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Selecting and connecting the thermostat for floor heating

When connecting underfloor heating system in a room optimal temperature to be maintained. To address this issue applies to the thermostat for floor heating. Without it, we can not ignore, When to installation. It is an integral part of the whole system.


no pleasure warm floor can not bring, if it is simply connected to the mains. And this is despite the fact, that work all the same he could. true, not such a long period, and with large financial investments. For the duration of the work, as well as its accuracy, will be responsible underfloor heating thermostat. With the help of favorable conditions in the rooms of an apartment or house.

These devices, there are many classifications. All of them are different from each other in certain characteristics, Feature, that it is able to perform in-service.Underfloor heating thermostat

When connected to a floor heating thermostat, a desired temperature will be maintained smokers. He "reads" the information from the temperature sensor, then, when the limit values, automatically disconnects power. some deem, at this point the thermostat itself and goes into standby mode. In reality, things are not quite so. He continues to follow the indications, and if necessary, when the allowable temperature drop below the limit, restarts power supply.

Each of thermostats has its completeness. The main of them - a temperature sensor, box for installation, terminals, instruction, which allows for installation, as well as operate in the desired direction.

Features and advantages of

Among all the possible functions of the thermostat operation you can select the most basic - to keep the temperature in the room at the required level. It turns out when you turn on or turn off the heating elements underfloor heating. In this way, it additionally reduces energy costs, since power-on occurs at a frequency. If you use a thermostat for floor heating, savings on heating. many will say, that this device is worth a king's ransom. It is true, especially when it comes to high-quality products. But it pays off in the first months of use. All will depend on the cost of the thermostat.Underfloor heating thermostat

Here you can also include another very important factor, indicating the thermostat floor heating on the positive side. No overheating heaters will not occur, if the system is working properly and smoothly. This decision increases the duration of their use, and not allow them to break down at high temperatures.

In-floor heating system can do without this device. In this case, all should be carried out independently. Continuing to monitor the temperature level, turning the power on and off when it reaches a certain temperature. This reduces to a minimum comfort level, diversion from domestic affairs and a permanent job, somewhat higher power consumption.

If independently control the operation of the floor heating, very often the element burnout due to not power-off time. Not always on the clock it is possible to carry out. Anyone can forget and this can not be rid. Consequently, much nicer and easier to purchase a thermostat, install it according to the rules, enjoy his work.


There are many indicators, which can be classified thermostat for floor heating. This may be the type and kind of sensor, location inside the building, etc.. The basic principle of all possible - the principle of action. Devices thereon are divided into the following:

  1. Electronic (digital). It coincides in principle with the electron-mechanical embodiment, but it has a major difference - the way, which is given by temperature sensor. It does not use the wheel to change the parameters, and has a sensor device and the corresponding buttons. Additional information is displayed on the display, which can have different settings.
  2. Mechanical and Electronic. The work is the same on the principle of action of iron. The specific temperature is not defined. But when the temperature limit, thermostat switch is cycled, when cool system. Suffice it to temperature decrease of a few degrees, to work resumed, and the power is turned on. To raise or lower the limit values, guided by their own intuition. When the heat in the room, wheel directed in one direction, with cold - in the opposite. Underfloor heating thermostatYou have this device its main advantages, which is that, that have a reasonable price, Yes, and also very easy to install and handle during operation.
  3. Programmable. These thermostats can even be called "smart". They are able not only to maintain the temperature, but also to introduce a program to turn on or off at a certain time, leave in operation for a certain time, or disable such a night. Opportunities will depend on the device perfection, producer and cost.

The latter option is not recommended for temperature control of small floor space. This is due to the fact, that heating may be required to completely any moment and it happens immediately.

