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Mounting of the electric floor heating on the balcony

On warming people think often that's when, when carried out major repairs in the apartment. This is no accident, since it can be used for the winter garden, performing working cabinet therefrom, as well as recreational areas. Choose the best result should each, depending on personal preference. Some think that, whether warm combined balconies electric floor heating system. There are both positive and negative feedback, particular mounting process.

Advantages and disadvantages

Electric underfloor heating delight their consumers a sufficient number of positive qualities, among which include:

  1. The floor in the room is warmed evenly over the entire area, without coating regions of the cold.Mounting of the electric floor heating on the balcony
  2. installation It can be carried out independently and without the use of additional special equipment.
  3. temperature level mode can be adjusted without any problems when using the respective components of the electric floor heating.
  4. You can easily find malfunction underfloor heating systems, then as soon as possible to make their repair and restoration of working capacity.
  5. Favorable price, which completely match the required quality.

But this is only the most important of those advantages, which can boast of a warm floor regardless of, which made its devices. But any system will have minor cons, that you should be sure to mention, to not mislead the future artists.

The main disadvantage is that, that the results of the use of the electric system underfloor heating come big bills on your electricity bill. Mounting of the electric floor heating on the balconyThis significantly distinguishes them from the form of the water floor heating. In addition, there is electromagnetic radiation indoors, where construction is mounted for heating room. true, there are some experts have expressed the view, it has no impact on human health and the environment.

There are other negative quality underfloor heating electric type, but they will be connected with violation mounting technology and the connection of all components with each other. If you strictly follow the instructions, it will be manifest exceptional positive aspects of the use of heating systems.

Despite the big bills for electricity payment, for balconies often chooses the electric heating option. This is due to simple installation, which is of interest to many, especially novice performers. You do not have to spend money on professionals, and do-it-yourselfers.

cabling system

It is necessary to consider all possible individually variants electric underfloor, to eventually select the most suitable. Mounting of the electric floor heating on the balconyThe most popular and is considered a popular cable system. It can be used not only as the primary heating system on the balcony, but more (comfortable).

Installation is often produced when using concrete screed, which is filled with all of the components of floor heating, operated by electricity. Typically, the thickness is selected within the pouring 40-50 mm. The cable can be selected here solid or sturdy, each of which has its own characteristics, including when laying in a particular room. It should be mandatory is located on the depth of the screed underfloor heating on the balcony 30 mm.

Mounting of the electric floor heating on the balcony
underfloor heating design on the balcony

It is important to arrange a layer here warming and waterproofing, allowing to create a level of comfort while on the balcony. When choosing a floor covering should be guided by its excellent thermal conductivity. The most popular material for the flooring - ceramic tile or granite. After the screed and to turn on the system of the electric floor heating takes time. It is usually 28 days, during which the screed is gaining the necessary level of strength and setting.

heating mats

If the choice is stopped on the heating mats electrical floor heating, they are often only used for additional heating source. Mounting of the electric floor heating on the balconyThey are suitable in cases where no filling capabilities concrete screed, which creates an additional burden on the balcony slabs.

Mats of the cable, are placed in a special grid. They have a snake scheme. The conductors in this case have a high level of resistance. cable laying step is about 50 mm.

The peculiarity of heating mats - simple installation, the possibility of laying immediately on the old concrete foundation. Here, the most commonly used adhesive composition, suitable for laying ceramic tiles. Once glue completely dry, You can run the system and enjoy the necessary level of temperature on the balcony.Mounting of the electric floor heating on the balcony

The choice of flooring is not complicated, because it will fit almost any option. But we should pay attention to the heating mats during their stacking, since there is a high probability of damage and failure. Also among the disadvantages is possible to allocate a significant cost of production and no possibility of their use as a primary source of heating at the balcony. They will not transfer heat to the ground floor, as they will be disconnected from the mains.

Mounting of the electric floor heating on the balcony
The design of underfloor heating

The total thickness underfloor heating In this case there will be more 20 mm. And it's all with the laid tiles on the tile adhesive. A special burden on the balcony slab floor heating of the heating mats will not create. When a complex form of balcony space configuration, mats are very easy to cut into fragments. Thus it is necessary to pay attention to, that the integrity of the cable stayed.

infrared floor

numerous reviews indicate that, what Film warm floor It has a minor thickness of the finished structure, as well as a simple list of works on the device. Mounting of the electric floor heating on the balconyEnough even to follow the instructions from the manufacturer, to perform a quality installation. It is subject to even novice performers.

from Infrared floor heating It warms not only the base of the balcony, but all the pieces of furniture located there, walls. From them, and warming himself in the air indoors. Waste heat also brings the desired temperature level.

