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Manifold group water underfloor

Each seeks to create in your home excellent conditions for accommodation. Particular attention is paid to the warmth and comfort. For this purpose, create a warm floor, which may be represented in different embodiments. But it is worth noting, that before this procedure is very important to carry out all preparatory measures. All begins with the walls, because the collector is set here underfloor heating. The place should be prepared efficiently and in accordance with the requirements. He is represented as a cabinet, which is attached to the wall into a prepared niche. Fastening of at subfloor.


Any difficulties should arise, to arrange a warm floor-house mixing. We need only minimal knowledge and understanding of the technology. Mounted cabinet is intended for, to hide the header. underfloor heating manifoldBut in addition it happens concealing all of the heating pipes to all the other components of the supply of heat at home. The device can also be installed for controlling the floor heating system. Manifold cabinet has dimensions, are equal 60*40*12 cm. Space it takes up slightly, and plays an essential role.

After installation of the cabinet for underfloor heating manifold, placed in it feeding and return tubes. Each of them has its purpose. Return serves, to collect water, gives up its heat to the system, return it to the heat, and raises the temperature where. The feed also plays the opposite role - the hot water from the boiler to the entire system. She also has another main function - delivery of coolant.underfloor heating manifold

The collector cabinet above the pipe ends must be closed with shut-off valves. This allows you to remove from the heating system any particular room in the house or apartment. Just going to the closure of both valves underfloor heating. These steps are usually conducted in order to save energy, as well as maintenance work in one of the rooms.

Plastic pipe shall be securely fixed on a metal gate. This is where the compression element comes (fitting). These all components should stock up prior to the installation of the entire system, so that in the future will not be distracted.

In the underfloor heating system must be consistency. It is responsible for this circulation pump.

The concept of the collector

When there are all the components of the system, you can begin to study the reservoir, as the main constituent. In simple terms - a pipe segment, having a plurality of outputs, arranged on one side. Going connection to the valve. underfloor heating manifoldFor this purpose, special fittings, through which the contours of metal.

Manifold represented as a section of pipe, having a branching. The opposite end will have an output, which is smothered by a conventional plug. No harm will generally be positioned there splitter.

With regard to the splitter, then with his one hand, you can install drain valve, and the second - automatic steam trap air. The last component of the collector system underfloor heating It helps to remove unintentional formation of air.

The described arrangement of all element collector system relates to the recovery and feed line. When buying a comb for underfloor heating, it must be purchased in pairs. There are other subtleties of working with the collector. Some of them can tell the store when selecting the individual components of the system. Much will depend on, how much power is selected for the floor heating in the room installation.


when carried out installation of water floor heating, Work may take a short time. Everything will depend on the length of the floor heating, the availability of appropriate equipment and materials, well as skills.

The collector with the pump for floor heating refers to a component of the entire system to ensure the supply of heat to the room. However, he has a peculiar character of performance with its nuances. The most basic of them - the preparation of pipelines is carried out separately from the whole system. And this is despite the fact, that the coolant circulates through the pipes all at the same time.underfloor heating manifold

The collector needs to, to be able to isolate the feed and return water pipes of the heating installation. Included in the mandatory has the following components:

  1. pump group.
  2. Distributor heating medium.
  3. reverse water cooled collector.

Nobody thinks about, how much is laying underfloor heating. Acquire the best components together and from a single source. The only way you can get higher quality. In addition, in such a case will be smaller and cost, regardless of, what will be the length of the heating surface.

editing process

collector warm floor They can be installed independently or with the help of experts. true, in the latter case you will have to pay the full amount of services, which will increase depending on, which will be installed mixing unit for floor heating, and, how many meters of floor heating will have to lay on the subfloor. Thus it is necessary to think about the quality of the surface, which should be carefully prepared.

No matter what, work is carried out independently or specialists. In a particular case, to pay attention to the process itself, bearing in mind the intricacies of installation. This will get the best possible result. Initial work will depend on the location of the pipeline tool boiler, as well as the individual rooms of the pipeline in an apartment or a house. It is with this area and will start the entire process. Reference points for the heating surface is taken usually in the wall. This selects a portion, which was deleted by the same distance to the long pipes points from end branches. This solution will solve the problem with the hydraulic mode of operation. The whole system of floor heating should have optimal components.underfloor heating manifold

You can run into many rooms, which will be heated by the system. In this case, it is necessary to think about, how much is consumed warm floor. The best option - to arrange more than one, and multiple nodes, allowing coolant to share. This decision will better heat dissipation, rapid heating, savings.

components of collectors

floor heating system using the manifold apparatus includes the following main components, without which it is impossible to do:

  1. The feed to the floor manifold. Otherwise it can be called the flow control valve to an individual branch.
  2. mixing unit, and the valve three turns.
  3. The valve servo adjustment. This so-called collector return, which cost almost identical to the feed.
  4. Circulation pump, a drainage device having.
  5. Group automation system work.
  6. Grebenki, but if necessary,. They are more suitable for supplying heat to the room by means of radiators.underfloor heating manifold

automatic control valves allows media to interrupt the supply of heat to warm the floor after reaching a certain temperature. In outline it no longer falls to cool. Here it does not matter, how much is consumed warm floor, since all the indicators will be reduced by continuously monitoring. Use also flow, allows you to set the options you want to give to heat the room. Setting up is easy and without any difficulties. They have the back of the comb.

The two combs together are connected via a circulation pump. It allows the water is constantly circulated through the floor heating system. It is worth noting, that each of the elements of the collector band as a purchased separately, and collectively. In the latter case, do not worry about, that something is not enough and will not get. But an independent collection of the entire system requires some knowledge. So, eg, should know about, that will have to purchase the pump group drainage drain valve. Additionally required prior to all work to establish a case for himself manifold, which is additionally provided with air outlet point from the system.underfloor heating manifold

The rake system is equipped with various measuring instruments and indicative. These include pressure gauges, thermometers, heating and other sensors. recent, by the way, set in floor screed. Which option to choose the floor fill, It should be guided by the requirement of the system of floor heating, its features.

Quality device collector group for underfloor heating will affect in the future on the heating system efficiency. In addition, the reliability of the water-based floor heating in all its components. Attention during installation will provide the desired result, capable to serve for a long time.underfloor heating manifold


When the entire system is installed, and the components are connected to each other, located on the right places, should start to perform a trial run of the system. After warming can detect defects with operation and defects. Wherein pressure in the system It should be large, than working around a quarter. All joints must be sealed and not to miss.

When all refined, You can run the normal mode circulating underfloor heating.






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