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Reviews about electric underfloor heating

Each heating system, including electric underfloor heating, It has both its supporters, and opponents. You can find a sufficient number of positive and negative reviews, which are not always justified. To have finally sort out this issue and learn about, which has a warm reviews in reality, We need to specifically dwell on its merits and demerits. They can easily collide during installation on its own. This will prompt the executor, whether it is worth to take one or another variant of an electric floor heating device in a house or apartment.

Main advantages

Mount the underfloor heating electric type it is possible not only in residential buildings, but even in offices and outdoor areas. In addition, they perfectly match with any variant of a floor covering (ceramic tile, linoleum, parquet and TD). Reviews about electric underfloor heatingBut in this case, you should know some of the subtleties of the installation work, as well as combinations of elements interconnected. It is not always a tile on the infrared heated floor will provide the best properties and qualities of the underfloor heating during operation. Besides, if arranged warm Tile floor, reviews only talk about positive things, as the base becomes always warm and comfortable.

After laying of floor heating elements can not worry about the damaged element, since they are all reliable and fully hidden under the floor. With radiators then have to cope and look for an opportunity to get around them. Electric underfloor heating allow you to use all the space in the room.

The kit includes a floor heating thermoregulator, which allows to control and regulate the temperature in the room. You can even stand up to the temperature 0.1 aboutWITH. Here, even the heater can be switched on or off in a certain period of time. The main set all parameters and enjoy the comfort of the room.

Electrical floor heating regardless of the option chosen, It can act not only as the primary, but additional heating source in apartment. the main thing, efficiently and correctly combine components with each other. Due to the distribution of the floor heating elements throughout the "working" area of ​​the room, floor warms evenly. But there is a caveat, which is, the base is under the system must be carefully aligned.Reviews about electric underfloor heating

To determine the cause of failure, It will spend a small amount of time. In the absence of independent knowledge in a given direction, you can seek help from the experts. But you can not be afraid of, that the neighbors will be flooded due to water leakage, how in Radiant floor.

Electric floor heating does not require additional equipment acquisition. Suffice it to connect properly to the power supply and enjoy the necessary level of temperature. If we compare here with Radiant floor, it is already required to install any type of heating boiler (gas or electric).

All the heating elements have a low temperature due to the proximity to the base floor. This creates a safe environment for the operation of the system.

These points indicate, that power warm floor have a sufficient number of positive aspects, which creates a huge competition for the heating in the room analogues. Here you can add a positive feedback on the underfloor heating, that appear during their use. After all, everyone nice to come into the room from the street and step on warm surface. This is all combined with simple installation and minimal set of floor heating components.

Strong arguments "against"

You can not do in any case from the negative manifestations of work Electric underfloor heating. Some sacrifices must still be. After all, almost never meet the perfect option in the heating system. As for the cons, that they include the following items, and which you should pay attention when choosing a floor heating for laying in the living room.

  • The high cost of the maintenance period. Monthly energy consumption may also rise, will be used if the base floor warming cable for a central heating system substantially square. The power in this case will be of the order 15-20 kW.Reviews about electric underfloor heating
  • The need to acquire a powerful wiring for buildings with large areas. This applies to those cases, when the electric floor heating serves as a primary source of heating in the building. Otherwise, the last for a long period of time, the system will not be able to quickly and fail. Will have to carry out the wiring again and start working from the very beginning.
  • this option underfloor heating can not do without the likelihood of electric shock. It is very important to keep in mind in the case of electrical heating devices in environments with high humidity level.Reviews about electric underfloor heating
  • In the allocation of floor heating cable is required to arrange concrete floor a thickness of about 30-50 mm. Furthermore flooring with ceramic tiles on the base layer is further arranged tile adhesive. As a result, the distance between the floor and ceiling may be reduced by 60-90 mm.
  • To the level of energy security has been raised, You need to purchase additional equipment, which stands RCD. In addition, you must create a reliable grounding.
  • often used flooring due to the constant fluctuations in temperature cracking and base rassyhaetsya. This mainly refers to wooden products.Reviews about electric underfloor heating
  • Some argue to, that the electric floor heating in the room creates an electromagnetic field, which negatively affects human health. All this arises mainly because of the heating cable used, projecting the basic components of the floor heating.

