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Installation of suspended ceilings video

Установка натяжных потолков фото, как установить натяжной потолок своими руками
stretch ceiling installation technology

Suspended ceiling - is the best way to hide all the irregularities of the ceiling of the native. See how to choose a suspended ceiling is properly, any invoice, colors, materials are. The resulting web is necessary to leave the room for a while. On the web you can not put objects, otherwise may form creases, which, after installation of the ceiling can be seen. It is not recommended to store the web more 5 days. Installation is recommended to conduct daylight. Will now be discussed in more detail the installation of suspended ceilings with video instructions for a snack.

You must first make a layout for the profile (baguette). For this purpose, a laser or a water level. Typically, the distance from the ceiling to the tension of the native (depending on its curvature) less than 10 cm. if they are installed spotlights, the distance 7 cm. According to the intended line to the wall mounted prints. First, it is glued with special glue, and then additionally secured with screws. The distance between the screws must be equal. The profile may be a metal or plastic. Joints profiles necessary glue tape molar. Baguette is set around the perimeter of the room.

The next stage of how to install the suspended ceiling - installation of racks for recessed luminaires. Pre for them to do the wiring harness. May be used to power an incandescent lamp 50 W, and halogen - power up 35 W. But Modern LED lamps solve this issue. If you want to install more powerful bulbs, the need of additional thermal insulation t. to. High temperatures can damage the suspended ceiling. Can be installed in parallel smoke detectors and ventilation system. When a large area of ​​the ceiling is recommended to install additional stiffeners, the film does not sag.

The film is suspended in the corners. Then, using a heat gun fabric and warmed to room 60 degrees. Next, the web is tensioned and by means of a special plastic spatula semicircular dressed in a baguette. After cooling, the film forms a smooth surface.

In another method for installing a stretch ceiling, which does not require heating the room, It uses a larger canvas. Installation of lead from the wall. First, pre-consolidating the web, slightly pulling it. Then, when the web is completely suspended, it tightly tucked into a baguette. So the film is stretched better. Work is carried out from the middle of the wall to the corners. After the excess is cut film.

When the suspended ceiling is installed, holes in the film are cut and glued insulating rings. Then mounted luminaires.

Along the perimeter of the ceiling in the Economy version without the use of ready-made solutions, you can own gluing ceiling moldings (molding) and the ceiling is ready.

Installation of suspended ceilings video

Firm Clipso shows how they make the installation of stretch ceiling. If you do not pay attention to the English-language comments, it turns a great step by step guide to application.

Now a video with Russian comments, then smooth out everything on the shelves - perimeter measurements, how to install the suspended ceiling, choosing the best lighting options, must watch.


Now watch the video useful as a drain with a stretch ceiling so, do not flood the neighbors from below and not to damage the finish of the room.





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