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How to use the molding on the walls

often they use the standard formula when deciding on walls and ceilings - coating one material. This option has the right to exist. The room looks harmonious, and all the details of the interior is very easy to combine. But sometimes you want, what may be a raisin, which is also easy to fit into the interior, but it did not spoil the aesthetics. In this case, you can install the molding on the wall, about how to fix and stick to that and will be discussed.

What is molding?

molding, It represents decorative material. He has a kind of volume trims, which is placed on the surface. The bar is standard and does not exceed 240cm. Width, design, profile - all of which can have different settings. You can use a very flat moldings, or to resort to decorating the room volume bars. Very nice look model with various decorative elements and complex texture. But such moldings must be properly compared with the total the concept of interior design.

decor element may be made from different materials. The most popular are plastic, polyurethane, polystyrene. According to the flexibility they are also very different. Can be flexible or very hard. The first are much more expensive, therefore, their use is resorted to only in case of need, when a firm to handle this part of the wall is not possible.

The most expensive are considered moldings made of PVC or gypsum, and first place in this respect take marble strips. The use of such models is typical in cases, when the task of the designer is to design spaces in the aristocratic and classic style.

Forms of molding
Forms of molding


Installation is fairly simple strips. For, to wall decoration molding was done correctly, must first prepare the surface and prime. Trims sit on the back of the adhesive. It has a completely flat surface, respectively, should fit snugly to the plane, you are going to decorate. If slats complex pattern, before the adhesive need to make marks on the wall. The main thing - to choose the right guide. This can be done using a spirit level and the construction of a pencil. Important to remember, moldings that are attached to the plastering and painting walls. An exception may be the case, when finishing the surfaces will be executed wallpaper. For, so as not to stain the wallpaper, Paint and slats must be performed prior to pasting.


Application area

In modern conditions the white door - it's all the rage. For, to mount the door leaf is often used casings. Usually, they must be ordered in a special workshop. And this is a waste of time. They can replace moldings. Ideal would look Composition, if the room is laid still and white plinth.

Very often, wall decoration molding solves a serious problem, than just decoration. For example, by installing strips at the perimeter of the window, you can visually enlarge the window opening. Sveta, of course, it will not add, but the question is with a visual extension of the space will be resolved.

With the help of this material often make imitation panels. This option walls looks very nice in case, when the room is used by several types of coatings. Run it is very easy, enough to paste over bright molding joints. But the result is really admire.

The most traditional way - wall decoration moldings using pasting strips over the entire surface. For this purpose, standard, rectangular strips, which are planted on the glue. If you can not choose the color of the scenery to match the wall, it can be painted.

If you liking classic, curved section will be for you the best solution. With these strips you can create a unique interior style 60-90 x.

What kinds of moldings?

Rods, besides manufacturing material, also differ in shape. Among the most popular can be distinguished:

  • Cornice - wall decoration moldings of this type is to disguise the eaves or window frame of aluminum profile. Such models have a simple shape and scanty, without plaque decorated, can sometimes be found cornice molding-coated with pattern;
  • Skirting - such elements have the form of strips with a standard round cross-section or a semicircular. Moldings of this type are used in order to interface between the wall decorations and the ceiling surface;
  • Baguettes - characterized by a rich texture. Best suited for frames device, that surround the various elements of the decor (pictures, figurines, flowers, etc.);
  • Compositions - finishing wall moldings can be formed and finished using compositions. Trims in this case supplied as a turnkey solution, for example: arch, floral rosette, column, stucco, etc.

Each of the above types of self-adhesive base molding has, This greatly simplifies the installation process. To install only necessary to perform counting and prepare the treated surface. Exceptions are wood, plaster and marble analogues. Their installation is quite complex and requires certain skills, as well as the use of additional construction components.



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