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Washing windows - the best ways and means

Washing windows is not the most enjoyable experience, but such a need may arise often enough, especially if the window faces the busy street, wherein the dust rises from the road. The inner part is also recommended to wash at least once a month. How to clean windows, and ways in which to do so, can suggest our article.

Classic window washing method

Washing windows in the apartment can be carried out in different ways, but most housewives have resorted to a trick: selected washing cloudy weather, then on the glass there will be no divorce, and the glare of the sun will not interfere see the pollution. Another plus: detergent dries faster.

Difficulty in washing large windows

What you need to cook?

In order to wash the windows in the apartment, without being distracted while, you need to prepare in advance the following:

  • two buckets, one of which must be pure water, Second - solution for washing windows. Manage one bucket can, if you use a detergent, which do not need to plant, eg, various sprays for windows.
  • Soft Sponge Foam. If the window is very dirty and it stuck trash, It may require rigid sponge.
  • microfiber. It is convenient to wipe dry glass. If a tissue is not, you can use any soft, dry material, it's desirable, so that it absorbs moisture, and had nap.

Council: If you do not want to spend money on detergents or you do not have them on hand, you can use a regular soap solution, washing windows with it will not yield quality professional Detergents.

window washing
All that is needed

How to wash correctly frame?

Before starting to clean the glass, You need to clean the frame. To do this, you need to vacuum it, removing dust and dirt. Then the frame should be wiped with a dry cloth. Removing coarse dirt, rinse frame soapy, whereupon rinse soap clean water. structure can wipe dry cloth if necessary. If you seem too complicated cleaning glass, contact the specialists of the company to quickly produce washing windows.

How to clean glass self?

Wash the windows in the apartment without paying the fee, you can use the sponge from foam, dipped in a soap solution. If there is stubborn dirt, against them, you can use a more rigid sponge. Divorces soap and dirt residues are washed off with clean water. That there was no water drips, you can wipe the screen with a dry cloth or paper.

Council: ointments for glass microfiber perfect, thanks to a soft structure and a high ability to absorb moisture, it becomes indispensable assistant when washing windows.

Wiping the glass conventional newsprint, you can achieve brilliance, remove all the fat stains, left hands. This is a proven and inexpensive way, does not need to be changed.
window washing

More modern methods of cleaning of window designs

wash windows in the apartment more effective, without leaving streaks on the glass, It can be a modern method, for which the need to prepare the following:

  • scraper.
  • A bucket for water and a solution of.
  • Sponges and cloth.

The resulting dirty stains with a scraper are driven into the bottom of the window. This device lead glass from top to bottom. Wipe it is not required, divorces further purified windows will not prevent. If the window does not clean off immediately, you can wash it with soap solution again.

window washing

How to completely wipe the glass?

After you have washed with pure water window, you can start to wipe it with a dry cloth: it should be done, starting from the top and moving gradually to the bottom. You can use a scraper. For this purpose, it is held at an angle of 30 °. To avoid divorce, next move should overlap by a few centimeters of the previous path.

Council: to effectively clean windows, scraper after each movement wiped with a dry cloth. It should be clean. If this is not done, will divorce.

Small drops or remains of divorce can be removed with a cloth made of cotton. Note, that water often accumulates on the perimeter of the structure, in the place, where gum glazing are: Wipe them with a dry cloth, removing water therefrom.

How to clean hard to reach places?

It's hard enough to wash glazed balcony, since it has a large area and height, and open only a small portion of sections. In order to wash the windows in the apartment fully, It can be used for balcony glazing following tricks:

  • Reach remote locations help long mop, at the end of which is a soft sponge rubber. Usually, handle such mops telescopic, so you can at its own discretion to change their length. There are models with double sponge, it's comfortable, because one party you will be able to wash a window, and the second to wipe his, it will require only turn the mop in the right direction.
  • If you want to wash a window from the inside only, optionally using a mop or pull the stool: it's best to use a stepladder. It is possible to put a bucket, and the height allows to reach any point Joinery. It can be used during washing windows in the room, especially if you stand on the windowsill, for whatever reasons, can not be.
  • There are special sponges with magnets. They can be placed on both sides of glass: you will not only be able to safely wash the street side of the window, but do it in half the time, because it will be washed at the same time both sides of the structure. Such sponges must be chosen with respect to the thickness of the glazing unit, as they are equipped with magnets of different power.
  • If the balcony is at high altitude, and external elements are difficult to reach, better to take the help of industrial alpinists.
    Conclusion: washing windows in the apartment will not cause any difficulties, if you have a sufficient number of times and have on hand at least a minimal set of objects, by means of which the cleaning.



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