All these points also indicate the presence and weighty drawbacks. Despite all the negative comments about floor heating, running on electricity, disadvantages can be avoided or kept to a minimum threshold. The most important thing here is not only to choose the right option for laying the floor heating in a particular room, but also produce a quality installation. Everywhere should be guided by the instructions from the manufacturer. If in-house to perform these actions it is not possible or there is doubt as to the outcome, it is best to contact the experts, who will do anything and in time. In this case, negative feedback can be replaced immediately on the positive.

Comparison with analogues

To properly make all reviews of warm electric sex, should make certain checks on the possible alternative embodiments of the heating device in the room.Reviews about electric underfloor heating

For large areas suit you best Radiant Floor, especially if the heating source will be the gas boiler. Underfloor heating on the most optimal power in small area indoor, so how to reduce the cost of purchasing the necessary equipment, as well as the installation will be much easy and fast.

Electrical floor heating It allows you to precisely control the temperature level, which served the base, what will not be able to handle the water analogue. The thermostat can be set to allow the level of floor heating, and enable or disable a certain period of time.

According to manufacturers, as well as numerous reviews of underfloor heating, term water heating service comes to 50 years old. Reviews about electric underfloor heatingSuch data may not boast electric version. In addition, the cable is easier to install on the basis of sex, than water circuit. In this work you can even do without specialists, which would require payment.

It is worth noting, that warm floor is a review of, that the electric current has a negative impact on human health. Here the water is released, which can not in any way adversely affected during the operation of the heating in the room. But still Heated floor electric reviews are largely positive.

Opinions about infrared warm floors

The most advanced and claimed are considered to be the last time Infrared warm floors. It was he who they should talk more, looking at consumer reviews.

Installation of infrared heat-insulated floor is considered to be very simple and does not cause difficulties. Since it can handle even a novice builder. heat transfer layer also has high. If you compare the cost, e.g. cable or heating mats underfloor, it is a bit more, but the quality is always the best.Reviews about electric underfloor heating

Film floor is characterized by reliability and durability. Since it is possible to independently regulate the temperature level in a particular room, It is reduced and power consumption.

Many say, that the gas heating on the efficiency coefficient is no different from Infrared floor heating. But the latest version is very easy to install. In addition, there is a fully warm up, ie the room, which made packing. This significantly differs from the heating system installation of radiators, which direct the main mass of heat toward the ceiling and spoil the appearance of the room.Reviews about electric underfloor heating

When the best floor heating is selected, feedback will help make a final conclusion. Here you will see the most basic flaws, might encounter, as well as all the best qualities.


Each manufacturer is constantly receiving feedback from customers, both positive, and negative. All this indicates possible problems in the electric underfloor. It is worth paying attention to them, to draw some conclusions on the work of the heating system in the living room.

Despite the presence of water central heating, it works with faults, which leads to a cool room in winter. Even if you install additional radiators, water is lukewarm. No effect here is not happening. Experts advised to install electric underfloor, which it was done. Immediately you could see advantages from its use: automatic control, maintaining the required temperature level, constantly warm floors, which comfortably walk.

Kristina, 37 years old, Vologda.

Bathroom heating is no better option, Water heater as an electric. It has no effect even off the hot water in the off-season. But once it is worth noting, that the system consumes a large amount of electricity, that appears on the billing at the end of the month. This can be avoided, if a lower level of heat supply by the use of the thermostat. True maximum comfort is unlikely to succeed.

Kirill, 43 of the year, Moscow.

Since the nursery child usually spends his time for games is on the floor, the electric floor heating has become an excellent option. Now, the floor can not only walk barefoot, but also leave the child, without fearing for, he can get sick. You can even leave the window open for ventilation, as all the same all the main heat accumulates at the bottom of it, where there is a child.

Galina, 29 years old, Samara.

From the outset, settling into a new apartment the whole family is constantly freezing, and the walk was not very comfortable on the cold floor. after 5 years, we began to conduct overhaul and thinking about warm floors. The choice fell on the electric variant of the reviews other users. After a thorough renovation and laying of the heating cable around the home, we have forgotten, What is cool and cold. Now not only a pleasure to leave the bathroom and go to the floor, but generally come with winter street.

family Anisimova, Tver.






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