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How to make a hole in ceramic tile

When it comes to tiling, immediately it appears and the need to settle into her holes for various purposes. For example, dowel or attachment. note, they do not know all, such as drilling tiles correctly, because before any work is necessary to study the characteristics of the material and the process of working with him.such as drilling tiles correctly

drilling principles

The first is to understand the basic principles and rules of work. And the initial task is to choose a drill. Here we must consider the following factors:

  1. Drill is not in any case should not be a shock.
  2. It should have a minimum rotation speed.

On this basis we can say, that is suitable for the following tool:

  1. Included at the minimum speed electric drill.
  2. Cordless screwdriver, the speed of which does not exceed 1000 revolutions.
  3. And the latter becomes the power screwdriver with a low speed.

Also worth noting, it is necessary to select a tile and special drills, because the standard is not suitable for wood or concrete. Few details about the selection of the drill will talk a little later.

Now, we note a number of rules, which are required to implement:

  1. At work do, to drill or very strongly heated tile. Otherwise, the entire surface can crack. For cooling may be used ordinary water.
  2. You can not press hard on the drill. It is necessary to choose the optimal level of pressure, it should not be too strong (which can lead to breach of tiles) or on the contrary too weak.
  3. Never use the drill in reverse mode. The drill must only rotate clockwise and at the same time at a low speed.
  4. If you need to drill into the seam, the hole should be located precisely at the center of the seam, and the work itself should be carried out as carefully as possible. In the case of drilling near the seam should provide reliable position drills and completely exclude the possibility of slipping.

Drilling small holes

Small holes are usually designed for the dowels, further to hang them on a hinged structure, for example, a mirror or a shelf. Used in this case, the electric drill (Drilling tiles) continue to punch holes improvements.

An important factor here becomes drills selection, and therefore this question should pay maximum attention.

Choosing a drill for small holes

Let's look at a number of tips for choosing, which certainly need to be taken into account:

  1. The best embodiment for a diamond drill bit. But it is worth noting, that its cost is quite high, and acquire such not everyone can afford. Besides, if we are talking about a few holes, then it makes no sense to buy expensive drill. In the same time, for professionals, are engaged in repair work, it must be.drill bit for ceramic tiles
  2. An alternative embodiment becomes tipped drill pobeditovym. These are specifically designed for tile, and due to its sharpening reduces the risk of cracking of the coating. It looks a drill, bolt upright, this feature eliminates the slip at the beginning of works. Besides, It allows to work with a lower pressure, which helps protect the tile from split.
  3. In the absence of the aforementioned drills may be used to drill concrete coatings made from cemented carbide. It becomes important here, that it should be as sharp, or have a special coating of pobedita. When working with such a need to be very careful, because the item is not suitable for drilling tiles.

tile drill rules

We now proceed directly to the consideration regulations and small hole drilling technology. Consider all of the steps below:

  1. Before starting work,, marker, which will be allocated on the surface of the label on the enamel tile center of the future holes.
  2. Consider the, that the drill will slip enamel, because in order to drill on the tile does not slip, paste to the place intended aperture masking tape or make a small depression in the tile using a drill with a sharp tip in the form of lances.such as drilling tile
  3. Initially you need to install the drill speed to minimum. Only after, as the drill bit will be deepened in the tile can slightly increase the speed. note, it is better to work longer, but to do everything well, than just spoil the coating, We are trying to speed up the process.
  4. We recall once more, that strictly use a drill with a shock function is prohibited.
  5. Press the right hand drill with drill-stuck a spear to the target point. This does not apply excessive force, otherwise the tiles can be cracked at this stage.
  6. The left side of the bit, turn the drill chuck. This will help to make an initial label (scratch), which will place the drill consolidate and reduce the chances of slipping.
  7. Now, starting with a small speed start drilling.
  8. If the hole should be long, and is also required to drill the wall under the tile, the work is carried out in two stages. In the first drilled tiles, then replaced with a drill and a hole is made in the concrete.

clearly see, such as drilling a tile, you can right in the video below.

Prepare a large hole

In cases, when it is necessary to organize the replacement of the mixer, or make a hole in the pipe wall there is a need of a large opening device in a tile. And it also has its own characteristics, to consider.

