Start a floor repair

When the repair of apartments begins, It focuses on just the base floor. It should be put in proper form. But you should know about, where it begins work, so that the process does not drag on for a long period. A very important pre-treatment and the availability of hand necessary material and equipment for work.

Cosmetic or major

In the first place put the amount of work and the complexity of its implementation. Start off floor repair should be careful with its inspection and analysis. It is not always immediately have to perform major repairs. If there are minor surface defects should think only of cosmetic variant. This saves not only time,, but also the means.Start a floor repair

Overhaul is also suitable in that situation, when there is a desire to get rid of all the old and choose an entirely different floor covering. Installing new flooring and filling floor screed will contribute to the transformation of the entire premises. Do not be amiss in this case to think about laying all communications under the floor, in the floor screed. When installed radiators in the room, it is possible to think of the system unit underfloor heating. It is more profitable and more enjoyable for the sensation of being in the room.

No need to immediately abandon the work of specialists. They prompt the best way to do that, what to buy and how to repair the floor in the room. It is very important, if you create a modern design, which required no little funds. It all depends on the financial capacity.

Selection of ties

With regard to the subfloor, then there should be serious approach to the selection of a particular option for tie. Often, to save costs, but produce excellent results, choose Cement-sand screed, which has an excellent set of positive attributes. Start a floor repairIn addition, the installation process does not take a lot of time and effort. But there is a huge minus - long drying and hardening. If the terms are limited, you can try to arrange another option for floor leveling.

With all of this should provide your apartment or a specific room after repairs. There must be a floor covering, provided all the nuances and subtleties, laid communication, and everything else. Particular attention should be paid to the floor heating system, if you want to get rid of the classic radiator. In addition, the benefit is obvious here.

The list of materials and tools

When the selected design of the entire premises, flooring and pouring embodiment floor screed installed, it is necessary to determine the amount of material to work, and purchase a necessary tool. Full list of building materials to create a better shopping. In this case, no harm will consult with experts in the art, to stop your eyes on a particular embodiment,.

The total cost of the acquisition will depend on the scope of work, as well as the particular mode of the device a new floor. The availability of funds and budget, better to buy materials with a stock, so that in the future not to be distracted from work. In addition, some of the stores are to meet. Start a floor repairIf there is a certain amount purchased, it can bounce back, receiving money in return. But it is better to clarify directly with the purchase.

The materials will depend on the route floor fill, embodiment of, purchase ready mixes or preparation of the components of the solution. A specific list is determined depending on the particular. It is worth noting, that their plans can always change and stop your eyes on something else. the main thing, it to be carried out before starting work. After the purchase is unlikely to get it all back and purchase a new product.

Also draws attention to the tools. the main thing, that were available just the set, which is suitable for a particular type of work. It should be provided at the initial stage. There are even modern appliances, based on lasers, able to provide the most accurate results. But hardly anyone wants to purchase them for a one-time performance of works. Their cost is high, in spite of the result provided.


Few people know when making repairs, to start the floor or wall. The first thing to install windows and doors, if there was a desire to replace them with new ones. Suffice it to even install the door frame and window frame.

Putty begins from the ceiling,, then passes on all the walls. Only then is passed on to all floor. If the floor is also resolved all issues and carrying fill the floor screed, then proceed to the pasting wallpaper.

Start a floor repair
The sequence of repair concrete floor

It is worth noting, that the floor should be poured before the other finishing work. This is due to the need to complete drying of the base. While this process will take, you can walk on the floor and do the rest. But the furniture can not be installed.

counting the costs

When the defined purpose of the repair, selected screed floorand a floor for a flooring, should count, how much it will cost. You do not need to spend all the money and watch prices in one store, which is located next to the house. using the list, which was prepared earlier, the invoice prices from different stores. Summing up in the end it all, can be calculated, it is more profitable and how to buy in what place. The same applies to the choice of construction brigades, able to carry out all types of work simultaneously or in rotation. Of no little importance here will play customer reviews.

The list should include the costs of each component of the floor screed, and demolition work. After all, will need to remove the old flooring and, if necessary itself screed, if it will be a very battered. That will have a total, which will be necessary to carry out repairs. But this is just the subfloor, in the total amount will be included ceiling, walls and more.






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