Underfloor heating thermostatBut this is only one instrument classifications. In addition, you can select and the following types of thermostats underfloor heating:

  • power. The device is not fully able to work more than the maximum allowable load. It is necessary to carefully examine the item at the time of purchase, and to connect. Where necessary, they can be used in individual rooms, to share the load. In order not to overload the system allowed, additionally acquired magnetic contactor, which creates a protective barrier in this direction.
  • According to an embodiment of the installation. When installing the embedded thermostats, It is a hole in the wall. And overhead - using a special box for mounting, which is simply attached to the wall. Each unit is attached at the time of the purchase scheme. And it should be guided by the installation.
  • The system is controlled with built-in or remote sensor underfloor heating.
  • By the number of functional.
  • In appearance, etc..

installation site

Almost no serious restrictions on that, the exact temperature control installation for producing underfloor heating. the main thing, to full working temperature sensor for underfloor heating. There is only the main wishes. It is not recommended to install them low, because it will complicate their management, creation program. It occupies a special place wet rooms (bathroom, sauna), when the device can be located just beyond its, ie outside. This will keep it in working condition for the life of the.

Thermostats almost all are among the leaky. When the humidity is higher level, they begin to not work properly, fail. No protection class, they do not have, which leads to the creation of certain conditions for the preservation of.

Underfloor heating thermostatSavings begins when mounting the device in related areas. You can install the two-band thermostat, able to monitor the temperature level in the single room. No harm to each other, they will not bear the.

thermostat connection to the water warm floors

When using the water underfloor heating, thermostat device represented as, capable of controlling the servo. It regulates the flow of the heat carrier in the heating space. Managing them can be not only a manual, but also electronic. There thermostat sensor underfloor controls air temperature, rather than sex. All due to the large inertia of the heating. Installation Procedure as follows:

  • The height sensor is 1.0-1.2 meters from floor level. It is attached, even with the thermostat. In this case, the wall itself, where fixed devices, It should not be further warmed heating radiators.
  • It is going to mount the sensor and thermostat supply chains.
  • When using an electric version of the device - laid the required cable.
  • The radio sensor is configured in the right mode,.
  • Outside temperature indicator enables you to test the entire system. The temperature is measured for several hours. During this time, it should not deviate from the average.Underfloor heating thermostat

In operation different materials for floor heating may be used, among which are the fittings for floor heating. During installation you should disable the automatic power switch for your own safety.

Compound with electrical floor heating

Before the beginning of works on installation of the thermostat, should be competently and correctly arrange itself electric floor heating. To do this, conducted all the preparatory activities, laid heating cable or infrared film. After this is selected floor screed, then laid floor or other surface finish. Only then you can begin to configure and connect a thermostat for floor heating strictly on points:

  1. Determined device location indoors. It should be compulsory connected to the mains voltage of 220 V AC.
  2. Selected mounting location floor heating temperature sensor. Usually selected location, very close to the thermostat. At the same time there should be no furniture placed near. Several otherwise occurs with infrared sensor fixing floors - on the reverse side of the film, and then connected to the wiring, which goes to the thermostat.
  3. Cable warm floors poured screed. Consequently, should worry about the heat sensor, which is placed in a corrugated pipe. It concrete must not fall, in no circumstances. In the subsequent output pipe wall, where the main installation device. The regulator is mounted only after, as a screed will be performed.
  4. Where necessary, a magnetic contactor, if the system power contacts heat regulation less power or infrared floor heating cable used. In other cases, a direct connection.
  5. During installation should strictly observe the phasing. To do this, there are colors of the wires: brown for a phase matched, black or white wires, neutral conductor remains blue. In other moments it is better to use a screwdriver indicator.Underfloor heating thermostat

Right choice

When there is a choice of floor heating thermostat, it should serve as not only connect or disconnect the power supply of the entire system, but also the level of temperature control in the room. This should be fully respected switching power. Usually it is 3 kW.

When it comes to temperature level sensor, then there should be considerate and careful. Heat can affect drafts, operation of electrical appliances and household appliances, air currents and many other reasons.

The most popular is the electronic device, with floor sensors. They are marked by an acceptable cost of production, ease of use, a high level of reliability during operation. In certain situations, some sensors and instruments can be inefficient to operate and maintain the temperature conditions in the room.

Anyway, mounting thermostats help reduce electricity costs, financial investments. They very quickly recovered and subsequently used for other purposes.






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