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Beacons for plaster and how to install it


There is no perfect surfaces after the construction of brick or concrete structure. Any surface requires subsequent leveling it with the use of various technological approaches. Without plastering not do.
But work can not only ease, but also greatly simplify, make available to any beginner.

Plaster works are divided into simple, and improved quality.
For simple plastering is not required to use, any additional technological devices.
But to achieve an improved or high surface plastering only using devices.

The most sought-after device, the so-called profile plaster beacons. But it has the following options to set the guide to the wall:

Beacons for plaster walls are called special galvanized steel guides certain profile, made from steel with high corrosion resistance.

Installing beacons plaster, sets the level plasterer, indicating the stacking thickness of the plaster layer, providing a desired surface flatness.

The main advantage of the use of beacons is, that plastering of beacons with their hands can perform employee, not possessing high qualification.

Beacon profile
Details of Profile Beacon
Available as a profile of special shape with holes. Has L-shaped or T-shaped cross-section.
The length of the produced profile 3.0 m.
The height of the shelves at the T-shaped profile is 6.0 and 10.0 mm. T-shaped profile produced width 20.0 and 18.0 mm.

By Beacon Profile installation benefits include:

  • low price;
  • ease of use;
  • possibility to form thermojunction, preventing cracks at varying temperatures;
  • there is no need to dismantle at the end of work;
  • Use profile reduces the plaster layer.

Preference should be given high quality galvanized metal profiles with improved stiffness.

Beacon mounting profile The profiles are fastened to the surface?

Set profiles using plaster solution or screws.
For fast and productive installation of the flashing profiles for plaster professionals use special fasteners, known as "Floppy".
For mounting profile for plaster lighthouse length 3.0 meters must be installed at least 7 attachment points. For details on this method, fixing with clips.

How to install beacons plaster with your hands

Beacons for plaster set on dry, nepromerzluyu surface.
Before installing the profile with their own hands the surface is cleaned from paint, mud. Deep-applied primer layer. This is especially true when working on the ceiling or floor.

Variant I

  • if you plan to plastering walls on beacons without dismantling the last:
  • Measure the height of the room;
  • slice profile required length;
  • stepping back from the corners of the 300 mm, draw a vertical line;
  • steps, less the length of your existing rules, Draw a vertical line across the wall;
  • on vertical lines, closest to the corners, apply thick plaster solution, equal height beacons (step heaps of plaster choose the rate of 40-50 cm, but not less 7 mounting points on the profile length 3.0 m);
  • solution is applied using a trowel, sharply hit the surface;
  • in plaster is pressed into the profile with simultaneous check its verticality in all planes;
  • first established profiles, next to the corners;
  • bottom and top profiles nails are hammered into the not yet solidified solution;
  • when the solution solidifies, between nails at the top and bottom of the pull cords, parallel to the floor;
  • horizontal and vertical profiles cords form a plane;
  • in the space formed in the intermediate sections are set in increments, smaller length rules, Limited cords and beacons;
  • It is to apply a layer of plaster and using rules align;
  • work starts from the bottom and going up.

izvlechenieVariant II

If you are not planning to walling beacons. This approach is recommended for economical and cost-conscious. This method is recommended for use in rooms with high humidity.
What need to do:

  • by measuring the dimensions of the room, necessary to cut the desired length profile Beacon;
  • on the wall of the vertical lines are applied in steps 2.0 m;
  • Profile installation begin with one of the corners;
  • pressed into the first profile sketched on the wall of the plaster cake upside solution (a convex portion to a solution of);
  • requirements for the mounting points profile similar to the first embodiment;
  • it is desirable to mount just two nearest Profile, adjusting the position by level;
  • excess solution was extruded immediately removed;
  • when the solution solidifies beacons, plastering of the surface is carried out using techniques, described in embodiment ;
  • Beacons are easily removed after application of the plaster layer, a groove smeared.

mayachki in aid rulesoption III

If you plan to perform a plaster wall without the use of specialized beacons.
Professional Finishers method is used, does not include the installation of specialized beacons. Look closely the proposed video.

And you can do the following:

  • departing from the corners 80 ... 100 mm, hammered screws, whose levels are set with the help of the cap in the same plane;
  • hats to the perimeter stretched thread, forming a rectangle;
  • steps, less the length of the rules drawn vertical lines and screwed screws, which cap does not extend beyond the imaginary contour surface;
  • solution is applied in place of vertical lines, almost covering the cap screws;
  • Damage to the solution generally vertically applied tightly, firmly relying on the cap screws;
  • remember typically pre-wetted with water;
  • removing excess solution with a spatula, Generally it is necessary to rapidly remove;
  • Beacons are obtained from the plaster mixture;
  • superimposed on plaster on the wall with his hands on beacons.

without mayachkovoption IV
Plastering the walls with his own hands without beacons.
Plaster the walls without installing beacons can, if no high requirements for surface flatness.

The main advantages of plastering walls without beacons:

  • saving plaster solution for less washcoat its stowage;
  • reduced time to work, related to the preparation and installation of beacons.

plastering algorithm is simple:

Plaster solution is applied and removed excess solution rule.

In the recesses of the solution will have more, at elevations of less than.

The procedure works:

  1. Before the plastering is applied on the surface layer of an acrylic primer using broad brush.
  2. The primer should be thoroughly dry.
  3. Gypsum recommended dilute solution in small portions until the consistency of thick cream.
  4. The solution must be prepared so, how much you will be able to work out for half an hour, More plaster solution does not live.
  5. Use the right alignment surfaces, removing excess solution.

Conclusion: choose one or another variant of plastering walls decide yourself, taking into account their abilities.

The need to remove the beacons may occur when plastering damp rooms. The rooms of this type is better to use the second option overlay plaster.
Option allows using beacons during the imposition of the plasters and their removal after hardening solution.
In dry areas Maçka removal is not required if you use high-quality, well galvanized Beacon profile.



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