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All kinds of mosquito nets for PVC windows

Mosquito net PVC windows is a necessary accessory, which can be one hundred per cent to rid the room of all kinds of insects. some grids, Besides, have a protective function, which will help prevent the fall of a child window or small animals. We will help you understand the types of nets, carry out product selection.

Why do we need a mosquito net?

Grid Window PVCGrid on windows in PVC reliable and inexpensive means of protecting the premises from insects. It has a fine cell, through which the light passes freely, but can not get pests. In the presence of the mesh on the windows you do not have to think about, how to rid the room of the buzzing and biting flies and mosquitoes, as well as other unpleasant winged gostey.Krome this, the grid can be different benefits: There are more durable construction, called "antikoshka". Such a network, not only will protect the premises against insects, but do not allow your cat to jump out of the window. If you live on the lower floors, Such a system is also useful for, to other people's animals do not climb into your apartment.

Mosquito Net PVC is much stronger and more effective than gauze or similar materials. It adheres to the window frame, leaves no gaps. Fixing takes place thanks to a special system, Therefore, this design looks much more aesthetic. The mesh is stronger and can last several decades, whereas the gauze should be changed once a month. An important feature is the fact, PVC mesh that is not afraid of moisture, easy to clean, can protect the premises from dust and debris from entering, whereas gauze analogues quickly get dirty and will be ruined.

Grid Window PVC

What types of nets at the windows meet?

Manufacturers offer different grid designs, basically they are different fastening system and the presence or absence of a rigid frame. In the market you can find the following types of networks:

  • Fastened with adhesive tape. This is one of the most comfortable designs, which can be attached in minutes, gluing the mesh to the frame. Remove it is not a problem, at the same time during installation you will not need any tools, and the frame will not suffer any damage. This design does not prevent opening the sash window. If desired, the structure can be placed inside the window opening, it will not interfere, since it has no rigid volume frame. In winter design it is recommended to remove, during storage it does not take much space. If handled carefully with a grid, it will last for several years.
  • Having a rigid frame, which is attached to the window in different ways. Grid Window PVC, equipped rigid frame, It is used quite often, It comes as standard with the purchase of plastic windows of many companies. It can be mounted on a frame made of PVC profile, aluminum, in some cases, wood. Window design will suffer minimum damage in the form of screws, which will keep the fastening elements for the grid. The frame structure may be a plastic or metal. It is possible to set the grid as the outside of the box, and inside, and on some models the windows mono put inside the frame structure, to install special frame has corners. Remove and put in its place easily enough.

Council: to plant parts did not cause problems, think about the presence of the grid is necessary before, the window will be installed in the wall. Corners mount bolted to it in advance. The elements themselves must be secured in the right place, otherwise they will interfere with the window open.

If the grid is required becoming inside the frame, you can do so regardless of whether, you have set the window design or just going to do it.
Mosquito net PVC windows

  • sliding design. Mosquito nets for PVC windows tWhich design is well suited for windows, with sliding doors. Grid feature is not only the presence of a rigid frame, but also its ability to roll to the side of the guide. With this structure can be protected from insects space, if the flaps are shifted, or shift the grid in the side with a sash. Shift structure can be both to the left, and right. In order to avoid cracks formed, structure equipped with special sealing nap. This mesh looks pretty good, easy to use, but it costs about twice as much as usual.
    Mosquito nets for PVC windows
  • Rolling mosquito nets for PVC windows. They can be installed in the window opening on the outside or the inside of the, it does not matter. The device often has a neat little box, in which the mesh is minimized, if it is not needed. There is no need to remove it in the winter. The box design is protected from a variety of adverse effects. Such designs are quite expensive. A square meter will cost about 4 times more, than the net with Velcro.
    Mosquito nets for PVC windows
  • Pleated - a mosquito net PVC windows of this type structurally similar to a roll. The difference is, that there is no mechanism, folding the net in a tube. Grid has special folds, which allow to collect her accordion. This design is well suited for installation in doors and windows of all sizes. Set it without additional fasteners, It does it fast enough. The construction of one of the most expensive on the market found.

Council: This grid will not work, if a family has small children or cats. It is not able to withstand strong mechanical impact and fall out of the window opening at the same time, who pushed her.
Grid Window PVC

Selection of mosquito nets

Solve, some mosquito nets PVC windows will be in your home, must be, on the basis of several factors: window size, side, where you want to install it, Togo, whether to child and animal protection, sheet quality, prices, you are willing to pay. Insect nets to protect all kinds of the same, so, If you do not have a big budget or do not want to see the box in his room, pay no sense.

Conclusion: Mesh for PVC windows can help protect the premises against insects, dust, butts, abandoned with the other floors. This is a necessary element, that will not attract attention, not spoil the design of the room, but will deal effectively with the problems.



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