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floor heating device in the bathroom under the tile

Any room should be comfortable for living. But to a greater extent this applies to the bathroom, after a warm shower when I want to step on the heated floor. To achieve this, should perform a quality floor heating under the tiles with their hands. Otherwise, the tile will be very cold. In addition to heat tiles have a few options floor heating, each of which has its own characteristics.

formation kit

Until that moment, how to mount warm floor Tile in the bathroom, should prepare a set of materials, is a set. It is formed of core elements:

  • Cable (single-core or two-core). In this case, this is no ordinary electric cable, and a special heating.
  • Mounting tape.
  • The thermostat and the temperature sensor.
  • Plastic pipe-corrugation.
  • heat-insulating material.

Not to look for each of the elements individually in the shop you can buy a ready-made kit for floor heating device under the tile in the bathroom. This will be the best option, which at a cost of slightly lower, than purchasing each component set.

Radiant Floor Heating

Each type of floor heating has its advantages and disadvantages, as well as the features of the installation. For this reason, you should pay attention to a particular embodiment,, selecting the optimum. The first step is to stay on the water floor heating. He has significant differences, e.g. electrical analog. When it comes to bathroom, such a warm floor is most recommended to arrange in country houses.

It is worth noting, that radiant floor heating bathroom is to spend more at the expense of, that there is a need to connect to the central heating system. some seem, that the exact opposite is true and the installation process does not take a lot of time.

Tiles on floor heating in the bathroomAfter all, it is only necessary to connect the pipe of a certain diameter for the full operation of the system. pipe diameter will depend on the area of ​​the room, represented in form of a spiral or snake. By this pipe will flow in a subsequent installation after hot water.

This all indicates that, to allow water to flow through pipe, it should be integrated in the source. Not everyone will be able to fulfill all quality. It is best to seek professional help. Benefits still have water underfloor heating there are more, than minuses. In particular this applies to environmental, in comparison with other variants of floor heating in the bathroom under the tile. It also says, and is perfectly safe for human health, inside the room. No harmful radiation would not be in the life of.

Still emit such advantages of floor heating, as a cost-effective installation, as well as when it is used in everyday life. The energy-saving will only be in service. The bathroom is a perfect stay for everyone, since received a warm tile floor. In addition, you can stand on their own level of temperature, depending on the needs. It can increase or decrease depending on the conditions being indoors.

Tiles on floor heating in the bathroom
Scheme water underfloor

We can not forget about the fact, that there are disadvantages underfloor heating, are worth paying attention to. The main thing - to flow laid pipes in the bathroom. Elimination takes a long time and means.

To work underfloor heating in the bathroom must be present water pump, especially when the pressure drops. When installing the pressure is normalized and maintained at the required level.

The quality of the system will depend entirely on the state of water. If there is a large amount of harmful substances and impurities, the tube over a short time will fail and require repair. Not only repair, but also the installation of the system is very time consuming.

Variant with infrared rays

Not so long ago there was a way the device warm floor in the bathroom, using infrared rays. It can be called and modern one. The essence of the system of floor heating - infrared rays start to appear after, how the elements at special electric current.

As used in the embodiment underfloor bathroom tile is advantageous under. Special financial investment it requires. By heating the plate occurs almost immediately after the. Besides the bathroom of the room is perfect for children.Tiles on floor heating in the bathroom

In the process of installation does not require much effort. The system can be arranged for any kind of floor covering, including ceramic tiles. If there is a desire on their own to carry out installation of the underfloor heating system, you should only remember the sequence of actions:

  1. Removing the old flooring at its presence.
  2. elimination of irregularities, even a minor on the floor surface.
  3. Stacking heat emitting elements. This stage is still fraught with performance testing of the entire system.
  4. If everything works fine, and is warming at a rate of, it is possible to arrange floor screed or just close it with a protective film. To dry the concrete use of infrared rays can not.
  5. Produce flooring tiles or other flooring in the bathroom.

Especially electric floor heating

The most popular electric floor heating for everything in the bathroom by a floor covering, as tiles. That it is necessary to stop more in detail and consider all stages of the installation. This will help to answer the question, how to put a warm floor under the tile.

The peculiarity of the electrical system is, that it is generally satisfied in the small area premises, which include bathroom. some deem, that electricity in areas with high humidity can bring a negative and dangerous for the person. But all this is not the case. Underfloor heating has high safety, as the water evaporates instantly, and when it is a large number - it does not penetrate because of the well arranged waterproofing layer. You can divide this variant of the device underfloor heating Two subspecies:

  1. from termomatov. They are placed in a tile adhesive layer. floor height, Consequently, will remain untouched, without serious deviations.
  2. When cables help. Also fit under the floor screed arranged. The wire is only one, that distinguishes it from termomatov. This cable can select one or two-wire.Tiles on floor heating in the bathroom

Installation requires some experience, how to put a warm floor under the tile. Otherwise it is necessary to seek assistance from the masters, all who are able to perform turnkey. Mounting of the electric floor heating includes sequential steps, which will be discussed below.

