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Features stacking square art laminate

something standard and all the usual do not always want to arrange their own housing. Besides the classical long laminate manufacturers have come up with the square version, which appeared relatively recently. It was created also with a view, to fit into the desired interior and at the same time to supplement his. It is worth noting, that the square hosted the laminate floor, can mimic ceramic tile, expensive flooring or natural stone. But it is important in this case to produce the correct installation of all components.


Dimensions of square panels - 60*60 cm. popularity due to the ability of the material to create a unique design in the room. It is also possible to realize all possible interiors, including the original. Part laminate It includes at least four layers. Each of them performs a specific function during operation.

  1. decorative layer. Most often this is a decorative paper, creating the appearance of a floor covering. Laying laminate squareAdditionally, it may be inlaid in the form of monophonic or complicated pattern.
  2. The stabilizing layer. There is a part of the square laminate to distribute the load evenly on the surface. In addition, this layer is intended to preserve the pristine form material, resists deformation during operation. The main component of this layer - waterproof paper, which is pre-impregnated with various resins, able to protect the core layer of the laminate from a large amount of moisture.
  3. protective melamine. It is at this layer comes a man while walking. It is transparent, you can view the picture in the production depth. Additionally layer simultaneously protects the image from premature wear, injury, from external mechanical and chemical influences. Melamine layer prevents solar ultraviolet rays penetrate deep drawing and spoil.
  4. Basis - chipboard, which is responsible for laminate options, its shape and size. From it will depend on the characteristics of the material during operation. For this reason, isolated and their classification laminate, having a specific set of strength characteristics (eg, HDF).Laying laminate square

Advantages and disadvantages

Positive qualities in the square laminate, Arrange on the floor in the room, much more, than negative manifestations. The most basic of them - well protected from external mechanical and chemical action, due to the presence of many layers in the floor covering structure. Laying laminate squareIn addition, it almost is not afraid of the sun's rays, allowing it to retain the original appearance, even when permanently under ultraviolet light.

Artistic imitation square laminate They allow you to create the most premium interiors, which is unlikely to meet even where. It may even envy the famous designers. You can choose the material under the skin, a rock, wood or even metal. It all depends on the imagination. In addition, the patterns on the laminate is very diverse and can vary even among themselves.

square laminate popularity is also due to low cost of production. It is possible to carry even one of the most common and affordable flooring, along with the usual laminate.

Because of the square laminate, which is laid on the floor in the room, It includes chipboard, it supports the long form of the material. Durability due to this only increases.

One can cite a few very important qualities, which are characteristic of the square laminate:

  • Improved fire safety.Laying laminate square
  • Easy installation due to the presence of special interlocks.
  • Antistaticheskie properties.
  • Confronting increased levels of humidity and temperature fluctuations.
  • You do not have to arrange specialist care. On the contrary it is easy to operate.

Among the main disadvantage is the use in the production of synthetic materials. The most vulnerable places of the laminate against moisture - the joints of panels. But you can not produce the effects of wet cleaning. true, hosted by the flood in the apartment could have a negative impact on the quality of the floor covering.

types of laying

There are two basic ways, on by installation square laminate on the floor - straight and diagonal. The easiest course is the first of them. It is not only the cost, but also popular among novice performers. Fragments of flooring are fitted only in the vicinity of the doorway and heating riser if any.Laying laminate square

diagonal location square laminate takes a bit more effort and time during installation. But this creates a really attractive cover in the room, which will be pleasing to the eye of every, who will be on it. Immediately should prepare for, that will be a large number of scraps, waste, which will cause extra costs for the purchase of material.

Which one option presented to choose - everyone's business. All depends not only on time spent, but also financial component.

installation subtlety

Compared with the classical laminate, square version has its own characteristics, are shown at installing a floor covering. The most important thing, that figure was completely symmetrical. The gaps between the panels on the floor should be 2 mm. They also should be required to be maintained. As a result, we should obtain a complete picture on the square meter, which will continue to be repeated.Laying laminate square

Laying laminate squares made exclusively "the". Required clearance is maintained between the laid laminate and walls inside the room, that is 10 mm. This avoids the strain changes of a single panel.

surface preparation

The base of the square under the laminate must be smooth. Over the entire surface in the room allowed height difference, but not more 3 mm. Laying laminate squareMake calculations possible with the help of a ruler and measuring the level. Anyway, it is best to use a leveling solutions, to bring the surface to horizontality.

If you skip this step, the laying laminate the floor is not flat, and he begins to squint over time, lean and creak at the time of movement on it. Moisture entering from the bottom of the holes will be inflate laminate, damaging it. This in turn will develop numerous microorganisms. Before the next step laid screed must be completely dry and gain the necessary level of strength.

Flooring substrate

After leveling the base, onto concrete flooring is produced pads laid on the film of polyethylene. The substrate will serve as a shock absorber external mechanical influences. Besides, podloƶki .If you vlagozaщita. The optimal choice - polymeric materials, sold in rolls.Laying laminate square

If resources permit, and the possibility of, then as pads can be selected and natural ingredients, such as wood chippings. Selection here will mainly depend on the financial component.

Laying of laminate

laying square laminate begins from the left corner opposite the entrance door, that is, from left to right. This is the basic principle of mounting of floor covering "over".

The first fragment is the square of the laminate to be separated from the wall by means of special wedge, width 10 mm. Wedges should be located around the perimeter of the room along the walls, that during operation protect the laminate from damage or deformation due to increased levels of humidity and temperature exposure.Laying laminate square

Due to interlocks and principles differ laying floor covering. When choosing a lock «Lock» bring a subsequent panel should only horizontally. Produce can drive a hammer, but substituted a wooden block, so as not to damage the panel. Instead of a piece of wood more commonly used rubber mallet.

Click connection «Click» to the previous panel tray at a slight angle 30 degrees. After insertion into the slot, produced lowering square laminate until it clicks.

If there are such sites, where the whole bar does not fit, it can be cut to the required length and width. To do this, the most commonly used Bulgarian or jigsaw.

Principles of care for laminate

Has its own characteristics in the care of a square laminate. There are several basic rules and requirements:

  • inscriptions marker, lipstick can be eliminated by using methyl alcohol. Laying laminate squareIf the wax or rubber will fall gum, it is best to wait a while until they become completely solid. Will only be removed from the surface, then treat it with a special paste for laminate.
  • It is best to abandon steam cleaners.
  • The choice of means for cleaning the square laminate should pay attention to those, which have a neutral Ph level.
  • You can choose not only dry, but also wet surface cleaning embodiment. Instead, special means perfect regular soap solution.

Drawing attention to the sequence of square laminate assembly, You can perform the process without any difficulties on their own. Do not be amiss to watch the video, where you can get acquainted with the practical execution. Article written for





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