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Draining water from the storage water heaters

Modern water heaters - household appliances, capable of providing a hot water supply clock, at the same time without the need for any special care. Drain water from the top of boilers "Ariston" or "Thermex" - the procedure is not the most difficult in technical terms, but it requires a certain knowledge of the principles and characteristics of electric "Titans". And the first of these features - draining, under normal operating conditions of the heater and its correct operation, not required at all ...

Periodic maintenance water heater from dirt

Merge or not to merge? That is the question!..

However, in some situations without draining the storage tank water heater can not do - and it must be done without damage to the device and associated wrong actions flooded areas. In this case also we must distinguish between, when the drain really need, and when the heater is better not to touch.

for example, popular recommendation is to empty container at a relatively long break in the boiler - just wrecking: empty tank heater, made of metal, Corrosion destroys much faster, than full! To reduce the rate occurring in tank oxidative processes in some models heaters installed anticorrosive magnesium electrode - but it operates only in the presence of fluid around it.

If there are concerns that, that after a long break in the boiler water is spoiled, becoming stale - do not pour the water from the storage tank! Much better before switching valves open and expel water, thereby forcibly "rinsing" capacity.

Such a procedure is useful to spend time in a few months, and during normal operation of the heater. For qualitative washing is enough to pass through the cleaned container 2-3 its volume.

When not do without draining

The real need for draining water from the water heater Ariston Thermex and arises in the following cases:

  • at device failure, led to the need for its complete disassembly;
  • at repair of water supply system, a boiler which includes:
  • at scheduled preventive works, requiring disassembly of the heater - cleaning tank and the heating element from scale;
  • when used in contact with the water or other impurities, greatly reducing its quality;
  • when the temperature in the room below the water heater 5 degrees of heat.

It should be taken into account, that the draining yourself from the "Titanium", located on the warranty - NOT! This operation and producers, and sellers is equivalent to self-repair and warranty automatically "flies" ...

And how it all arranged?

For proper drainage of water from the heater is required to know how it works and the internal structure - at least in the most general terms,.

General device

The traditional design of the electric boiler is not different complexity, but it is very reliable in operation. In fact, this is a big thermos with integrated heating the contents: a storage tank for storing water, inside which the heating element is mounted. Constructive device common to all models of water heaters "Termeks" and "Ariston", and differs only in the shape and material of manufacture of individual elements, the presence of various improvers and facilitate operation of the appliance units and parts, and the degree of "tricked" control units.

The structure of the boiler "Termex"
Boiler "Ariston"
The structure of the boiler "Ariston"

Storage tank

All manufacturers of storage tanks made of corrosion-resistant materials, however, the quality of this material may vary greatly. Best considered stabilized steel, coated glass porcelain layer - for a surface scum virtually "sticks", water pollution walls particles does not occur. The cheapest material - galvanized steel; it is long enough, however, it is highly susceptible to the formation of scale and adds metal in the heated water.

Pipe, trumpet, round pipe ...

For feeding of cold and hot water intake in the vessel vertically mounted two tubes - the first section is at the bottom, and the second cut - top. The "cold" tube is typically provided sparger, providing a uniform distribution of the water volume of the tank; entering through this tube displaces the cold water already heated liquid up through and that "hot" pipe enters the hot water system. mixing liquids inside the tank is not happening.


Where do without the convenience of ...

For the purpose of automation of the water heater and to facilitate its operation inside the tank thermostat is installed as, allows to adjust the temperature of hot water and avoid boiling, magnesium anode and to reduce the electrochemical corrosion level in the collecting tank. A heating element (Nearly), Placed inside the tank also, It is placed in a copper wire spiral casing with high resistivity (usually - Nichrome).

Required structural member of any of the heater - mounted on a "cold" tube relief valve. His appointment - overpressure in the pipeline, equalization of pressures and heated in the feed water line and the prevention of any fluid flow from the container when disconnected "feed".

Time to drain water

Electric water heater Ariston Thermex and relate to vessels and vehicles, the Pressure, and have, Like all such devices, sealed structure. That is why it is completely empty, simply include the analysis of hot water, fail - merge just above the cutoff liquid "hot" and the suction tube directly therefrom ...

Common procedures

For a complete draining of water from the water heater tank is necessary to provide access to the inside air it, and the easiest way to do this via the WAN pipe. The basic procedure for this next:

  • boiler MANDATORY disconnected from the mains;
  • valve overlap heater cold water feeding;
  • for discharge into the container overpressure opens hot water valve parse;
  • unscrews the screw fastening flag safety valve, standing between the titanium and the water supply line;
  • if not provided for draining the fluid flowing out of the safety valve to the sewer - it is substituted by an empty bucket or similar container;
  • raising and lowering at least the filling bucket valve box, Drain the water from the heater.

Draining the water from the storage tank through pressure relief valve is accompanied by a characteristic gurgling of air bubbles in the boiler. His absence means, that atmospheric pressure forces is not enough to lift the water tank ravaged.

And if it does not gurgles?..

In this case, the procedure is necessary to expand:

  • versed compound DHW heater exit the system. If it nonseparable - is released soon to the "hot" output of the boiler connection; in extreme cases - Flexural nearest to the water heater, hot water is put on a small piece of crane suitable diameter rubber hose;
  • in the hose must be strong blow - it will forcibly displace fluid from the hot water supply line to the water heater capacity; You can use the compressor or hand pump - but with precaution.

After all the procedures carried out by the water from the boiler will be drained. - but not to the end edge of the tube ... below the cold water supply liquid in the vessel will still remain. Its volume will depend on the height of installation of the tube and can reach a few liters.

The final draining, "dryness" may be produced only through the mounting holes for fixing the heating element, and it is required most often it is the replacement of a defective heating element. The second situation, when you need to complete emptying of the storage tank - water heater conservation.

On the technical side the dismantling of PETN - the surgery is simple and does not require special qualifications artist. You only need to observe the neatness, To avoid damage to the gaskets between the heating element and the wall of the tank.

Good, when all of the rules!

Draining the water heater
This connection allows to quickly drain the water heater

Described drain water from the water heater technology means, that the connection of the device to utilities was made by all the rules - and this, Alas, It is not always. The most frequent deviations from the rules - no shut-off tap, overlapping the supply of cold water to the boiler, absence flag on some models the safety valve, inability to access the threaded connections inlet and outlet ...

Such violations are not critical and do not have much impact on the efficiency of the boiler in general - but very difficult to drain water from the process it. Significantly facilitate the process can only be, if you need to provide it at the stage of distributing cold-hot water system and supply for supplying air to the holding tank water heater special crane.

Visual video for drainage of water from the storage water heater




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