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floor screed with expanded clay

For qualitative repair subfloor, should carefully align it. This should be respected technology floor screed at all stages. If mistakes are tolerated, then later it will be difficult to put doors, partitions, etc.. For this purpose, mounting the screed conducted using kyeramzita. In addition to all this, the foundation will acquire additional quality.

Properties and quality

There are certain conditions, in which the best use of expanded clay for the screed.

  • Large drops the floor height of about 100 mm.
  • At the core of the floor laying - concrete or reinforced concrete slabs.
  • To improve the sound insulation level.
  • Reduces the consumption of cement. Which is also manifested in the large thickness of the floor of the future.
  • Uses for flooring planks, which does not allow the existence of any flaws, even minor sub-floor. This is mainly ceramic tiles, flooring, floating floor made from natural materials.
  • Different heating systems (warm floor).
  • Hiding existing communications room.

Furthermore ease the entire surface as a result of excellent quality is obtained. The load on the slab is reduced by a slight weight of the material. At the same time it is able to withstand external influences, including static loads. Over the entire period of operation the base is almost does not change its properties and qualities.

haydite specificity comes from the manufacturing process. The basic material - the fine clay, which is subjected to high temperature calcination. As a result, we get a light pellets, which do not pass moisture inside, They are very strong.

It is also worth noting, that depending on the size of the granules is isolated expanded clay sand, gravel or crushed stone. The sand fraction is typically up to 5 mm. The diameter of the gravel - up 40 mm, have a rounded shape, and crushed stone - well before 40 mm, but with the presence of corners. Its use will depend upon the floor covering, which subsequently will lay on the floor screed.

floor screed with expanded clay

If a floor leveling portion is very complicated and a large number of flaws, it is best to buy expanded clay sand. Its shrinkage is not significant and can cover all the problem areas.

Pros and cons of expanded clay

This material for floor screed has a huge number of positive features. Among them are the most basic and manifested:

  1. Operation period Duration.
  2. ecological purity.
  3. Sound and heat insulation qualities.
  4. Strength. floor screed with expanded clay with your hands get reliable and able to withstand the external pressure, both in static, and dynamics.
  5. Accessibility in acquiring, reasonable cost.floor screed with expanded clay

Markup and lighthouses

Before starting work on the floor leveling expanded clay should hold a series of preparatory activities. To do this, carefully cleaned the floor surface from dust and dirt, old ties. The best option - to make a sweep of the base slab. There will electric hammer or punch. Each of the tools will have a price. The former is more expensive, even if the lease, but it has better performance.

After that, start working on marking device. This step is necessary in order, to floor level remained the same in each of the rooms apartments. In addition to the level of the marker is useful also. floor screed with expanded clayTo begin with the finished floor line is determined, which often coincides with the lower part of the door frame. The line between a connected spanned by a cord or using more modern - laser level.

Then begins the most markup ties. Suffice it from the finished floor line down to measure the thickness of the fill. The resulting points are interconnected. As a result, we get another line, which will be a benchmark for the nomination in a subsequent beacon.

But for the nomination lighthouses screed with expanded clay in the apartment, should remove all the debris and dust from the base. Existing cracks should be sealed. If it does not perform, the strong possibility, to have carried out repeated repair. After wade through the slits may moisture.

On the floor of the piazza is the highest point, which sets the minimum height beacons. Usually they come in 6 mm. At the same time we must not forget about the use levels for. Subsequent beacons similarly exhibited by level, which must have a length of at least 2 m. The upper part of the beacons should be the same on marked lines marking.floor screed with expanded clay

various objects of the environment may be to adjust the height of beacons used. But it should be remembered that, that not everyone will be able to act as a tie element. This applies, Fiberboard fragments e.g., because it will swell from moisture.

If time permits, it is possible to knead the cement-sand mortar for fixing beacons. But it is best to apply the plaster.

Performing a semi-dry screeds

Virtually the only one, where little effort to prepare the base, is an polusuhaya screed. Enough to remove all the debris and dust, as well as the excess moisture. Everything else will be able to fix itself to the floor fill expanded clay. In the presence of the wires on the basis of, is best placed in the corrugation, then carefully fixed to the surface.

For the waterproofing layer may be a conventional PVC film. There is an alternative - a special steam (glassine). In this case, gravels floor screed will not get excess moisture from below. Moisture may appear on the intermediate floor, for various reasons. Fixing is done with tape of the film. We should not forget about the overlap of each subsequent deck around 10-15 cm.

