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Dismantling of floor screed

When the repair begins in any room, including apartment, all work initially focused on dismantling the old floor covering. This includes the dismantling and floor screed. The process takes a lot of time and effort. But if you do not have experience in carrying out such works, it is best to consult a specialist. This will provide an excellent quality of the final.

The reasons

For dismantling floorings need some good reasons. Among the most basic - the existing surface defects, and committed an error during installation. You can even say so, it is much easier to completely remove the floor screed, than to produce a partial lifting of the floor screed. Elimination of defects sometimes brings more hassle and cost.

Another reason - the production of communication systems repair, which are located under the floor fill. But here it is necessary to fulfill all quality and with caution. All safety precautions must be observed in full.Dismantling of floor screed

The work required to use a specific set of tools, foremost among which can be distinguished:

  • fracture.
  • The Hammer.
  • Bulgarian.
  • perforator construction.
  • Garbage bags.

Construction Brigade showed his experience, can perform the work as quickly as possible. The more they have to do there all the necessary tools, including special equipment - joint cutter, Robot for dismantling and more.


You can protect several conduct a full removing floorings from partial repair stations in the room. Greater preference is given to the first variant works. Dismantling of floor screedThis is due to lower financial costs. Not always repairs a separate area will allow to cope with the problem. Over time, the operation is most often seen again. In addition, at the same time begin to appear different additional grounds defects, which alternate with each other. It may be damaged and floor, requiring replacement.

Contacting specialized companies can be found, what type of foundation is best to make recovery. If the problem is significant, it would be better to clean up everything to zero, and then produce a screed, laying communications and re-flooring.

possible methods

There are several ways, thanks to which it is possible to produce high quality removing tie gender. Stand out:

  1. Cutting and Drilling. Work is carried out in the shortest possible time, and only minimal noise in the process.
  2. Impact method. It is simple and accessible to everyone who wishes.
  3. Diamond cutting. With it easy to remove the screed floor is obtained irrespective of its thickness and strength.Dismantling of floor screed

During the works in any way it is very important to be careful. Not rare, when under screed routed electrical wiring. We can not allow its damage. But it concerns buildings with more floors. To do this, navigate to the Content, where it can be hidden wiring. Often this corrugated pipe or HDPE.


There are certain requirements for the removal of floor screed. First of all it concerns the proper selection of tools to work. In each case it may be different. Everything will depend on the specific situation. To eliminate the ties can be split into separate elements, which subsequently submitted. But everything is done more quickly when using power tools.

It is very important to prepare the bags for garbage, possessing a sufficient level of strength. They will have to bear all the available waste. Do not be amiss to prepare neighbors, informing them of the desire to carry out noisy work in the apartment.

In carrying out the dismantling important not to overdo it. Excessive force may damage the ceiling panels.


Start removing floor screed associated with the removal of the old flooring, and laid baseboards. There is almost never necessary to use a special tool, to get the desired result. It is worth noting, that the old coating in the following may be applicable in some cases. Then we must all perform very carefully, so as not to damage the.Dismantling of floor screed

Further there is the analysis of the most ties, which will be dismantled. It should determine its thickness, manufacturing of material, structure and other points. Very good will, if the hands will be laying communications circuits and other equipment. This will not damage it in the process of work.

To determine the composition subfloor grinder can cut a piece of the base portion and see, What made screed. The work of construction crews used ultrasonic flaw detector. With it, you can see all, that lurk in the concrete thickness or another solution.

Stages of work

After the end of the preparatory activities, can begin floor screed dismantling. For that selects one of the above methods, which is more suited to a particular situation. More problems arise from the concrete and cement bases. They have higher strength and reliability. When the presence of the base reinforcement, all parts are removed fragments, in parts.Dismantling of floor screed

If we have liquid polymer flooring, here in the joint cutter can not do without. With it partially follows nadsech surface and proceeding to the action.

Ease of dismantling the different dismantling styazhechno-leveling construction. In this case only removed hardware, and thereafter removed sheets. maybe, they are bonded to each other. Then it will be necessary to cut them through the distance of measured.Dismantling of floor screed

When the work come from percussion instruments, then everything should be started from the far corner of the room. The direction is to the entrance. All emerging waste is best to collect gradually, the accumulation of. In this case, advance to take preventive security measures. To do this, the power is switched off wires in the house, as well as water in pipes. They must be carefully protected by the wall, window, door inside the room. Fragments do not fall on them and do damage.


Of course, removal floor screed more profitable to hold their own. You do not have to pay for the work crews, using additional electrical. But there may be situations, when without them can not be.

The cost in this case will be affected by various factors, such as:

  • Scope of work.
  • Possible additional services.
  • The thickness of the blister screed, the need to maintain flooring, type coating subfloor.
  • The complexity of the production process.

This indicates, it is very difficult to determine the specific cost per square meter of floor space. All should be calculated individually. It can only lead averages the cost of work to remove the floor screed.

If the tie has a thickness of up to 40 mm, the price will vary from 2 to 6 u.e. per square meter. When screed in 40-60 mm from the pocket will have to invest at least 3.2 u.e., but usually no more than 7.5 u.e. for 1 m2. The greatest cost will be pouring the solution to 80 mm. The price can go up to almost 9 u.e. to 1 m2. Some subtleties of concern reinforced floor screed. Here, the cost will be increased by at least half. In each case should be calculated individually.

it seems, it is a pity to spread the funds for dismantling. But in the end to get a really high quality results. Will only have to do installation work on the re-laying of communications, fill screed, laying floor coverings and other activities, which are necessary.






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