The first and one of the most important issues is the choice of drill. In fact, only two choices, namely:

  1. Using the crown.
  2. Drilling Ballerina tiles.

Now consider the features and decide what kind of drill opt for tiles.

Choosing a drill: crown or Ballerina?

In this case, the drill selection task is quite simple. It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the two species.

Considering the different types of crowns can be seen:

  1. There are quite costly options with diamond coating. It is worth mentioning, they are pretty good and provide a fast and reliable drilling, without the risk of tile damage (when properly used, respectively).diamond crown tile
  2. But for the most part is an attachment, how to buy a diamond crown does not make sense, especially, when you need to make a few holes.
  3. Also worth noting, that this type of drills to be afraid of overheating, because you need to constantly monitor the temperature, not operate at high speed and continuously pour water.
  4. For one-time tasks, you can pick up the crown with the teeth of pobedita, it is enough to perform 20 holes, which is enough in a simple farm.
  5. Diameter of Drill reaches 15 centimeters.
  6. You must work very carefully, any sudden movement can contribute to fragmentation of tiles.

It is also worth considering and features Ballerina, namely:

  1. This type of drill is in the form of a cylinder or a fixed bracket spear.
  2. For bracket account can change the diameter of the working area of ​​the drill.
  3. Such drills are quite cheap, but their lack not for long.Ballerina for drilling tiles

After considering several features, worth mentioning, that in order to work at home will be a good option Ballerina, since it is possible to make holes of different sizes, that in the case of the crown can not be.

And now proceed directly to drilling technology, at the same time look at the features of each of the drills.

Drilling large holes in the tile

Immediately prior to the work necessary to carry out the markup. Draw on the surface of the tile using a pencil and compass circle your desired diameter. It is also recommended to apply on the surface of a piece of paper scotch, to avoid sliding drill.

Then you can start to work, possible to facilitate the task to adopt the following tips:

  1. In order to facilitate you can take the board out of plywood or fiberboard and use it as a stencil, tightly pressed to the tile.
  2. In the case of not glued tiles, She lies down on a flat surface, and then also using a stencil drill.

One of these ways make a hole in a tile. In this drill the tile at right angles from the front side only.

way of 1

  1. Set the drill core cutter diameter or desired Ballerina.
  2. Search through adjustment hole diameter cutters Ballerina. note, that the distance between the drill Ballerina should be half, than the desired bore diameter.
  3. Drill the hole. This takes into account all the recommendations, that we provided earlier, particularly with regard to pressure on the tiles and cooling.
  4. Drilling should start with small speed, later slightly amplifies the power.
  5. It is important to keep the drill at an angle 90 degrees with respect to the tile. No movement in the hand are not allowed.

Consider, that this method tile heats up and can crack. For cooling, the tile surface during drilling wet it with water. The use of water will also help to extend the life of cutting tools. Not recommended positioning the tool near the water.

When working with diamond Cronk can work quickly and continuously, because it is not afraid of overheating. The only thing, ekspluataii in this mode, it quickly fails.How and what to drill tile

But it is better to use a wet drilling, constantly wetting the tool cooling. This is especially important when working with glazed tiles. Thanks to this will be able to extend the life of not only the tiles but also a tool.

way of 2

Also, there is another way of drilling, and it is as follows:

  1. An electric drill hole 12 mm. Use a drill with a diamond dusting.
  2. Insert the tungsten saw blade into the drilled hole and fix its ends to the hacksaw.
  3. Saw desired hole diameter, directing hacksaw strictly on pre-plotted line.
  4. After the work, remove the tile adhesive tape and wipe it with a cloth.
  5. If necessary, the edges of the holes to impart a smooth surface treat their abrasive bar.

helpful hints

And finally, give you a few tips, which is worth remembering:

  1. Do not use a high-speed drill for drilling. This increases the likelihood of cracking tiles.
  2. To keep separate a loose tile, Make a plywood box the size of a little big, than the tile size, Insulate corners in a box and fill it with water. Before drilling holes tiles drown in water.
  3. Always use a water to drill tile drill

Now you know, as it is possible to drill the tile, you need to do and all the basic rules of work. And finally, we offer you watch some videos, which clearly show, both large and small drill holes in different drills.




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