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Production repair electric underfloor

When the electric floor heating installed professionals, almost never have problems with its operability. A large number of problems and deficiencies manifested in the independent laying of the heating cable or other components of the floor heating system. In this case it is necessary to repair the floor thermostat or other basic components, including a low voltage.

Repair Equipment

to repair underfloor heating It was produced with high quality and without wasting time, should acquire the necessary tools, which includes a list of:

  • Classic set electrician: forceps, allowing to remove insulation, testers, including Tester flush (to check the heating cable), pliers.
  • drill. Necessary in case of concrete screed and the requirements of its dismantling. Repair electric underfloorIt also frees up the necessary parts of wires. During the repairs will have to be reserved by a special nozzle, reminiscent of the blade.
  • Dryer construction. Needed to heat shrink sleeve, used for the isolation gap space. Small effect have matches with lighters.
  • Connection sleeves are crimped by means of pressing jaws. Some will try to use the means at hand to do, but only time will be spent. Instead of buying can take ticks rent for a certain time.

All these items provide a qualitative repair. Upon completion of the work will not have to worry about it, what warm floor generally cease to transfer heat into the room from the floor base, there a short circuit or even a fire at a single site.

Causes of faults

To the maximum to avoid problems in the operation of floor heating, should make it a high quality installation duly and requirements. Repair electric underfloorManufacturers can get ready-made schemes, which produced and laying of all components.

But even in this case, the situation may appear, when the heating effect is reduced or the heating in the room is absent. Then you have to look for the cause, and on which there was a breakdown. Most often, it can be:

  1. No power supply, to be supplied to the system underfloor heating.
  2. Heating elements have any damage. Repair electric underfloorThey can occur even in the case of flooring chosen floor covering or pouring concrete screed.
  3. Faulty controls or established by the rules. There may be cases, when the heating of the floor heating is not turned off at all, and operates continuously.

That special tools and will help to find the true cause of failure. At the same time spend a large amount of time and effort. So it is best to comply with technology and closely monitor the performance of each of the stages of the installation of electric underfloor heating in the room.

Finding a cable break

In order to avoid dismantling the whole concrete screed should determine the place, where there is a damage of the heating cable underfloor. This has its own complexity. Repair electric underfloorEven professionals are not always able to cope with this is not an easy task. It should be guided by certain guidelines and tips, that will deal with the problem.

The following actions can be performed to search for cliff:

  • Damage to the heating cable in the process of drilling the subfloor. This is mainly due not only to the decking flooring, but further work - installation of furniture, door closers, door stops. So that the cable does not get, consider and study placement scheme. When drilling in this case will no longer be there in the heating elements. If the work floor heating was broken after the above actions, the true reason should be sought here.Repair electric underfloor
  • Check performance electric cable resistance underfloor heating using a special tester. On cable break (mechanical damage) indicate the permissible deviation from the norm, even in the 5 percent. But it will be difficult to find a true place of a cable break.

Find the true damage to the cable station to help voltage testers, audio detectors or high-voltage generator. The main thing to be able to work with them and to reach a positive result.

Check temperature sensor

floor heating system does not always transmit the required level of temperature of the base floor. But the regulator contains a completely different temperature. Repair electric underfloorThe main reason here could be called weak contact all system wires. In certain situations, they simply bad screwed. To solve the problem will be enough to pull them to the required level.

Check to be himself sensor. It is enough to check out all the other components of the floor heating, to ensure it is a fault. Removing the cause - complete replacement mechanism. Its cost is insignificant, and repairs - more expensive.

If the sensor will be installed by the rules, then it will be early triggering and power-off at lower temperatures. False positives mainly produces at its very close proximity to the heating cable. The temperature difference may be up 2-3 degrees.

To test the sensor on the performance, it is enough to ring a multimeter. Resistance should fully comply with the passport data. It will be very easy to get from the sensor concrete screed, if installed according to the rules and further placed in corrugated. Optionally, the air temperature sensor, if the initial difficult to pull out from under the floor. The air sensor will work according to temperature indicators are not under the floor, and indoor air.Repair electric underfloor

Set the thermostat with a timer can be. The system will be switched on or off at the preset time boundaries. There is also an infrared sensor. Generally, the choice will be for the Executive, because there are so many options. In addition, not always repair the floor thermostat can take a smaller amount of funds, than the cost of the equipment itself.

