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Methods to remove the old plaster from the walls and ceiling

Not so bad repair, as a preparation for it - the phrase everyone knows, who at least once in his life faced with the repair work on the premises. Really, namely preparations for full-scale renovation takes the most time and effort. One of the most unpleasant and dusty preparatory steps is the removal of putty. Today we tell about the most simple and common method of how to remove the old plaster from the walls, and, what tools are needed for this work.

Do I need to remove the old putty?

Before you proceed directly to the very dismantling, make, that the old layer really needs it. It does not always require a complete dismantling of the. maybe, You will manage a local change of the problem areas. If the old surface is crumbling before our eyes at the slightest touch, not to mention the rapping hammer, the local work can not do. In this case, you need to resort to larger operations removing old paint from a wall.

Instructions for removing putty

Removal tool

Before removing the plaster from the walls, make, that you have the necessary tools for this. We need to prepare:

  • Putty knife;
  • teeth;
  • Hammer.

If this set does not help, how to remove the old layer, you may need a heavier electrical:

To punch also need special nozzles in the form of blades or spikes. When working with grinder use special diamond blades.

The process of removing putty from the wallswall preparation

Before we begin to address the question of, removing old plaster from the wall, you need to prepare for work. We have already noted, that this stage of repair features a large number of dirt and dust. therefore, if the room has any appliances, furniture, etc.. - all that is necessary to make, floor lay polyethylene or other consumables. To prevent dust from penetrating neighboring rooms, all the cracks need to hide a damp cloth.

If you are using easy tools, spatula or scraper, layer is not amenable to dismantle, necessary to treat the surface with a special solution. Preparing it is very easy. On 1 liters of water must be added 2 st.l. clearstarch. The contents were then mixed and applied over the old plaster by spraying. If there is no available, You can use a roller or brush, but it will take more time. Through 15-20 Wall minutes will loose. Now it is necessary to process a spatula. If the substrate is weak, it is useful to you an article about how to remove the plaster from the walls.

When to use heavy equipment for removing the old layer?

If the above-stated method is not helped, it means, that the old layer of putty is very thick, and then you will need to pick up a hammer. When working with this tool is exposed bump stop mode, and the nozzle is taken as the previously mentioned peak or vane. Puncher will need to go through the entire wall, dissolving the surface by sector. You can perform the operation in stages, knocking sector by sector and gradually clearing the broken area.

Professional team, perform such work, use special diamond grinder discs. dismantling process in this case is substantially accelerated. But such a method exists, and its drawback - when processing grinder, putty layer gradually grinds, not beds. Respectively, sewing process is accompanied by a huge amount of dust. When using this equipment, use a vacuum cleaner, so it is necessary to wear a dust mask and goggles for safety.



Removing the old layer from the ceiling

How to remove the plaster from the ceiling? - question, which also has a lot of popularity during repair. In fact, solution to the problem is much more difficult. After all, here you are unlikely to cope hammer or grinder - it's very difficult to keep such a heavy equipment in an upright position. If you are having this problem, it is best to resort to a method for wetting. And in order to maximize its ease of operation, use spray or a standard vacuum cleaner, including it in the reverse thrust mode,.



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