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How to put laminate flooring

Как положить ламинат на паркет фотоTo give the interior a finished room type has been successfully applied laminate. Due to the richness of his palette, you can select the material, which will exactly match the design idea. Moreover, the coating is an additional warming of either sex. You can put laminate flooring, but as, will tell you our website.

To put laminate flooring you will need:
- jigsaw;
- roulette;
- hammer;
- pencil;
- gon;
- hacksaw on wood;
- tamping bar.

1 Soak purchased laminate flooring in the room, where the installation will take place, about two days. It's necessary, that he has adapted to the humidity and room temperature. Prepare tools for laying laminate. Usually they are: jigsaws, roulette, hammer, pencil, elbow, hacksaw on wood, tamping bar.

2 Prepare the surface of the parquet. Rate for horizontal base laminate. If there are irregularities, align them sander. Check the rigidity of the cover. In that case, when the board squander under the weight of a person, they should be replaced or strengthened. In order to be sure of the exact horizontal coverage, put on his self leveling floor screed.

3 Put plastic wrap perpendicular to the direction, which will be used when laying laminate. Then place the substrate. The best option - a stopper, tk. it is made of environmentally friendly materials, but it is possible to use foamed polyethylene and different thickness.

4 Put the laminate to the surface of the old parquet. The correct way - laying along a line of sunlight falling. This is due to the fact, that the panel joints are not visible.
The laminate is divided into two types: glueless (castle) and the adhesive. The first has a latch locks (Lock), or collapsible locks (Click). The main superiority of the latter - the bond strength. Lock-Zamky, in turn, cheaper, having a lower quality adhesion. Latch type laminate stacked by inserting the tenon of one panel into the groove of the other.

5 Lay laminate "brick" method, ie. series should communicate with each other. Install the first row. If the last panel was longer, than necessary, saw off her, Considering, it must remain a gap between it and the wall around 3-5 mm. Second row start with a cut-off portion. Remember, it should not be shorter 20 cm. Likewise perform all stacking.

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