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water underfloor heating installation errors

At first glance it is easy to perform the installation of underfloor water type. It's very important to do everything correctly and with the greatest efficiency of its work. Often novice builders are faced with such problems, when not warm warm water floor. There may be reasons for the large number and each of them lies in the technology and the run sequence of each layer. If you pull the plug on one point of the whole process, you will eventually get nothing positive will not be possible.

right foundation

Before the beginning installation of warm water floor should take all measures to carry out preparatory activities. The base must be cleaned of debris and dust, since all this has a negative impact on system performance. underfloor heating installation errorsIf the surface is uneven, many deem, that everything will be smooth, followed by pouring of concrete screed on a path. Such an installation error of warm water floor are common in those, who first starts packing circuit.

For pipe Warm water floor must be very smooth surface at the base. All irregularities will only damage the pipeline. Besides, subsequently levelcrete will not be of equal thickness over circuit. Consequently, a uniform heating of the floor in the room can not think.

In addition, the walls in the room must also be brought to the normal state. I.e, is their alignment, they plastered if necessary, cut off in certain places. If it does not perform, the damper tape is no longer tightly adjacent to the walls, in some areas to sag. Its main function, they have to prove unable to.

calculation of materials

For full operation of the floor heating system water floor, it is necessary to properly settle underfloor, but rather the amount of materials required for the installation. Heated floor mats under as insulation, and the length of the pipeline is calculated based not on the total area of ​​the room, and of its useful volume. I.e, not all of the subfloor is covered with loop. Areas with furniture layout, plumbing supplies, etc., lines pipeline, since they will not miss the heat inside the room, overheating can occur divided portion laid pipes.underfloor heating installation errors

These installation errors warm water floor lead to subsequent work of dismantling floor covering, concrete screed, identifying the problem area heating surface. All this not only the time spent, but also finances. Technology calculation includes all the details and lets you get accurate results.

Shrink tape

When prepared base, taking steps to quality tape device on the wall, compensating the thermal expansion of the concrete screed. underfloor heating installation errorsAs I mentioned earlier, until it locks should prepare the walls, align them. In addition to this, all electrical wires, Communication should bypass damper tape, it fits snugly against the wall.

If you mount the tape would just like, subsequently do not have to rely on high-quality casting concrete screed. Through it from the wall will penetrate the solution, which subsequently during the operation does not allow the tape to show all his qualities. Will have problems with the floor surface, damage flooring.

thermal protection device

The lower portions of the damper tape is best to press layer insulation, which is most commonly used polystyrene. But it is worth remembering, that he will not be able to compensate for those irregularities, which may be based on the sub-floor. Prior to his placement should also carry out all activities for garbage collection.

If the work carried out by experts for a fee, it is best to check the process. After all, they can very quickly put polystyrene, and did not know about, What was there the base. Sometimes even with the passage of this layer can feel the defects from the bottom.

underfloor heating installation errors
"Pie" warm floor

when the water warm floor not warm, Various reasons can be quite. But the more they start from the ground up, a layer of insulation. Even manufacturers recommend arrange thickness 100 mm. Especially when it refers to the presence of the basement without heating. If you spend less money to buy material, ie save, then the fiber will approximately 30-50 mm. But in the warm-up period on the premises warm water floor, portion of the heat will be spent for heating the bottom portion, from the basement. heating costs rise, and the heat in the room is not at the appropriate level.

reflective film

To improve the quality of heat transfer is inside the premises of the house, It is not superfluous to produce flooring for polystyrene special reflective tape. underfloor heating installation errorsIt further has a division of the markup 50 mm for a better fixation in the subsequent pipeline. According to the rules it should be mounted strictly smoothly without deviation and thus fill up for thermal insulation. This can be done only in the case, when polystyrene is pressed tightly against the walls of the room through the damper tape. It is also often make a mistake of laying water underfloor heating. Some do just cut the film along the edges of the location of the perimeter of the walls of polystyrene, glued tape for fixing. Use such material, could not be tape, since it is used exclusively for packaging, carries with it harmful to human health.

When mounted on a base film, You can proceed to laying of the reinforcing layer in the form of a metal mesh. There will be no error stacking water floor heating device over the reinforcement before casting pipe screed. This is how two alternatives.

Errors during assembly of pipes

When stacked reflective film, you can begin the installation pipeline underfloor heating. It is important to choose the diameter, dimensions, overall length, height and other characteristics for the correct calculation of a warm floor. It is worth remembering, that you must still select the pipe laying scheme, and not to experiment with their desires.underfloor heating installation errors

Standard option pipes for floor heating diameter - 16 mm. some use 20 mm, but in this case the installation process will take longer and will be more difficult. In addition, increased water consumption, supplied through a pipeline system. Exception - if you want to implement on a large warm room area. In all other cases it is better to spend more funds on your device insulation, to prevent heat loss.

