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Repair of damaged plasterboard with their hands

Despite, that the drywall - a material strong enough and reliable, over the life of it can come into disrepair. Cladding sheets may be damaged due to various reasons: leakage, chips from mechanical shocks, fires, etc.. Besides, trouble can arise as a consequence of non-compliance with finishing technology.
Damage and Repair
Plasterboard, as well as any building component has its weaknesses. With respect to this component, it can be argued, that the most frequent problems, associated with the operation, are:
• chipped;

Repair cracks in the wall

Cracks in the object of our discussion - this is a common problem buildings. AT 80% cases, when buying a new home in the newly, that the construction of the building, in households having similar problems. This is due to the shrinkage of the walls and supporting structures.
How to seal the crack in the drywall with your hands? If it is shallow and narrow, it will have little to deepen its, about 3-4mm. This is to ensure, allow the solution to be fixed in the deeper layers. Otherwise, when dry it can just fall away. As a solution for sealing is better to use a special putty, designed specifically for drywall. It is able to retain elasticity over a long period and thus dries quickly.
If the damage is deeper, drywall repair in this case is complicated. First you need to remove layers of paint or other finishing materials at a distance 10-15 cm from the place of fracture. Then a thin layer of glue, better use of PVA, and on top is glued fiberglass reinforced. After drying adhesive, that secures the glass fiber, putty can be applied and continue to finish: paint, okleyka, whitewash etc..

Repair chips on the wall

Drywall Repair their own hands in the case of chipping is to bond the problem area. For this purpose, a special plaster tape. The damaged portion of the pre-trimmed, whereupon the tape itself is mounted and a cover layer putties. Important, that after the repair in the room did not have drafts or sudden temperature jumps, to putty can properly dry and harden on the damage.
after drying,, the area is cleaned and wallpaper, or painted in tone. At this stage, you need to take care of high-quality grinding, to final finishing element was applied uniformly. Particular attention should be paid to grinding in the case, when it comes to painting. If the paint is applied on an uneven layer, eventually she just disappear.


How to seal the hole in the drywall

Holes occur most often as a consequence of mechanical damage - a stroke or getting wet. If a problem occurs, to prevent further destruction of the whole leaf, must be promptly repaired a hole in plasterboard with their hands.
For a start, inspect the section itself. The fact, that the material begins to deteriorate and becomes soft when wet formation around itself, accordingly it is not possible to work with him. If a stroke has occurred, which was formed due to the recess, the perimeter may be "infected" with cracks, which is also not very good.
After that, as the evaluated condition and identifies areas of damage, you need to get to a hard edge. Make a space from the edge of the hole on the 5-10 cm, depending on the degree of stiffness. When using a ruler and pencil, draw a rectangle, which will match the size of the piece, prepared for incorporation. Cut the cracked element is best assembly with a knife or a special sawing.
Further drywall repairs continues long known scheme. You must first clean up the edges of the hole and only then insert the blank. necessarily primed surface. Strengthening is carried out using mortar and mounting tape.
The most important step in the drywall repair their own hands - putty
Surely you've noticed, that the correction of damage is always used plaster. It is actually a very important preparatory step in the repair and decoration. That matter, how well the preparation for further processing will be performed, It will depend on the term of the maintenance period. Videos show details, how to repair the damage to the drywall with your hands.

Video for sealing holes in drywall



choose putty

In DIY stores on the choice of the consumer enough to offer a large variety of finishing material. We strongly recommend that you pay attention to the dry mixture. First of all, they can be stored for a long time, without losing its properties, and secondly, they can be used in portions. Besides, Pay attention to the fact, that there are certain types of mixtures for the walls, ceilings or repair. In this case the right choice - a filler for repair.
Dry mixes come in several types:
• polymer;
• gypsum;
• cement.
The choice depends on the type and conditions of the room, which will be made of drywall repair. When it comes to repairs in the bathroom or kitchen, with a high moisture content, then it is better to pay attention to the cement mixture. Plaster more suitable for dry warm room, but the polymer - universal. They are more flexible and can be used anywhere. And although the price a little more, repair costs much less, than the rest.
Regardless of, what actions are performed is carried out, Repair drywall cracks, sealing of chips or holes, filler must be applied before the primer layer. It contributes to a better bonding of the fabric, it does not penetrate into the interior of the sheet, thereby destroying it. The process itself is done after putty, precoat layer dries.
The basic process of finishing after the repair is carried out in several stages. To begin, apply a fiberglass mounting tape to the object repair. Important, damage to the seam found himself in the middle serpyanku. After this it is necessary to prepare the filler. It should be noted, preparing a mixture that is produced in accordance with the required amount. Remember, that reconstituted dry mixture loses quality storage duration and later 30-40 minutes becomes unsuitable for further use.
Thereafter, the process is carried out already on renewed application component portion. It uses just two spatula: thin and wide. A wide needs for the application of the bulk and seal damage, slim stripper. Do not leave large stains and divorce - after drying them will be very difficult to remove. Try to apply the putty evenly without cavities, bulges.
Drywall Repair their own hands, regardless of the extent and severity of damage, possible even under the condition, if you have never held a tool in the hands of. the main thing, is to fulfill the requirements, which have been mentioned above. The most important step in the repair of a plaster, the correctness of the implementation of which will depend not only aesthetic component processed portion, but also life.

The method how to correct incorrectly drilled hole in the drywall under Escutcheon


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