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Alignment the subfloor under the laminate

The basis of the flooring laminate - fiberboard. But this stuff can immediately show their negative qualities, if you do not stacking technology and prepare qualitative basis. Leveling the floor under a laminate - a basic condition, which must comply with mandatory, if you want to enjoy the beauty of the laid flooring for a long time.

What fears laminate?

at apparatus for laminate floor, should pay attention to certain items, are afraid floor covering not only during installation, but also during operation:

  • excess moisture. Side portion suffers anyway, even if it is a special material, able to withstand moisture. Leveling the floor under the laminateIf you make a deposit of the floor covering is not in a dry place, buckling occurs in certain areas, fragility, reduced strength, especially in places presence interlocks. It should comply with the newly lined concrete surface, which should be fully pre-dry for a predetermined time.
  • irregularities base. Even minor imperfections can have a negative impact on the state of the floor covering. Projections promnut entire sheet and create conditions for the abrasion of the laminate.
  • Voids in the floor. In places interlocks, a very thin layer of material. Leveling the floor under the laminateIf in such a case will be present areas with voids underneath, the main burden will fall on them, resulting in damage. Additionally constant movement "up-down" of the material causes its deformation. Uneven floor can only contribute to this.

This all suggests that, that the subfloor under the laminate must be qualitatively lined in all possible ways. In addition to this, when pouring the solution onto the surface, he must be cured and dry completely. When choosing a laminate floor leveling It is a prerequisite.

Assessment of the state

When selecting for such a flooring plank, as laminate, first of all it is necessary to estimate its base in the room. It is important to not only the state of the floor, but also the distance from the ground to the ceiling, creating additional layers of (heat and soundproofing). the main thing, to invest in the planned budget, buying only what is needed and at the same time high-quality products.

In the absence of a time frame for repairs in the apartment, better to entrust its implementation specialists, who will be able to do everything and in time.Leveling the floor under the laminate

Large financial costs associated with quality alignment grounds. Significant gender differences level will require not only directly produce concrete screed, but also to create leveling layer, able to bring the level up to the full horizontal. Besides, the whole process takes a lot of time. Drying concrete screed together with the alignment layer takes order 6-7 weeks.

There are options and will soon create a level surface under the laminate. In this case arranged or dry screed elevation subfloor on joists. But in the second case significantly reduced the ceiling height, that will not work for certain categories of premises. Do can and without lag, by fixing the sheets of veneer.

All these details should be provided in advance, that in future there was no distractions from work and additional complications.

necessary material

Before laying the floor covering is checked subfloor quality. If necessary, alignment last, It should stock up on a certain set of tools, and most importantly - the material. To prepare the solution will need to use older versions of the major components of proportions (sand and cement).Leveling the floor under the laminate

Technology does not stand still, and contribute to a more convenient and simple carrying out repairs. So in a trading network appeared ready dry mixes, which are composed of all the necessary components. Thus it is necessary to choose the option mixture, which will be necessary in specific circumstances.

There mixture for leveling the floor under the laminate, specially designed for wooden or concrete foundation. Well presented and Priming, sealing, repair mortars, allowing ease editing process. Leveling the floor under the laminateThey are meant to prepare the surface for subsequent filling, seal possible cracks and potholes, as well as to eliminate serious damage.

Special additives (plasticizer, fibrovolokno) allow to reduce the thickness of the tie layer fills, and give it additional qualities of plasticity and strength. In some cases, they are already a part of the final mixture. All can be specified at the time of purchase from the store representative. Materials for leveling the floor under the laminate must be selected individually.

Determination of irregularities

It is difficult to see for yourself, that the floor has a rough surface. This applies also to the cases of almost-quality potting, when there is no significant height differences. Without special tools to do here can not be.Leveling the floor under the laminate

In the presence of a crack can be determined eye (spalling, shells, potholes), frozen waves on the surface of the concrete, sections crumbling material, as well as decent swings sex, creates a certain relief.

If you pay attention to the instructions, which comes with the purchased flooring, then it is written, that only a small elevation change allowed, within 1 mm per square meter. ideal course, when there are no. Then you can begin to laminate flooring and not be afraid of the consequences.

alignment Methods

irregularities concrete or other surface is most commonly associated with poor renovations, not subject to installation technology. Leveling the floor under the laminateBesides, base could previously prepared under a certain type of flooring, which for the requirements will be different from laminate flooring technology. But how to align the floor under the laminate?

Depending on the condition of the floor, as well as on the tasks, You can distinguish the following main types, which build Smooth surface:

  1. Cement-sand screed. In this case it is necessary to raise the floor level more about 30-50 mm.
  2. Grinding individual seats. Suitable for wood base, which has only minor variations and inaccuracies. Leveling the floor under the laminateIt is impossible to cut all the standing and produce complete dismantling, causing a waste of time and money.
  3. "Dry" screed sheets of GOLS, plywood sheets. Installation is often carried out on wooden logs. As a result, the entire structure thickness will take about 50-70 mm. But there is a plus, and - small load on the slab.
  4. Complete removal of the old flooring. In any case, over time it is even more unusable. This has a negative impact on the newly stacked laminate.

