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Remove old plaster from the wall

During repair work, many questions arise - whether to remove the old plaster need? And if yes,how to remove the plaster from the wall quickly? To answer these questions you need to know, requiring the removal of the plaster, what tools to use for this work are needed and of course, not interfere with the knowledge of some methods of work. Let's deal.

We analyze old plaster

There are two ways to remove the old, unusable plaster: Partial and full-. In the first case, we are talking about a local cleanup, when the main area of ​​the layer is kept good, and only in some parts of the visible major damage and fraying. second, necessary to resort to a large-scale work and to remove the entire layer. Before removing the plaster from the wall, it is important to determine, a characteristic case in your situation.

The easiest way - check, which areas are in need of local repair, It is as follows:: you need to pick up a trowel or small hammer and grip through the entire surface. In those places, where a dull sound or the plaster itself is no longer to be seen, accordingly it is necessary to carry out the cleaning and re-plaster. Also problematic areas scanned by detection of foci of infiltration of moisture or fungus.

Even easier to determine the need for full-scale demolition work. If the old layer has already served his, He will fall away with wallpaper. In this case, you'll need to pick up a tool and begin the operation to clean up wall surface of old plaster.


Which tool to use, to remove the old layer?

Before removing the old plaster from the walls armed with the appropriate set of tools. In fact, his name and the number will depend on the degree of wear and tear. But in order to cover the entire section, associated with the dismantling of the old layer, we list the most popular.

For removal, we may need:

  • Safety glasses and respirator;
  • Gloves - rubber or canvas;
  • Ax / hammer / small sledgehammer;
  • Chisel - best taken with a long handle;
  • Scraper / spatula;
  • Wire brush;
  • Machine for removing old plaster;
  • drill.

Another note again, that this list may not be typical of your case.

As the plaster is removed?

In this section we consider the question of, how to remove the old plaster from the walls, when it comes to the complex dismantling.

First you need to moisten the entire surface of the water. It is advisable to use warm, heated fluid, to speed up the process. Water is essential not only for, to soften old layer, but in order to eliminate dust during work. If in the process of dismantling some areas begin to dry you can safely re-process them with liquid. Do not worry for the condition of the main surface - it you will not do much harm, but excessive wetting of the layer of plaster will significantly simplify the work. More options how to clean the surface.

Removing old plaster

Now let us find out, how to remove the plaster from the walls, absorbed in the process. It begins with the tapping surface dismantling: down up. You can use the handle of a trowel or hammer. Distressed pieces will immediately fall off the wall. To increase the scale shedding pry spatula fallen off site. So you can remove the plaster whole layers. If this does not work, will have to take over the heavy machinery in the hands of, for example, drill. If this does not resolve the issue and plaster stubbornly refuses to fall off, Bulgarian used with special attachments. She cut out whole sectors over the entire surface, whereupon sweep.

There is another way, how to remove the old plaster from the walls, but in this case need specialized electrical equipment. It is about grinding. But here to talk about withdrawal as such do not have to. After all, when grinding it simply erased. The whole process is based on the use of special machines with abrasive discs. This work is very dusty, so as far as its implementation is necessary to constantly wet the surface to be treated.


The final processing step is a stripping wall metal brushes. In this removal of the plaster on the walls completed, and the process proceeds to surface preparation for further finishing.

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