Repair of the heating cable

With all of the heating cable is somewhat different and more complex in terms of maintenance and fault detection. Repair electric underfloorFor the independent exercise should be carried out the following actions:

  1. withdrawal flooring possible to that portion, wherein revealed damage to. Difficult it will be to dismantle the tiles. That it remained intact, initially cleaned by grouting joints, then hook each piece of tile trowel. use a piece of wood to create a stop. These difficulties are typical for cases, when the electrical device configured for tiling floors.
  2. Particular attention is paid to the breaking screed. the main thing, that the cable is not damaged even in some areas. Once released the necessary section of cable, carried out repair and restoration.
  3. On sale you can find repair kits, allowing to carry out the repair of the heating cable conductors. Repair electric underfloorIn this set includes not only the sleeve, but also the heat-shrink sleeve. Restoring made as follows: produced sweep wires in the wrong place, where visible breakage, after which the portions are interconnected special sleeve. Coupling pre-worn, so that in the future only to warm her building hairdryer. Crimping sleeve is performed by means of special pliers.
  4. When all the above steps have been completed, produced cable repair underfloor heating, heating the system can operate in the normal mode. But before the screed and laying the flooring should be back to check performance. The paper presents the thermostat. Wire get optimum temperature after approximately 30-40 minutes.

low voltage

There are cases surges or its submission is not at the required level. In this case, the electric floor heating will operate defectively. To get out of this awkward situation, you should purchase and install a home network stabilizer. Even if the voltage is higher than the norm or fall below, it is still work underfloor heating will not be broken.

Film Checking and heating mats

Not standard recovery performance characteristic of the heating mats and Infrared floor heating. They have a section structure, which is a parallel connection. In this case, very easy to detect areas with damage. Cold spots on the basis of gender prompt us, where there is a fault. All other areas in such a case will remain warm, at a desired temperature level.Repair electric underfloor

For repair should be clean floor or dismantle it. Thereafter, a non-working portion is defined by, to be replaced. Section can not be restored, and completely replaced. Enough to buy it, and connect all the rules and requirements.

When not working the entire film floor indoor, then there can not fold at all broken section. Almost one hundred percent guarantee of failure - sensor fault or thermostat. To repair the thermostat for the electric fields, to guide the actions described above.

Prevention of problems

If the device electrical floor think about the observance of certain items, It is according to the rules and technology laying electric underfloor, you can forget about the origin of breakdowns and faults in his work. This should include the following, the main ones:

  • gender power calculation according to the rules, depending on the desired effect and the possibility of electrical wiring.
  • Do not turn on warm floor until that moment, until completely dry the poured concrete screed.Repair electric underfloor
  • The strength of the heating cable will be reduced when cropping. This indicates, he must fully comply with the parameters and floor space, where the produced electric floor heating apparatus.
  • Carrying out the test floor heating system performance prior to installation concrete screed, and performing the selected option deck flooring. Otherwise it will be difficult to repair floor heating, when the whole "pie" has already been assembled together.
  • When cutting the film to perform an infrared heating room, should be guided by a special marking, which is available on the sections.
  • The temperature sensor should be placed in a special corrugated tube. This not only protects it from damage, but will also create favorable conditions if necessary, replace it. Suffice it to only get it out and install a new one instead.
  • When using heating mats, they should not be cut. Repair electric underfloorThey are selected according to the selected scheme of laying the floor heating in a particular room.
  • In the process installation of floor heating in any case it is impossible to step on any heating elements. They, in this way, very easily damaged and removed from the system.
  • Conducting high-quality insulation, depending on conditions.
  • To avoid overheating of floor heating components, should not be to produce them laying in places, where bulky furniture will be installed, as well as household appliances.

Basically, the occurrence of faults in the underfloor or interruptions caused by bad mounting the entire system and the choice of system for a particular room. When there is no experience of work in this direction, as well as the necessary equipment available, better to entrust all professionals. For a fee, they will perform the entire assembly and in time. In the following do not have to spend money to repair a specific problem.

But even with high-quality installation elements underfloor heating, problems arise. Here, the main reason - stopped working a specific element of the whole heating system in the room. Often, all the problems can be solved with the participation of independent. the main thing, strictly follow the instructions.

Another good tip - watching videos from professionals, where they not only tell, but also show the procedure for repair of floor heating, depending on the specific cause of the problem. All of these tips will help to quickly return to the comfort of the room and the optimum temperature level.






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