

Fixing Molly

For mounting dowels, Molly require special spreader device.

  1. It is required to make a hole in the size of the plane, matched to the dimensions of the dowels 8 to 13mm.
  2. Further, the hole is inserted into the sleeve (elected). Hammered it until the teeth on it are against the surface.
  3. Thereafter, the screw is screwed.
  4. Special pliers must be pulled outwardly screw. This action end of the collet is pulled to the rear side surface, spacer part and fixed triggered.
Fixing Molly pistaletom
Scheme fastening Molly

Depending on Molly sizes have different weight classes. Basically katirovka comes from 25 to 75 kg. on a plaster surface with the help of dowel can be hung up to 30kg. weight.

Dowel presented in more detail in the photo

дюбель Молли с крюком
The plug can be purchased Molly sleeve with a hook


DRIVA dowel with a drill

Dowel made of 2 kinds of material: Plastic and metal.

samonakruchyvanyya dowels to plasterboard

Plastic dowels a little cheaper metal. For their production is used polyethylene or nylon Stamps tt 22. This fixing can withstand up to 25 kg. weight.

Дюбель Дрива металлический
Metal dowel Driva

Metal driva made of duralumin. It is not as popular as the product of nylon for one reason - price policy. This plug makes 35kg. weight.

dowel (both types) It has a lock, as well as the screw-thread-angled profile.

Mounting driva
Mounting Dube "Drive"

To fix the fasteners need to make a hole 6mm. but, If the thickness of the gypsum board 12.5 and less, then the hole is not necessary. There dowel screwed with a screwdriver to-head retainer. This plug must be screwed screw.

The length of the nylon dowel 23mm, metal - 44mm.


Fixing KNAUF Hartmut

This plug has 4 components:

  1. anchor strap - galvanized plate is a U-shaped;
  2. there is 2 napravlyayuschyh Usyk, made of plastic;
  3. locking plastic insert part;
  4. screw M5-60.
Сложная конструкция Хармут
Knauf Hartmut has a complicated structure due to which can withstand up to 50kg.

KNAUF Hartmut able to withstand the weight of 55kg. In most cases, this plug is intended for heavy items on the wall of plasterboard. It is equipped with a wide screen, in the kitchen - the regiment with the dishes, in the bathroom cabinet for bathroom accessories.

For the installation of anchors is a corresponding hole in the wall GVL. In this gap is inserted a plate using antennal. When the U-shaped part has come into the opening, tendrils break off. Inside screw screwed.


Universal dowel Fischer

This anchor consists of a plastic cylinder and comprises a sleeve. Side lobes are located, but also a powerful trailer. Inside dowel threaded to the screw. Dimensions dowels: length - 27mm., 12.5mm diameter.

Дюбель Фишер
Dowel Fischer has a plastic cylinder and a sleeve

For installation Fissher drywall is a hole, diameter coinciding with the sleeve 12mm. Fissher made inserted into the hole and snap fastened screw 6*50. In vkruchyvanyy screw Almost to the end, Pressure begins at the conical part of the sleeve. In the end, Under the influence of pressure on the screw, sleeve disclosed in different directions blades, are pressed against the back side sheet GCR.Fischer anchor in action

For small to medium loads suitable Universal plug UX. This unique shape makes it suitable for mounting to drywall and other building materials.

Набор дюбеля Фишер
Dowel Fischer sold with a set of screws

Fischer anchor in action

When attaching the sheet to a standard 12.5mm GCR. mounted, let's, 8mm thick plate. when m is the rear side drywall screw went to 27mm length. it shows that a sheet of gypsum plasterboard must be empty space 30mm.


Weight, withstand dowel - 16kg.

Plug with spring ceiling mount

This type of fixture is designed for light weight. It consists of several constituents:

  • base - a screw with a hook;
  • spacer component - 2 planochky;
  • spring retainer bars.

It is required to make a hole. It entered anchor with clamping blades. Once the strips have gone abroad drywall constructions, Spring fires and strips are straightened, thereby fixed on the other side of the GCR.

Folding plug spring
Types dowels folding with spring

This plug is designed primarily for hanging decorations and chandeliers.

If you want to hang a heavy object, it is recommended to use a special metal anchor and mount it directly in concrete.

Features of the installation

Insofar as drywall sheets fragile by nature, required accuracy in work with power tools, as well as knowing the correct mounting dowels.

  1. To create a hole in the drywall construction is not necessary to apply the hammer.
  2. If a plaster surface ceramic tiles, It needs to make a hole with a diameter equal to the dowel. In this case, the drill is used with a special tip (pobeditovym).
  3. Before installing the anchors need to get acquainted with its specifications. Each corresponds to a certain fasteners shutter weight. If the object weighs more, than can withstand element, then, probably, It may be in the wall or on the ceiling plaster hole appears.
  4. metal dowels are more expensive than plastic, nylon. But they have a long service life, and do not deform when inserted into the surface. What often happens with plastic fasteners.
  5. To practicality dowel mounting is visible, it should be fixed in the profile. frame member is easy to find with the help of an ordinary magnet.

When selecting and purchasing dowels should pay attention to all the little details, its specifications, the material from which it is produced.

In addition, we recommend to watch the video on choosing the best fasteners for drywall.



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