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Burglar-proof windows - reliable protection from criminals

Burglar-proof windows are a topical product, especially for residents of private households, Apartments, access to which is possible from the ground or the roof. Lattice is not always acceptable, because they do not look aesthetically, do not meet the standards of fire safety, create certain problems in the operation of the window. Protected window does not differ in appearance from the conventional design, not a problem when using, with the ability to reliably protect the house.

The operating principle of anti-burglary accessories

Burglar fittings for plastic windows has a number of features, that make the box inaccessible to hackers. The locking mechanism of the protected window differs from the standard form, dimensions, strength. Open it in a few minutes will not be possible, and hit the glass does not become a criminal, since the noise will attract the attention of others.protivozlomnaya mold design window

Burglar fittings on plastic windows It differs from the usual elements:

  • The presence of mushroom pins. These parts are able to withstand the load, exceeding one ton.

    Burglar-proof plastic windows
    mushroom pins

  • Secure box has a 5 locking points, Then as usual - only one.
  • Hinges and mounting plates are made of high strength steel, you can not move the hardware, as the pin enters the bar is not straight, and from different angles.
  • The frame is equipped with special hooks, made of stainless steel. Normal windows are provided with hooks made of aluminum, but it is softer and less durable.
  • The locking mechanism of the handle has a special protective plate, which will not drill out the lock on the outside.

Methods of selecting protective fitting

Burglar fittings for plastic windows - a set of mechanisms for locking the window construction. Sets can be different, or may not include certain elements, have different degrees of protection classes.

Burglar fittings for windows
accessories kits for protection of windows from breaking

Council: if you want a high-quality anti-burglary window, capable of confronting professional criminals, do not skimp on accessories, because of its strength depends on the security of your property. Qualitative elements can not be too cheap.

How to understand the classes of products?

In fact, there is nothing difficult in choosing hardware class. It is enough to study the notation:

  • WK1 – 1 class. This burglar fittings equipped with the striker plate in the corners, mushroom pins, which can be adjusted in height. Window of such a system can not be overcome, as it pressed on all four sides to the frame. Knock window leg or arm will not work, drill also because of the protective strip on the handle.
  • WK2 - 2 class. The flap of the box is equipped with extra pins, Consequently, it can withstand more severe stress of mechanical origin. This window can not be broken using the rudimentary tools.
  • WK3 – 3 class. In addition to accessories, inherent in the first two classes, Burglar third grade windows are fitted with pins on the corner switch mechanism called scissors. This makes it possible to protect the window from breaking crowbar or tire iron.

protivozlomny mechanism box

Council: choosing accessories, pay attention to the quality mark. RAL mark means, that the product has been tested and has received high safety mark.

Burglar fittings for windows
marking quality

Assembly of plastic window, Tamper-resistant

Burglar-proof plastic windows optionally be ordered from the manufacturer, in some cases it is sufficient to replace the hardware on your existing window and turn it into a secure. This approach will help to avoid unnecessary costs and inconvenience, the replacement window unit.

Council: complete replacement of the window profile is considered to be more effective, since Burglar plastic windows, usually, profile are reinforced and equipped with stronger glasses, beat that much more difficult.

Using an existing glazing, you need first of all to buy accessories of safety class, that you think best. Usually, Kit features a detailed installation instructions. The procedure for work on the installation is usually the next:

  • Old glazing is removed and installed into the frame more durable glass. Another embodiment - on existing surface protective film paste, it may be transparent or tinted.
  • Before you purchase a new transom, look old producer. The fact, that fixing holes from different manufacturers do not match, transoms and other firms may not be suitable.
  • Just so buy protective accessories will not work, it is made to order. You need to apply to specialized companies or manufacturers of plastic windows. Pay attention to the size of your accessories, new must strictly comply with them.
  • When the accessories you already have, Remove the protective caps from the window and remove the sash from the frame. This will require to disassemble and loops. They keep on pins, therefore completely unscrew the hinge itself is not necessary.
  • To remove the sash, you need to put the handle in the horizontal position, tilt sash over.
  • Remove the old fixture and replace it with a new, Using instructions from the purchased.

Council: new hardware is put on the same places, which occupies an old. So that nothing is confused, Photograph windows parsing steps or make sketches on paper.

As main elements located?

Burglar fittings for windows should be collected in the following order:

  • Before you get started, pre-define the space, where arrangements will dock.
  • Begin the installation with angular installation of constipation, then the other parts are placed.
  • Fix the main actuator. Commit it can only be in the open position, if the subordinate rail is too long, it can be shortened.
  • After the construction is assembled, All moving parts should be lubricated with a special lubricant for window fittings.

Conclusion: burglar fittings for windows is an excellent solution, able to protect your property. This discreet appearance element, which can be installed even on old window, turning it this way in a protected.



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One comment on the record "Burglar-proof windows - reliable protection from criminals

  1. On my first floor of this element is very necessary, only here in our city, I have never seen such. Her husband also learned not one installer, all we heard about this, but set like nobody can, since there is no place to take anti-burglary accessories. But we found a way out and ordered it to my uncle, He lives in Moscow. He acquired BK2 2 class. Again we do custom fittings, He waited for about a month. For the manufacture of anti-burglary fittings, We need clear measurement window, mm even play a role. I can say one thing, that the easiest way would be to put it all, When I was old windows with new, so do all the wizard is measured, Insert and no problems. And since we are now experiencing, all came, tk. then wait a long time again, yet to make a new, and the cost is not small accessories. Generally, If you decide to protect your apartment or house burglary in a way, then do it immediately, along with the change windows, call for the Masters, that will produce anti-burglary accessories, When you see in front of you and it will be easier, and you!

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