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Performing self-leveling floor in the bathroom

main, that is required when carrying out repairs in the bathroom - to perform the work on the preparation of the surface of the wall and floor tiling. It is the material most commonly used in these areas. But in this case significantly reduced the distance between the floor and the ceiling of the large layer of tile adhesive. More reasonable to arrange a self-leveling floor in the bathroom, having a small thickness, possessing certain qualities and characteristics.

Main advantages

self-leveling floor Bathroom has its positive features, due to it and is gaining immense popularity. These include:

  1. Slight bed height. In this case all the characteristics of self-leveling floor devices Technology Summit Reserved. Such an embodiment the floor is able to withstand the load 10 mpa. Self-leveling floors in the bathroomAt least filled the bath is easy to look at a frozen solution.
  2. It can even arrange for the old tiles, if it is difficult to remove it. the main thing, the surface is carefully prepared for installation. It is important to cover the bottom to fill self-leveling floor primer to improve the adhesion level.
  3. Not rare, when in the bathroom doing "warm floor». It is sometimes difficult to hide. But here's the self-leveling floor for the bathroom for these purposes is perfect. On tile flooring technology is approved covering underfloor immediately tile adhesive. But later used the spatula can damage the entire structure. Even minor damage to the cable will result in failure of the entire system.

    Self-leveling floors in the bathroom
    Tie layer for floor heating

But these are just some of the positive qualities, typical for such premises, as the bathroom. In general, self-leveling floor has a lot of advantages, due to which and in demand in the market among construction companies and customers.


If there is a need to make a slope to drain the water in the bathroom, the self-leveling floor arrange this will not work. Because in the end it will turn out perfectly even surface over the entire area, which may remain topcoat. To make a slope, will have to lay the tiles and put respectively adhesive coating.

A very important waterproofing in this room. She arranged not only on the ground floor, but should go on the wall. When placing the sealing around the shower, layer should protrude on the wall, to a height 20 cm, but in the bath area - on 10 cm. This is done to improve the quality of protection against leakage.Self-leveling floors in the bathroom

Among the features of self-leveling floor in the bathroom can be noted excellent adhesion to any base. Everyone knows about, how hard to perform such a coating dismantling. Simpler, probably, do everything qualitatively, than to remodel.

Arrange the filling bath floor will not turn on a roll waterproofing, since it can not be attributed to floating floors. The solution was spread uniformly over the entire surface. Waterproofing may be liquid only. If this will count, that the adhesion is not desired level, then no cover prohibits primer waterproofing layer. The main requirement - the surface of a self-leveling floor should be firm, rigid and unbreakable.


Specialists will help stop the decision on the specific embodiment of the floor device. With their help, or it can be equipped with its own bathroom Polymer flooring. The choice depends on the following factors:

  • surface condition, foundation, overlap.
  • mechanical, as well as the chemical load on the floor surface of the future.
  • The presence or absence of decorative elements, pictures (Device for 3d floor).

It should be remembered, that the self-leveling flooring for the bathroom are made for the long term. Even if the old surface is bored and uninteresting, You can perform a new layer on top of the inlet floor, selecting certain decorative fragments and the color of the solution.

Self-leveling floors in the bathroom
Self-leveling floors in the bathroom

Professional performance of self-leveling floor will be difficult to destroy and lay a new version. When choosing a particular option should be based on your own preferences, match with the interior and design, both the bathroom, and other rooms in the apartment or house. Relevance, It is not likely to lose the classic version, but it would be more beautiful or decorative 3d floor.

Materials used

As part of a single composition for self-leveling floor has various components for the bath, which together give the finished solution characteristics and properties.

The polymer-based self-leveling floors are polymers, it is clear from the title. Among them are epoxy and polyurethane, giving the name of the sexes subspecies, made by pouring. All coatings are able to withstand sufficient load per square meter, have high levels of wear resistance, can act as a finishing layer surface in the housing, and any structure.Self-leveling floors in the bathroom

It is worth noting, epoxy embodiments that have a high degree of brittleness, and by mechanical action may appear cracks and chips. They are considered more reliable polyurethane self-leveling floors. The degree of shock and vibration counter high. Due to the elasticity of any created by the load is distributed evenly over the entire floor area.

Within two weeks of liquid polymer will solidify before the floor final version. During this time possible even minor emission of harmful substances, toxins.

Tech Gadgets

when chosen, than to fill the bathroom floor, you can begin the installation. Main meet certain successive stages. Only in this case the result will be pleasing to the eye of every. The first step is to prepare a base for. There are certain requirements to the surface under the self-leveling floor:

  • smooth. Exposed surface points over the whole area. To this end, a laser device is used.
  • No dust, mud, oil stains, paints. In this case the grinding surface, used building cleaner cleaning.
  • The paper applies the appropriate grade of concrete - not less than the M200.
  • The maximum level of surface moisture - 4%.
  • There should be no cracks, spalling, potholes, shells.
  • Must be a sealing layer.

Under certain circumstances, it is easier to make a new tie, than to equate old. true, should pay attention to what, so as not to significantly reduce the room height.

The one-component lacquer can be applied as a surface primer. Best Mode - two layers of material. Thereafter, the base will have a rough surface, able to easily mate with the prepared solution is poured. If there is any noticeable defects, they are eliminated by shpatlevanija.

Pores may be based on any. To avoid large amounts applicable underburden. To create self-leveling floor quartz sand is mixed with a certain consistency. Layer will be sufficient 1-2 mm.

Self-leveling floors in the bathroom
leveling floors devices Technology

Further arranged topcoat. Fill the distribution is carried out by means of a doctor blade. During the preparation of the bubbles can be formed solution, which, after pouring the solution must be removed by aeration roller.

Pouring self-leveling floor in the bathroom is done parallel to the walls. The beginning of works - from the far corner, ending - at the entrance to the room.

At the conclusion can only arrange expansion joints, which easily sealed with a special sealant.

To get a really great option self-leveling floor in a hygienically clean environment - should be based on technology devices such grounds, and follow the recommendations of the manufacturer and specialists. Be sure to hand should not only be tools, but also the required amount of material to work.





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