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How to seal the crack in the wall

Как заделать трещину в стене фото
How and what to remove the crack in the wall correctly.

One of the most important problems of apartment buildings and private homes are cracks in the walls. Because of these cracks are very often begins to crack and peel off the paint, peel off the wallpaper, as well as other troubles occur, from which I would like to get rid. But cracks occur not only because of the builders - this may be the same, and because of the many natural phenomena, such as an earthquake, land and other sediment. Just need to understand, that there is nothing eternal, and the problem should be solved as it becomes available. But cracks may be very different - whether it is the initial stage or some serious damage. But the conclusion should be drawn one - it is necessary to cement the cracks in the wall as soon as possible, so you do not have to invest more manpower and resources to eliminate this problem,. It is better to cover and seal the "the first couple", than to do repairs in the apartment.

How and what to remove the crack in the wall

You may encounter a completely different cracks in size and origin. May be, you just cracked plaster or putty, but if given a crack brickwork itself, then it is a problem serious. Yet with the first and second embodiment can cope, just need to know, how to do everything, that's all. Let's try to learn some techniques, which will help you to get rid of already appeared cracks in the wall or hole in the wall.

Шпаклевочная сетка фото
Putty grid will help to eliminate the crack in the wall.

If your wall formed small cracks, that resemble a cobweb, the order, to gloss over it, you will need a primer (look how to choose the primer) and putty grid. but remember, This option may be appropriate only if, if cracks do not diverge and the wall is only slightly damaged. so, We get down to business. The first step is to clean off the wall all the old materials and all kinds of rubbish, which has on the surface. Important, that the wall was perfectly clean. Now, When you have done this job, should be primed wall primer deep penetration. After that glue the reinforced plastering mesh on the entire wall area. Remember, that the grid should be covered the whole place cracked wall. After that, you have caused the net you must lubricate the top with a thin layer of putty surface. After complete drying of the wall need oshkurit, then you are ready for painting or wallpapering. Thus seal the crack in the wall easily and quickly.

If you encounter such a problem, when small cracks went on the outside wall, then you should do the same job, As in the previous embodiment, disposal of cracks, but here all the same, there is one caveat - to choose the means of putty Ceresit CT29. This coat is specially designed for outdoor use and does not require sanding, as it is in itself reinforced. Moreover, this coat is very resistant to weathering, because it is composed of special adhesive additives.

Металлическая сетка для штукатурки фото
Metal mesh for plaster photo.

If your wall went not only significant cracks in the plaster, but also on masonry, it is worth to resort to other options such as seal the crack in the wall, because the problem is more than serious, than in the previous embodiments. First of all you must be completely removed from the wall, all the old plaster. After that, you have cleared the wall, it must be bolted to a special metal mesh for plaster, and only then apply a new layer of cement-sand plaster. But it is important to remember, that the grid must be screwed the entire surface area, thus it will not blurred new plaster, after which it will be possible to putty, paint and so on.

Как стягивать трещину металлическими пластинами фотоBut it is necessary to begin to take drastic measures in the event, if the crack in the wall of the beginning is a little at odds. In this case, you have to pull the wall between themselves in order, that she did not diverge further. Pull crack need special metal plates. But before that knock down all the old plaster from the wall. Shoot down the plaster can not with the entire surface area, but only half a meter on either side of the crack, since the metal plate is usually mounted on a meter. After that, you knocked the plaster need to clean the crack of mortar and other debris, then fill it with foam. You can now mount plate. But there is an important point - the choice of the plate should definitely pay attention to what, so that it can not easily be bent, the more it must not be bent by hand - this is important. Is to choose the plate, which is made of a thick and high quality metal.

Crack in the wall should pull together in three places, and that only the minimum. If there is a possibility, it is possible to make four or five ties. But if you choose the first option, the binding sites are the screed:

1. from above, at the same time stepping back a bit of space from the ceiling.
2. from below, slightly retreated from the floor.
3. in the center.

The plate you can fasten on the most common screws, killed preliminary dowels, and you can stick them on the bolt with a nut, breaking through plate. After that, as you did tie, You can cheat a special metal mesh and see how things are done correctly plaster walls with his own hands video example, And if familiar with this, accordingly down to business, because now you do not say, you do not know how to close up a crack in the wall. Good luck!



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  1. I very much want to share my solution, when the crack, ripped wallpaper. Unfortunately here I can not lay out a photo report. If interested in a site developer, write to me at the mailbox.
    I have a flat in the house of 30-year-old. But the crack is still there. They stuck a good thick wallpaper for painting, but even they are cracked. The crack through the entire wall from the floor to the top of the partition. At first thought to close decorative stone, but nothing like not caught the eye of a very expensive came out. So they decided to try to put some ornaments from a mosaic. Barrel length completely closes the crack. by the way, crack and went in the side, therefore it was necessary to come up with a drawing, so that the crack was completely closed and well looked. At first we thought to put a tree, and then stopped on the vine. First I glued A4 sheets, to fully draw on them crack. Then her husband on the floor of the crack lecturing vine. We began to migrate to the wall of a mosaic, while the lower leaves have completely changed its appearance, I was very upset, tk. leaves not liked. Then her husband came up with the brilliant idea. He bought a tinted film, which has just one side of the adhesive. Sticky side he put the sheet, flipped over, He struck at mosaic superglue, and then attached to the wall, just easily removing tape.

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