Setting the thermostat

initial actions, that must be taken - to set the thermostat. Otherwise it is called a thermostat. This element is considered to be very important, since it facilitates automatic regulation of underfloor heating level. you can buy a programmable analogue if necessary, which recorded information on the maximum level of warming, as well as the period of switching on and off electricity.

The composition also includes a thermostat temperature sensor. Transmitted information from him on the thermostat. There is a limit of heating underfloor heating, above which the system does not permit an increase in temperature. Re-enabling is carried out after the thermostat, as the floor is cooled to a specific temperature.

Tiles on floor heating in the bathroom
Setting the thermostat

Typically, the setting of the item produced in the same room arranges underfloor heating. But when it comes to the bathroom or other places with high humidity levels, then the thermostat is installed in an adjacent room. It will not create failures and problems in automation.

For the installation of the thermostat first knocked a hole in the wall. It will put the device box. Usually it is arranged at a height of up to 1 meters from floor level. From the opening to the floor are made Stroebe, using all possible tools (teeth, hammer, Bulgarian). They laid the power cable, and the temperature sensor wires. They are placed in special tubes.

Substrate preparation

Once installed thermostat, you can almost forget about the "dirty" work. Consequently, We have to make the room clean from foreign debris and dust. Any height differences and cracks in the ground should not be. Otherwise, one should make repairs, using cement-sand mortar. The leveling mixture acts as an analogue.

After creating a smooth base, produced using a roller-coating. All subsequent actions can be initiated only after the complete drying of the solution, not only, but also the layer or layers of primer.

Mounting of a thermal insulation layer

We can not forget about a layer of insulation. If it does not perform, all the heat from the cable or mat will be sent, including downstream floors or basements. No result and effect of the system will not be exact. It will be significantly expended energy, which will lead to greater financial costs.Tiles on floor heating in the bathroom

The thickness of the insulation is typically 2 cm. A particular embodiment and the material for the work, you can choose yourself or seek professional help. The main acts foam, cork, foil elements, penofol, etc..

Laying the heating cable

Start of work on the laying of the cable system underfloor heating - by cutting grooves with thermostat. To the heat insulating layer is fastened sheets mounting tape, which subsequently hosted by fixed cable. Step attachment is usually 50 cm. This will be enough to secure. Select the following option of laying cable - "snail" or zigzag.
cabling carried out throughout the bathroom area. The only exceptions are places plumbing location, as well as the place directly from the walls of the room.Tiles on floor heating in the bathroom

There are certain rules, to be followed in laying cable, so that in the future no questions, how to put on a warm tile floor.

  • The coils of cable are spaced not less than 60 mm. Permitted divergence over the entire area between each turn in 10 mm.
  • distance is maintained until the cable from walls in 100 mm.
  • must be the distance to the existing pipes or heating devices in 200 mm.
  • There are established standards and the radius of each coil cable bending, which should be more 5-6 the size of the diameter of the heating cable.

    Tiles on floor heating in the bathroom
    Laying of floor heating cable

Installation of temperature sensor

Between windings of the cable laid out in the corrugated tube is placed a temperature sensor. The pipe is usually made of plastic. So that the sensor has not got a solution during the filling floor screed, in place of the opening arrangement special plug is attached to the tube. From the sensor to the thermostat wires go through the previously made Stroebe. You can then proceed to embedding cutting grooves by means of plaster or filler.

As for the floor after the installation of the system warm, then there should choose a quality solution for. It should be defined in advance in order, than pour warm floor under the tile. After all, there are plenty of options.Tiles on floor heating in the bathroom

When all the items are made and complied with the technology in full, worth checking out, Does the right system with heat transfer efficiency. To start a system test carried out, allows to determine possible damage to the heating sections, of the thermostat with the sensor. It will only have to fill in for the subsequent screed flooring ceramic tiles in the bathroom. But it is worth thinking about, some tiles on the floor warmer. Answer to this question can be found on their own or to consult with the experts.

Finishing tiles

When the device as a finishing layer of the floor tiles in the bathroom room, should be aware of it especially when combined with operating system, underfloor heating.

Tile can be installed on a concrete floor, which is placed in electrical floor heating cable or other system component. It can be called classical one. But the process of the device of the floor takes a long time due to the long period of drying solution, as well as the drying of the laid tiles. Up to this point the inclusion of underfloor heating system should not be, to prevent premature drying and damage areas.Tiles on floor heating in the bathroom

Turnaround time will be reduced when applying infrared heat-insulated floor, which fits into a special protective film. No ties do not have to do at the same time on top. It is impossible to carry out fixing tiles directly onto the film, since due to the adhesive structure of the entire system may be damaged. Tile commonly used drywall sheet, cement particle board or sheet steklomagnezitovy. The last two options only reduce the distance from the floor to the ceiling in the bathroom.

If you arrange a warm floor electric mats, the installation of ceramic tiles is carried out immediately on him. From the producer receives only the requirements for the rules of tile installation. During execution of works special adhesive mixture and should be used, suitable for use with underfloor heating. If you buy an ordinary tile adhesive, from the constant heating and cooling it to lose their properties and qualities, will begin to crumble.

Special adhesive composition contains plasticisers, or it may be created based on epoxy resins. Best of all this process is entrusted to professionals, who has experience with floor heating system in the bathroom under the tile.






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