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Can I apply the paint on the plaster?

Q applying putty to the painted surface is sufficiently actual. But, should not rush to pluck and paint on the walls and ceilings. First of all, excess dust and mess anybody else did not bring pleasure, and secondly, This paint can have a positive impact on the duration of the construction operation. This article will answer the question: what paint will form filler?

emulsion paint

How to apply the plaster on the painted walls
How to apply the plaster on the painted walls?

Before you find out whether you can apply the paint on the plaster, necessary to define, with what kind of material you are dealing. There is a fairly simple and proven method. First must be applied to the surface layer of warm water, more sure the reaction. If the paint begins to foam and washed off - it vodoemulsionku. Is it possible to apply the plaster on the water-based paints? - The answer is simple, NOT!

Why not leave water-based paints? The fact, it pulls moisture, which is contained in the prepared material for putty. Consequently, over time it simply just disappear.


Leave a colorant can be in the case, if the enamel, created on the basis of a solvent-free water. As an example, the paint made based on varnishes. But in this case, there are exceptions. Even enamel based on non-aqueous solvents can not come under the putty. The reasons for this may be different: poor quality, violation of manufacturing technology, incorrect application, etc..
For, to learn, possible to apply the filler on the paint of the type, use a spatula. Swipe angle tool over the surface of the parallel lines in the region of the base member trowel. Then, slide it in the direction drawn by strips. In the case where the material begins to flake off or crumble, it can not leave. But if you hardly even managed to draw the slides - this paint is not simply possible, and the need to leave.

How putty colored walls?
How putty colored walls?

If the question, whether it is possible to apply putty to paint resolved in a positive way, it's time to proceed directly to the works.
Very often it happens, especially in older homes, that remove paint just is not realistic! In the years of construction, to furnish the premises spared no effort, any materials. Therefore, the ink layer can be up to very large sizes. With the little that has changed over time, repairs in the apartments were carried out on the basis of new clothes, without removing old paint layer, etc.. As a result the ink layer can reach up to 10 mm!

For, not to suffer, and to speed up the finishing process, Use specialized primer, "Betonokontaktom". The material is produced using the acrylic, having high fastening ability. The entire structure of this component:

  1. acrylic;
  2. Cement;
  3. specialized fillers;
  4. sand.

Special fillers, which it is mentioned above, give this material adherent properties, prolonging the maintenance period. "Betonkontak 'ideal for surfaces, having a low moisture absorbing capacity:
• monolithic wall;
• concrete blocks;
• ceilings.

Regardless of, how strong was the paint, use betonkontakta recommended by many experts and specialists in the field of building subjects. Besides, using betonkontakta, question, Is it possible to putty the wall without plaster, lifted itself. This component works fine with the protection of the foundations of excess moisture. After all plastering is necessary in order, not only to equalize the surface, but also to protect their internal layers from moisture.


Even with poor quality ink, the use of "Betonkontakta" will avoid a lot of rough work. On the other hand, its value is high enough, so if you have time, do not take it, in the case of the presence of low-grade coloring material on the old walls, better get rid of it.

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