Removal of the old coating

It is with the dismantling of the old coating should start leveling the subfloor for floor covering in the form of laminate. Leveling the floor under the laminateIt is worth paying attention to, to keep the integrity of the old concrete floor. Its state can be a great. Then will only create leveling layer.

Particular attention should be paid to the wooden base, which is most exposed to the negative manifestations. It can grind, cave while walking, emit squeaks and other noises. All these areas are replaced with new. In some cases, it will be easier to dismantle it all and lay a new floor.

When all the actions carried out, should evaluate the surface state under the old coating and leveling of the if necessary. Sometimes it will be enough only to sweep the base and proceed with the flooring floor covering according to the rules.

Leveling concrete base

If the subfloor of concrete is not smooth, with bumps, should align its quality to an ideal. Thus it is necessary to adhere to all the steps, which will lead to the desired result.

  • When the base is cleaned and brought down all the possible bumps, it is necessary to treat the surface primer. Leveling the floor under the laminateThis will improve the quality of grip solution.
  • The easiest way to prepare dry mixtures, to which is added a certain amount of water. As a result, you should get the consistency, reminiscent of sour cream. Furthermore, the solution should provide a uniform. All lumps thoroughly mixed. Otherwise, the high quality you can forget.
  • Performed solution casting from the highest point of the room. When using the self-leveling compounds are independently rastekutsya in the required amount of it.
  • Without the help of the spatula can not do. They distributed solution for uniform over the whole area.
  • To leave no air formations in solution, used roller. This will prevent further occurrence of small size holes.
  • Leveling material dries within 1-2 day. But laminate flooring can be laid only after a few days, to achieve the optimal level of humidity on surface. alignment concrete floor under the laminate can be called even the easiest option, and fast time.Leveling the floor under the laminate

Before pouring leveling mixes sometimes necessary to perform pre-cement-sand screed. This embodiment is used when substantial surface defects. The most important thing - strictly adhere to the proportions in the preparation of the solution, to get his high quality. solution distribution for best results, is performed by pre-exposed beacons. questions will not appear in compliance with all requirements in order, how to align the concrete floor under the laminate.

wood Veneer

Wooden base in the room can create some difficulties. It is very important to start the process. For this study the status of gender, drawing attention to its strength, cracks, Places to rot or fungus. It is not always the problem areas, you can easily remove. More often have to resort to a full dismantling. But how to line the floor of the apartment under the laminate in this case,?Leveling the floor under the laminate

alignment significant differences carried out by the following methods:

  1. Replacement of defective boards.
  2. Pulling all the boards to the joists.
  3. Remove all fasteners (equalizing them with surface).
  4. Produce plywood folding and fix it. Usually taken standard sheet material thickness 10 mm.

It is important to make processing of the wooden base. You can buy varnish, but high quality. after ongoing surface grinding may appear gap, which are sealed with special means. So that when laying laminate floor leveling, significant attention is paid to.

Application of a DSP boards

To align the subfloor beneath laminate flooring can use the DSP (cement particle boards). For this pre-computation performed on the surface of the building boards. If necessary under these stacked sheets of plywood. All the obtained structure must be fastened securely.Leveling the floor under the laminate

Next, cutting is made of cement-bonded boards on the size, needed to work. They should be distributed over the previously obtained structures made of boards and plywood. Each element is fixed by means of usual screws certain length. As a result, should get a flat plane without errors.

There may be cases, when carried out in a subsequent installation of various heating systems of houses or apartments. There are some nuances and subtleties, What you should pay attention to. This technology has its own specific performance.

Tips from the experts

During the preparation of the base, qualitative leveling the floor in the apartment under the laminate, should adhere to the rules and recommendations of the experts in the industry. Otherwise, to achieve the desired result will not work.

  1. Using liquid mixtures of to align the old screed must be treated with the primer composition of any cracks. Leveling the floor under the laminateAvailable hole around the pipeline are sealed tile adhesive. All of these actions will not allow the slurry to penetrate to the neighbors. But the self-leveling floor for alignment under the laminate should not be too liquid, and comply with.
  2. When laying the veneer sheets on the substrate, between each of them should remain approximately clearance 4-6 mm. During high humidity levels it will allow the material to expand and deform.
  3. Everybody knows, what concrete floor alone cold. This cold can be transmitted in the future and used floor covering. To avoid this, attached to a concrete base by means of plug-nails plywood. Everything will depend on the desires of the Executive.
  4. It is important not to drill pipes and elekroprovodku, which is located at the base. For this pre-produced plotting them on the floor, and further on plywood sheets. No harm will even pre-sketch the scheme of their location for the performer.

Self worth to determine the order, what material to level the floor under the laminate. In the market represented a huge range of. Main floor will depend on the condition and the type of coating. Solve a problem, than you can align under the laminate floor, help experts, which can be found in the store at the time of purchase.

Phase alignment is given considerable importance, since only in this case, the laminate will not only give the interior space of colors, but will last a long time without causing negative qualities. The article was written for the site







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