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Recommendations on the choice of lighting in the apartment

comfortable, cozy atmosphere, having to rest and relaxation - these qualities apartment, Firstly, gives light. It helps to create a unique atmosphere for each of its corners, profitable to emphasize the dignity of the interior and hide "in the shadow" of the shortcomings. We should not focus only on the part of the decorative lamps, proper lighting in the apartment is necessary to preserve eye health, peace of mind, emotional harmony.

types of lighting

For, to plan the lighting system in an apartment, you need to know, what kinds of lighting there and understand the characteristics of each of them.

  1. overall. His task - to cover the whole room as a whole. Even if the repair is made as simple as possible, and without the involvement of designers, This coverage is in any room. The simplest example - chandelier, hanging in the center of the room. The total light can be guided, diffused and mixed. The directional flow of light is created using lamps with shade, having an opening at the top and bottom. The scattered light obtained from frosted glass, textile or paper lampshades, covering the light source completely. Mixed general lighting in the apartment It obtained using chandeliers with shades, having an opening at the top or bottom. They are carried out of the light-transmitting material, due to which it penetrates in all directions and is reflected off the ceiling or walls.
  2. accent, or decorative lighting. It used to emphasize on certain elements of the interior or parts of premises. Examples include sconces, floor lamps, cabinet lighting. The main function of this type of lighting - decoration and creation of comfort.
  3. working. Its mission - to help people to see fine details without additional eye strain. it is necessary, to illuminate the work surfaces in the kitchen, armchair or couch for reading, desk, hob plate. The table lamp can be used as the light source, built-in LED lamps or sconces on a flexible basis.
  4. Night lighting in the apartment. It is used for the safety of movement in the dark, eg, to the bathroom. night lighting options can be luminous track of the LEDs on the wall or on the floor in the hallway, Ceiling lights around the perimeter of the bedroom, use of a variety of lamps, night light in the nursery.

Lighting by combining several of its species makes it possible to achieve the optimal space and zoning maximize the use of light in the interior of the apartment.

There is lighting performance for the most common light sources. So, for incandescent lamps is 30 W / m2, for halogen lamps - 15 W / m2, for LEDs - 6 W / m2.

The cold or warmth? Which light color to choose for the apartments

Modern people a lot of time during the day at work is carried out for the screens of laptops, computers, phones. For them, the crucial issue, what color the lighting is better to choose for the apartments, that the eyes could rest at least at home. If we talk about the influence of the color range of lamps on health, it is not. neither white, or amber color will not harm the eyes, but they can have an impact on the psycho-emotional state of a person.

Color of bulbs depends on the color temperature, it is measured in kelvins (TO). There are three luminous shades:

  • cold white - 6000-6400 TO.
  • natural white - 4200 TO.
  • warm white - 2700 TO.

Warm white light is pleasant and comfortable for the eyes, It creates an atmosphere of comfort. recommended for:

  • living rooms and bedrooms;
  • dining kitchen area. meals, lit by the warm light, looks good;
  • bathroom. Such light will help to relax.

But, to avoid unpleasant surprises, should be considered, that the warm white glow able to distort some of the colors. So, purple may appear red, Blue will acquire a greenish tint, dark blue become black.

Natural white light is perfect for:

  • baby's room;
  • zone lighting, a read;
  • working area in the kitchen;
  • illuminate the mirrors.

Cool white light adjusts to the working environment and helps to focus, which is why it is recommended to:

  • offices;
  • Sink area in bathroom, to make it easier to wake up in the morning;
  • very large rooms, decorated in a minimalist style or high-tech.

Cool color can also distort colors, turning red in purple, orange brown, a yellow to greenish.

the color of, emitted by the lamp, affects the tone of the ceiling or shade, as well as the color of its bulb.

For a more correct calculation, use the online calculator illumination.

room Dimensions
The length of the room m
The width of the room m
Number of lamps PC
lamp type

type of lodging
The calculation results
lamp power W

Especially the choice of lighting for apartments

Lighting, needed for the various rooms of the apartment, It depends on the functions they perform. the, that is well suited for the kitchen area, It can be absolutely inappropriate in the nursery. There are certain recommendations, helping to correctly plan the location of the light sources and the number according to the purpose room.


Usually, in the hall there are no sources of natural light, so you need to think wisely, What kind of lighting is in the room. Lighting should be bright enough to create the conditions and, comfortable to stay in the hallway. It is here we find ourselves in the street and, if the room gloomy, Low light, eyes hard to rebuild after natural light and a person experiences discomfort. Avoid the other extreme - too bright, blinding rays.osveshhenie-kvartiry

Besides, We need to remember, that the first impression of the house guests will be formed precisely in the hallway. Dark room and uncomfortable will bring their thinking, the whole house is the same grim sight.

