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Electric Heated floor screed without

It does not always have the opportunity to make pouring concrete screed on top of the system of floor heating heating elements. In this case, you should look for other options. Instead, the heating cable is common to use special termomaty or infrared heated floor, who do an excellent job with the heating of all rooms in an apartment. It is very important to know all the highlights, to help make the installation of the heating system properly and effectively.

Advantages and disadvantages

When performing a "dry" floor heating options may be encountered not only with the positive qualities, but also disadvantages. They have and will prompt the probability of choosing the executor.

The main advantages of using a "dry" method, apparatus electric underfloor following:

  1. You do not need to create concrete floor, It takes time to fill, and the drying process.
  2. There is no additional load on the slab, that will not be good for old buildings.
  3. Easy to install in a short time.
  4. Suitable such variants under floor covering, as laminate or parquet.

    Electric Heated floor screed without
    The design of floor heating without ties

However, any technology can not do without the negative manifestations. In this case there is only one and most basic - the high cost of heating mat underfloor heating and infrared. But it is worth noting, that the choice of cable will need to purchase another and all the necessary materials for fill screed, which also causes certain amounts of waste. In any case, one has to decide on the, that he wants to get in the end and what quality.

The choice of a warm floor

Since the embodiments shown in floor heating as the heating cable, termomatov or infrared film, some of them should be selected for the execution of the heating system. The latter option is underfloor heating has a large number of environmental qualities: small ionization, suitable for allergy sufferers, It does not dry the furnishings in the room, as well as the air space. The temperature in any case uniformly distributed on the base floor and to the ceiling.Electric Heated floor screed without

Cable floor heating may be arranged under the concrete floor, which is preparing for vymerennym proportions. Without tie device can be dispensed with heating mats (cable mats) on a surface. But here it needs to make the application of tile adhesive, which can serve as a basis for ceramic tiles.

Completely dry option - sex film. It is placed in the screed only in exceptional cases. It is better to abandon the concrete pouring, since it will spoil the heating elements, and will not allow to transfer the necessary amount of heat into the room, especially if the device further layer of flooring. The effectiveness of the work Infrared floor heating there will be none at all.Electric Heated floor screed without

In addition, it is worth noting, termomatov device or cable underfloor heating can be carried out only during the overhaul in the apartment or house. As for the infrared heat-insulated floor, here it can be installed regardless of extraneous circumstances. the main thing, the base is qualitatively previously aligned. It can be carried out at any stage of not only capital, but also a decoration. That's about it and should talk more, to create a complete heating system in the room

Special features

Power electric underfloor without a tie should be calculated depending on the operating mode. This can be a major source of heat in the room or extra. In addition, the system can operate not only during the day and nights, but in a certain time frame.Electric Heated floor screed without

Installation should be carried out on those parts, which require constant heating. But at the same time it draws attention to the place, where it is forbidden to make installation: under furniture and bulky items. Before the installation of the film on the subfloor, the latter should be carefully prepared. If the surface is flat, the old coating can not delete. Otherwise it is necessary to carry out the dismantling of the old tiles, laminate with concrete screed. Electric Heated floor screed withoutThereafter, the rough casting screed, which is adjusted to the horizontal level.

The additional layer insulation will not allow heat to go into unnecessary directions. If you do without it, it will warm basements or downstream neighbors ceilings. Under infrared warm Floor insulation substrate thickness will be sufficient to 3-4 mm. As for the specific material, it can be Izolon or Penofol. In the construction market represented a huge range of, and from which you can choose something appropriate.

The peculiarity of insulation under floor heating without ties is, that one side has a covering foil. It serves to reflect heat and redirect it based on gender. Additional quality insulation layer - waterproofing, due to the fact, that the material has the structure, able to withstand moisture (it remains on the surface, instead absorbs).

editing process

begining installation of floor heating without ties associated with the installation of all the major components - the thermostat and the temperature sensor. The thermostat is fixed in a specially prepared hole on the wall in the region of at least 30 cm from the subfloor. Electric Heated floor screed withoutShape and size, it is not much different from the classical outlet. This appliance will need to control the temperature level in the room, and issuing certain parameters and timing. The connection is made separately prepared socket. To her conduct electrical wires directly from the meter. installation best done according to the attached scheme from the manufacturer.

