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Regulations under the laminate floor leveling

Any quality roofed flooring creates beauty and comfort indoors. But not everyone knows about, how to line the floor with their hands under the laminate, to follow the installation steps were performed without error and quickly. When buying laminate as base finishing, to be understood, it requires a truly horizontal surface. Otherwise it is necessary very quickly to repair.

Substrate Quality

Even minor irregularities should not be the case, if you want lay laminate. Per linear meter square only a small elevation change is allowed in the room until 1-2 mm. Verification is very simple - on the floor to go to the long rail, which put the building level. Leveling the floor under the laminateHe already defines, whether the surface is ready to conduct mounting the floor covering. Measuring it is worth producing in different directions.

Slight elevation changes and a complete lack of other floor defects It can be hidden by using the substrate, where the strength drops to hide 1-1.5 mm.

More effort will have to make at present on the basis of potholes, cracks, bulges. From all this it is necessary to get rid. Otherwise laminated floor quickly fail, begins to creak and create other troubles. Optimal - pouring cement screed of a previously prepared solution of proportions. Each item allows you to get an answer to that, as align floor under the laminate in an apartment or a house.

Preparatory work

Before pouring the solution or perform other alignment methods, should undertake a number of preparatory activities. Leveling the floor under the laminateRemoved all the original grease and stain colors, is removed using a vacuum cleaner construction debris and dust, putty is removed in the presence of.

Next, a horizon line, where will the water level. The most modern version of the definition of the horizontal - laser level. true, he does not use in great demand because of the high cost of. On the walls in the room made a mark every two meters, which subsequently are connected with each other.

The resulting horizon line should not come into contact with the projections on the floor. With minor protrusions on the surface, they can be removed with a punch. This in turn will reduce costs preparation of solution, since it took less than the amount.

We should not forget about waterproofing, which is performed by using primer compositions. Along the perimeter walls of the subfloor is laid asphalt (waterproofing) tape, which should rise to a height of approximately 15 cm.

Further carried distribution on the surface lighthouses, select a specific version of their performance. Leveling the floor under the laminateIt may even be mortar slides, which subsequently can not be deleted, and remain in layer fill screed to align. Step installation of the lighthouse is usually 150-200 cm. If desired, it can be reduced, to get more accurate results.

But it is not always carried out such training, because screed is not the only option to create a flat surface. Main accurately determine the specific way, which already give the answer to the question of, whether it is necessary to align the floor laminated floor.

Preparation of the solution

The proportions of solution preparation techniques must be followed without deviation. Particular attention is paid to the amount of water, which should create a thick mass. If the water is more than the required number of, after pouring the solution process dry will begin to crack and create surface defects.Leveling the floor under the laminate

In most cases, the blister base selected finishing proportions of sand and cement, as 4 to 1. In addition, the composition may be added with a plasticizer together fiberglass. They give the best solution quality, elasticity, strength and durability after complete curing.

Leveling concrete surface

Pouring the prepared solution is poured on the proportions between the exposed beacons. It is worth noting, that the work is best done in a single day, not to create the transitions on the surface, which may differ in quality and reliability.

The distribution of the solution starts from the far corner of the room. In the future, will only stretch the layer over the entire area in the room with the help of rules. Leveling the floor under the laminateIt all comes down to the front door, after which the excess amount of solution removed. If necessary, remove lighthouses, should wait at least a day, until a setting. The resulting "craters" are sealed and are wetted with a solution of water.

Complete drying cement fill cycle is 28 days. During this period should wet the surface of water or cover it with a film of polyethylene. Also the optimum temperature and humidity level in the room must be maintained. To laminate flooring the surface can be measured in floor level of humidity. As soon as the indicator down to 5 percent, You can be laid special backing, over which carried out the installation of laminate.

If the elevation changes are not so significant on the concrete surface of the floor, you can try to make grinding. Often this eliminates the peaks and other minor defects. So that the pre-worth assess the state of the surface, and then select a particular option. This option does not "wet" steps. Thereafter, the laminate can be produced in laying a concrete floor without alignment using the screed.