A very small number of performers is carried out the following activities, are very important, to avoid device failure water underfloor:

  • Marking the passage of land highways.
  • Determining the number of holes in the wall for passage of floor heating system pipes. They all need to be carefully protected against circuit damage, by executing gilzovanie.
  • Offset from the walls in the room, etc..underfloor heating installation errors

If all this is to perform and to reflect on the schematic outline, it will be possible to see parts of the room problems, and the possible difficulty of installation process. Scheme underfloor to be drawn to direct execution. Some simply believe, and they know that without it all by yourself, how best to do. Spend time on such seemingly little things no one wants.

Without laying a pipeline arranged scheme - continuous chaos, which will not lead to any positive result. At any stage of the device of warm water floor requires a competent and careful calculation approach.

It should also be remembered, that some places on the basis of gender require greater attention from the artists. This relates primarily to the exterior walls on the street side. They require more insulation. Some mistakes and allowed only one pipe directly against a wall. Throughout the rest of the perimeter of all evenly spaced. In order to achieve uniform heating, laying the pipeline is performed with a smaller step in these walls.

The indentation in the wall is performed for the subsequent installation of a plinth after the floor covering, as well as possible the engineering of low voltage systems. Order here will not be exact.

pipe bending

Frequent errors may be allowed for pipe bending angle detecting apparatus system. Skill is very useful. underfloor heating installation errorsEasier to work with plastic pipes, than XLPE. For these operations, there are means available in the form of springs, but still held all basically manually, more effectively. Moreover, by using outer spring and creating angle 90 degrees, it simply clamps. Will have to spend a lot of effort, to pull it from the resulting bending, stretch around the pipeline to the next section. Will begin to suffer not only back, but the knees.

Online you can find a large number of videos, allowing to carry out bending tubes independently and without extra effort. You do not have to buy different benders and publicized means, spend their money.

If you do not comply with basic requirements, all get the curves and oblique. This can be said not to mistake the device water floor heating, and shortcomings, which lead to disastrous consequences and weak heating of the subfloor around the perimeter of the room.

underfloor heating installation errors
Rules pipe bending

The choice of stacking step

When the marking is made on the basis of laying a pipeline, not always even the experts can correctly place all. Step should be maintained throughout the circuit. A variation is obtained to 100 mm. The exception here - step reduction in certain areas, such as, in exterior walls.

Selection step will depend on the power circuit. The higher it is, the less should be done step. Additionally must be maintained until the distance from the wall of the pipeline, which is usually 30 cm. The maximum length of a single loop of 90 m. This is done, so as not to lose heat throughout the pipeline.

When you ask for help to the construction crews, then it is best to pre-view of their work, read reviews of customers. Even in the photo will be visible, as they relate to the process of laying and that taking, to avoid possible stacking errors water underfloor heating.underfloor heating installation errors

Some may say, that under the screed no defects pipeline location, compliance stacking step, It will not be seen. But this only works uncomprehending people can tell the system. As a result, the subfloor will receive heat evenly over the entire surface, be a cold surface portions, the effectiveness of the work of underfloor heating will not be any.

Placement of furniture

Radiant Floor Heating It should not be placed in those areas, which will subsequently be massive furniture. Under it makes no sense to carry warm. true, subsequently it can be difficult if you want to make a permutation. After all, the place may appear, where the floor will not get warm.

In order to avoid placing the water bugs underfloor heating, should pay particular attention to the built-in furniture, monolithic racking, food, closets, etc.. All of them just will not demand high-quality heating. Under them you can forget about laying a pipeline.

When floor heating is mounted under such appliances, like a refrigerator or washing machine, the circuit may malfunction, It will overheat individual sections.

The danger of violations

Not everyone knows about, what problems you might encounter, if mistakes device of warm water floor. When poorly heated warm water floors, should think about the possible shortcomings of the installation process.

When the device just uneven layers "pie" underfloor, pipeline bend angle will be different. Consequently, Warm-uniformity of the subfloor will not reach. High costs await those, who do not want to carry out preliminary calculations of floor heating systems. It suffices schematically displayed in the entire contour scale on paper.underfloor heating installation errors

The main drawback - the extra heating costs. In addition, in this case, the efficiency of floor heating circuits will be minimal. When errors are serious, the high probability of a pipeline rupture on a separate site, which leads to conduct major repairs.

But what to do, if you find poor quality device of warm water floor, how to avoid mistakes in self-performing work? Quite clearly comply with mounting technology, view possible to videos from experts, explore all the subtleties and nuances. Only in this case can reach the desired result, and finding room in the room even after showering or entering into the room from a cold.

Another option - to hire a construction crew. true, better pay attention to what, how they are doing and observe whether the technology. Careful monitoring will help avoid mistakes and problems in the future.






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