Further there is a marking exhibiting screed with a laser level. Instead, it can take and rack level. To keep warm, is inserted into the material along the walls in the room. It also contributes to excellent soundproofing. The gap is typically 10 cm. when all this is done under the floor screed concrete block crumbles evenly over the entire surface. Not everyone knows about, a concrete block for floor screed is the best solution. Everything will depend on the conditions and the choice of ties, as well as the preferences. No harm will consult a specialist on the matter.floor screed with expanded clay

Once selected two options floor screed pouring:

  1. Pour half expanded clay with their hands, directly, without additional layers. There will have to pre-fill material laitance. If it does not perform, the granules absorb moisture from a solution. Consequently, negative effects will manifest for sure. A little moisture may still leave the solution in expanded clay granules, but not in such numbers.
  2. Use waterproofing layer between pouring. In podsypku not allow moisture even an ordinary polyethylene film. Most importantly make sure that, so that it does not break any of the sections of the floor in the room.floor screed with expanded clay

For floor screed with expanded clay instruction must be followed immediately. If you are departing from one of the items, then in the end you can experience negative qualities, as a solution, and expanded clay for floor screed for underfloor heating.

Concrete screed

Concrete screed along with expanded clay called "expanded clay". But first, it is important to examine the implementation of the base and to determine the flatness. First, set the height of the whole room, and only after that - the individual sections. It will show the curvature, how thick it will be necessary to perform a screed haydite. After that he is preparing a solution for, to quality would be to align the floor with the help of expanded clay.floor screed with expanded clay

In the prepared container or bath backfilled pellets. As for the amount of water, then it should be about half a palm over, than the level of expanded clay. Due to the porous structure of the material used, water in the required amount is absorbed into. Stir the resulting mixture, it is necessary to follow the change in hue. Once he changed, It can be added, depending on the proportions of cement and sand. Floor screed with expanded clay and cement obtained high quality.

There are some subtleties, how to fill floor screed with expanded clay. The prepared solution was spread evenly over the surface between beacons. Drying should be carried out during the first two days. If necessary, then poured another tie layer or finishing is carried out. All will depend on the requirements and the choice of the flooring planks for.floor screed with expanded clay

When it is difficult to find an answer, how to pour the floors in the apartment with self-expanded clay, preparing a solution of, it is best to contact the store for the purchase of ready-mix. They are called rovniteli. Alignment floor using expanded clay in the finished mixture allows to bring the level of roughness, reaching the 30 cm. In addition, the screed drying time is slightly less time, than regular claydite. Consequently, This option will be profitable with a limited amount of time.

Appeal to allow specialists to get an answer, how to pour the floor with expanded clay, if there is no such experience. can be carried out any kind of self-pouring, not to spend money on the challenge of building teams.

dry screed

Floor screed with expanded clay may be framed and dry method. And this is the way to recently in great demand and interest among the apartment owners. Its essence lies in the fact, filling expanded clay that occurs at lined with polyethylene film, after which the plates are stacked GOLS. some deem, that it is very easy. But there are subtleties, how to align the floor expanded clay. There is a sequence of actions in this case,:

  1. Surface preparation for subsequent filling, which is laid film, Employee waterproofing layer. Sunset each subsequent row polyethylene should generally be 15-20 cm. We can not forget about the overlap on the wall, about 6-10 cm. further unnecessary fragments very easily removed and are cut.
  2. In the joints with the walls stacked damper tape.
  3. Next is the installation of beacons along the marked marking indoors. There are several options for the procedure. Each able to select the most suitable option. If a beacon is filled with mortar mix, until the next stage of the work it has to dry completely.
  4. It is worth noting, that expanded clay for dry floor screed fraction may have a completely different. All will depend on the selected floor covering, as well as the conditions of the casting. In any case, the granules must be backfilled portions. set profiles (beacons) then you should not sag. It all checked.
  5. To ram expanded clay used polyurethane grater.
  6. Aligning the surface of the level of, stacking sheet material produced. As for layers, the two layers is generally recommended for reliability and durability. Fastening sheets GOLS is carried out not only adhesive therebetween, but additionally and screws. It is very important to perform in the event, if the very thin sheets purchased.
  7. It occurs sealing putty joints available. If there is a need, it is arranged an additional waterproofing layer. For this fit cover sheets GOLS bitumastic.
  8. All protruding elements, which do not have any good, You must be cut. This applies to plastic film and tape damper.floor screed with expanded clay

When all actions are organized and implemented, You can think about, to carry out finishing.

Fill the floor with expanded clay with your hands dry method has many advantages. The result is a really smooth surface without defects, insofar as the technology. Each square meter of floor space is able to withstand approximately 500 kg. Which significantly differs from the usual screed - a complete lack of possible cracks, subsidence, chips and other negative manifestations.

As part of the "pie" without harmful substances to human health. The air no volatile substances do not fall. Once the installation is completed, you can immediately start all subsequent actions. No need to wait for drying the surface for a long time. A room with a large area team of experts may be executed within a few hours.

In addition to receiving a warm floor, even without the system, having a similar name, We get excellent sound insulation effect.

After studying all these points, is not the question arises, how to make a screed in the apartment with expanded clay. Main observe clearly the technology of creating such a surface. Having decking flooring, the surface will remain perfectly flat and is able to serve for a long time. And that no matter, what kind of a way to align with the help of expanded clay is selected.





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