With the help of light can be adjusted unsuccessful shape hallway, eg, if it is a long and drawn out koridor.Dlya of the walls evenly distribute a large number of fixtures, directing the flow of light from them to the wall. Reflected from surface, he will "dissolve" it. Mount the lights on the wall is recommended at a height of about two meters, this level, comfort the eyes of most people. For the main lighting the best choice will be as flat lights, not conceal the height of the room. If the owner of an apartment can boast a fairly high ceilings, the height of lighting restrictions can not stick.

Lamps should not be reflected in the mirrors, visyashtih stent. otherwise, the person, Looking in the mirror, will irritate and dazzle the reflected light.

Decorative, or additional, lighting can be represented by a different wall sconce, built-in lighting cabinets, mirrors, original ideas for decoration of niches, paintings or ceiling.


The most important requirement for the lighting system in the bathroom - safety. All lights must be water proof. Perfectly suited for this purpose a variety of LED lighting options for point. They can be used in conjunction with the stretch ceiling, no fear of heating the web, They are durable and consume little power.osveschenie-swore

You need to take care of good lighting in the bathroom mirror area, to provide a comfortable shave for men and facilitate facials women. Care must be taken to the choice of light color. So, too cold light in conjunction with tile in the room can create a feeling of hospital.

The rooms, where we spend a little time, such as a hallway or bathroom, convenient to install motion sensors. They will turn on and off the light automatically, saving electricity.


Kitchen can rightly be called the most residential premises in an apartment, as it is here spend most of the time its inhabitants. In many families, this is a children's, dining room, and living at the same time. Therefore, in the kitchen lighting should be multifunctional and to cope with different tasks.


The ideal embodiment will illuminate the work area LED lights ribbon or lamps, installed under the upper tier wardrobes. Such light does not hurt the eyes and allows to perform the desired light level kitchen work.

Dining area can, eg, highlight interesting lights on long suspensions, visyashtimi over stolom. Or be limited to one common to all room chandelier.

If the kitchen serves as a living room, should choose the elements of decorative lighting: sconce, floor lamps, suitable style to the room, or consider ceiling arrangement of illumination. Dim lights create a great backdrop for a friendly chat or a family watching TV.


osveshhenie-spalniBedroom is recommended to install a light fixture, performing the role of the primary light source. This may be the LED fixture with frosted ice bubble or classical chandelier with fabric shade. Emphases are placed by means of lamps in the headboard or on the opposite wall, night lamp on the bedside table. It is very convenient to use in the bedroom lamps with a remote control or a "walk-through" switches. This makes it possible to control lighting, without getting out of bed. Color light sources are preferably chosen from its warm hues. widely used Ice Tape for lighting ceiling.

Living room

kalkulyator-moshhnosti-lampochekKind of used lamps and lighting system in the living room depends, Firstly, on its size. Large areas of the premises require zoning and the creation of multi-level backlight depending on the required time at the moment of lighting scenarios. While, in a small room can confine compact chandelier as the primary light source and the lamp or illumination LED band TV tape as accent lighting,. More and more are gaining popularity new lamps with LED lamps which are harmonious look in the interior of the apartment.

Good lighting in the apartment It does not involve the large number of shades. This is a very common mistake made by novice designers.


In the nursery is better to organize a combined type of lighting, which will allow the child to play with equal effectiveness, do homework and go to sleep. The main light preferably accomplished using lamps, emitting white natural glow. A decorative lighting can be warm color. A more precise zoning is possible to achieve using modern ice track fixtures. Be sure to consider the lighting of the workplace. Good, if the lamp is in this area will be able to tilt adjustment, to illuminate the desired portion of the surface of the desktop.


For babies, afraid or bad fall asleep in the dark, appropriate to provide night illumination in the form of a lamp, the lamp on the table or the LED lamp on the wall.

Arrange the right lighting in the apartment, respective owners needs and create an atmosphere of comfort and relaxation, It is not difficult. It is only necessary to spend a little time to study the recommendations of experts and choose among the numerous options for lamps and chandeliers, available on the market of lighting fixtures, it fits perfectly into your interior and meet your goals.

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  1. The lighting in the apartment is one of the important things! If the wrong lighting can easily lose sight, and the reason to look at all there. In the children's room, eg, we have a natural white light, as it should be, since when measuring the output of 4100K. The bathroom on the calculations we get a warm white color, also, how to. But in the room is less than desired for some reason,, although the chandelier should 3 lamps on 100 watt. Though, as I said, we need to do more Safita, 5 at the beginning of the hall and 5 in the end, and make the switch this, so you can adjust its brightness, i.e, so I could use them at night, how svetilnichkom, and in the evening, to burn at full capacity. Good, that there is such a program, which can be so easy to calculate all)

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