Creating a smooth wooden base

Not always in the apartments and, especially in private homes it has a concrete surface. There are cases the presence of a wooden base. Works are sometimes even more, than concrete.

Explicit dips a wooden surface should be immediately dismantled and correct from the very beginning. Some boards or logs, to which they are attached, They can be replaced with new ones. At a sufficiently flat surface can choose one of the following ways:

  1. Scratching. Leveling the floor under the laminateThe work can be done manually or use a special scraping machines. The process takes a lot of time and effort, but save means for holding the base under the alignment laminate flooring. Prior to the beginning of a process to be scored before the end of all the hats of nails or screws, which boards are attached to the joists. For this purpose dobojnika. With the help of a special machine for tsiklevaniya removed even layer of wood with errors and defects. The result is a smooth surface, which can be used for laying laminate.
  2. Luting prepared mixture of PVAc and sawdust. The main drawback of this method of leveling a wooden base under a laminate - reducing the distance from the ceiling to the floor. Leveling the floor under the laminateIf ceiling height allows it to carry out, the option is very effective, yes and less costly means of. A solution of adhesive and sawdust should resemble thick cream, and which is applied to the wooden surface. It should produce a minimum of Scratching 2-3 fold, because the mixture has a greater degree of shrinkage. Once the glue is completely dry, You can lay a sheet of plywood, and secure it with screws.
  3. Creature smooth surface chipboard letters (plywood). It can be used other than that of the concrete surface. The main feature is that, that the lag is fixed on the wooden floor, then fasten with screws. The space between the joists is best to fill a layer of warmth, sound and waterproofing, selecting the right material for the job.

dry leveling

The preparatory stage you can skip, since it is similar to all the way to the creation of a flat surface under the laminate. After exposed beacons along the perimeter wall is fixed damping tape. Leveling the floor under the laminateBetween beacons is filled with expanded clay layer or other similar material. It should evenly distributed throughout the area of ​​the premises.

Above the expanded clay unfolded sheets gipsovolokna. They have each other tightly dock. So that they abut each other and securely, sheets glued together. It is best to arrange two layers, that really says about getting horizontal surface.

Additionally, the upper and lower sheets are joined with screws gipsovolokna. When performed under a dry laminate floor alignment, nastilaetsya pad, designed for this type of floor covering, and arranged on the surface finish of all the rules and requirements of the manufacturer. Previously only necessary to determine the, a stacking direction will be in the chosen room.

Application-level solutions

For minor defects subfloor is not necessary to do a cement-sand screed. The paper used Self-leveling, able to bring it to a horizontal position. Lighthouses in the work is not useful. Consequently, the process takes less time.

Prior to pouring the mixture floor should be primed and coated with the waterproofing layer. According to the instructions to prepare level-solution, which is distributed uniformly over the entire area. When preparing the mixture should pay attention to what, that it is necessary to add the powder to water, and not do the opposite. Leveling solution is performed with a spatula.Leveling the floor under the laminate

It is worth noting, that fills allocated only 15-20 minutes, since after this time the solution starts to set. It can not be already used as a mixture for leveling floor under the laminate. Leveling the floor under the laminateIf work is carried out alone, it is best to perform the fill parts, preparing a desired amount of the mixture. Complete drying alignment layer occurs within three days. During this period, no drafts should not be in the room.

Once the drying solution-level limit is reached, possible to think of laminate flooring as a floor covering laid on a substrate. Do not be amiss to check the level of the subfloor moisture, which should be no higher than 5 percent.

The above options allow us to answer the question of whether, than pour the floors in the apartment under the laminate. There are various methods of installation. Before, how to align the floor under the laminate, it is important to qualitatively assess the condition of the floor. If you own problematic to determine the order, better align the floor under the laminate, it is best to seek professional help. They certainly prompt the best option, does not require significant financial investments. the main thing, with the result that, after the mounting laminate, the room will become a completely different look, which will attract the eye of every. Article written for






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