We can not forget about the installation of a temperature sensor. It fulfills all the following way: from thermostat Wires located closer to the IR section of floor heating, wherein sections glued to the graphite by means of scotch.

Further there unfolding underfloor heating film on a surface without air gaps. It should rest firmly against. Electric Heated floor screed withoutAfter that, choose the place, wherein insulation is removed from the film - made of special trimming sharp knives at a distance 5-10 mm from the proximal end. After connecting all portions of the film with the wires, they are processed bitumen coating, which comes bundled with the system underfloor heating without screed.

When all these steps are made, you can hold the system test. The thermostat is connected to the power supply and driven to a working state. In the absence of problems with the performance, stacked on top infrared film Polyethylene film for laying further floor covering.

Underfloor heating in the tile adhesive

It is very hard to imagine performing it Ties tile adhesive. And it's absolutely true, since such mounting option can also be attributed to the number of performed without screeds. It is characteristic of the device under heating mats on the basis of.Electric Heated floor screed without

installation process is not much different. Only pad as insulation should be somewhat greater in thickness and is made of styrofoam. But it is worth noting, termomaty that can be laid directly on the old base, which may be a concrete, tile or another embodiment of the floor covering. The most important thing, to meet the requirements of quality.

Once formed laying heating mats, made the connection to the mains, Adhesive may be applied to tiled. If necessary, heating mat cutting at a single site, to do so, so as not to damage the cable. Otherwise performance will be compromised. Tile adhesive can later serve as a basis for fixing ceramic tiles. Some attention should be given to installing the thermostat. Here, in the absence of personal knowledge in the field of electrics, it is best to entrust the execution of a specialist. Thermomat TVK-130Otherwise, you will encounter reduced effectiveness work underfloor.

It is necessary to pay attention to what, that the producers are trying to provide consumers with the best options for floor heating, which can be assembled "dry" method. Among cable mats usually distinguished model Thermomat TVK-130, made of twisted pair cable, placed in a reinforced foil. degree heat, compared to conventional embodiments, here markedly increased. Even electric warm floor under a laminate with their hands is very fast, without additional layers on top of heating elements.

Still, special mats for floor covering as laminate can boast the Danish company Devi. Also laminate they are appropriate for other wood coatings. Underfloor heating for laminate with his hands got its name - Devidry.

It is worth noting, that now even heating cables can be laid without ties. It also stood out firm Devi. Her Devicell system is polystyrene plates, on top of which there is a metal plate. It is here and marked grooves, in which and produced laying the heating cable. Laying the selected option flooring It is carried out on the above substrate, which is already connected to the mains.

A device for floor covering

Electric Heated floor screed can be performed without virtually any embodiment of floor covering. But the most widely used is wood components: laminate, parquet, bung. Warm floor without screed carried out in the shortest possible time and does not have a lower heat transfer efficiency.Warm floor without ties

Installation of the floor under the laminate must be done with the preliminary decision of the following points: selection of the thickness of the laminate or parquet. The optimum thickness should be 6-8 mm. In such a case will not be invoked subfloor overheating and cracking during operation. If this heating mats, the kind of interlayer serve under the floor tile adhesive. There are other variants of the substrate, which can be found in the store.

Installation of floor heating under a laminate with their hands held very quickly. The main use in special laminate, rather than the usual. He has all the qualities, to withstand temperature changes.Warm floor without ties

As for linoleum, here there are some limitations of its operation. When the device for its heating mats should use only the special multi-layer compositions. Otherwise, the material very quickly fail and not be able to show all their qualities.

The easiest way to make laying tiles. true, of infrared heat floor this is not recommended due to lower base of warming. This creates a substantial thickness of the upper layer (tile adhesive + material alone), which hardly transmits heat into the room.

Virtually any embodiment of the floor covering can be used to warm the electrical system without a floor screed. But it is important in this case to follow the strict observance of technology at each stage and choose the components needed for high-quality heating devices.






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