In spite of all this, Infrared heated floor on a balcony or a warm floor in the loggia, not always cope with significant negative temperatures, that occurs during the winter period. This indicates the need for a heating system using the film of mats as an extra source.

Mounting of the electric floor heating on the balcony
An IR sex

Warming the base floor on the balcony is configured for 10-20 minutes after the activation of the system to a working state. At the same time it does not create a load on the floor plate and saved the required distance from the ceiling to the ground. Energy costs slightly lower, than other options electric underfloor.

Among the most popular floor covering are linoleum, Carpet and floor heating unit on the balcony under the laminate. But the final choice will depend entirely on the possibilities and conditions of floor heating unit on the balcony.

Cable Installation Features

Performance of floor heating on the balcony should follow the installation technology. Mounting of the electric floor heating on the balconyAny deviations from this should not be, to continue to produce repairs components of the entire system. Procedure for the above-described embodiments is virtually identical, but still has its own characteristics, and which you should pay attention.

The most widespread cable system. It is with it should begin considering. The substrate must be qualitatively lined and brought to the horizontal position. In the existing or formed slab of cement-sand screed laid layer of insulation. It is important to choose the optimal variant of the substrate. mounting tape is attached to the substrate, allowing to facilitate the process of fixing the heating cable. In the presence of the heated lower balcony floor, to fit a heater penofol or polystyrene, each of which has a thickness of 20 to 50 mm. the thickness must be increased in the absence of the balcony to be heated 100 mm. These actions are carried out with one main goal - to reduce heat loss during operation of the floor heating.

On top of the thermal insulation in some cases fit mesh reinforcement, which is attached to the cable by means of special clamps made of plastic. When performed with the cable distribution of the selected step, it is important not to damage it. Additionally arrangement should be plotted or photographed. You should also connect the cables all the other components of the system, check out their performance.

Mounting of the electric floor heating on the balcony
The design of the cable floor

At the end of all actions carried out pouring concrete screed all components. Air spaces in such a case should not be. Otherwise the efficiency of the heating system will be reduced. Cement strainer the thickness must be more 30 mm. Will only produce flooring tiles or other flooring options. During the entire installation should be to measure the resistance of underfloor heating cable, in time to discover his fault.

Laying of heating mats and floor film

Basis for heating mats - a concrete foundation or old floor, which is securely fastened. This will be pad for heating system. Insulation is not applied. They are placed over the entire surface, which must be heated. If necessary, the individual cutting portion, should be careful, so as not to damage the cable.Mounting of the electric floor heating on the balcony

After that, to connect the mats regulator temperature level with a temperature sensor. It is necessary to check the connection according to the rules. At the end of these steps, the heating mat tile adhesive applied and fixed ceramic tile. Other embodiments of the floor covering have the features, which should be found before the start of installation work.

Infrared Heated floor suitable in the case of selection of the floor covering, as parquet or laminate floor heating on the balcony. Preliminary base on the balcony to be qualitatively aligned using the roughing screed. This is carried out in the presence of height differences, potholes and other potential defects.Mounting of the electric floor heating on the balcony

Flooring made of insulation layer, whereupon infrared film laid over the entire surface. With a further location on the balcony of the cabinet or other bulky items, These areas should get rid of the laying of the heating elements. We can not forget about the location of such elements underfloor, as thermoregulator and a temperature sensor.

For the insulation of the wiring connections to the infrared film, A bituminous composition, which can be purchased at hardware store. On top of the resulting "cake" will produce flooring option chosen floor covering.

Infrared floor heating is one of the modern and efficient. It is characterized by excellent heat dissipation, because they do not waste energy on heating floor screed concrete, in cable system. Looking for reviews, which can be found in the relevant forums, namely film floor will be most suitable for the balcony or loggia.

Each of the sub-floor heating options on the balcony has its own characteristics. Something will be more expensive to purchase equipment, but something simpler mounting. In any case, by covering the entire floor covering construction, create comfortable conditions for the balcony. The required temperature level may also vary, increasing or decreasing degrees.





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