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Choosing tiles for a small bathroom

In most cases, the tenants of apartments are facing the same problem, as the small size bathroom. With all this it should be properly equip, to be comfortable to be in this room. Particular attention is paid to the floor covering. And in this case, the most demanded material - tile. A few square meters to be put in proper order. So what you should know about, some tiles in the small bathroom to choose.

Features room

Before buying a tile should be all right plan. Features such small size premises requires attention to the choice of color schemes, tile size, as well as its form. For bathroom are taken into account the following factors:

  • The length and width of the room.choice of tiles for bathroom
  • Distance from floor to ceiling.
  • Distribution of plumbing supplies around the perimeter.
  • Sources of light, their number, as well as the intensity of illumination.
  • interior details, including a variety of decorative elements.

There is enough software, where you can create templates for future room. By selecting a few of the options, You can independently evaluate the attractiveness and appearance of the bathroom after repairs. These programs also work in online mode. The finished image will prompt options reshuffle, as well as to correctly perceive the whole situation.

optimal color

It is important to know, some tiles in the small bathroom It fits in the best way in color. For such rooms can not take darker shades on the grounds, they just cut picture of the room. choice of tiles for bathroomLight colors will reveal all the nooks and hidden areas, visually increasing options. But it is necessary to be careful, When it is determined in order, what color tiles Bathroom small buy.

It is better to do without the same colors. In addition, the construction market from one manufacturer can be purchased not only the tile floor, but the walls, and purchase a variety of decorative components in the form of curbs, panels and other. Expand the space contributes mirror tiles. There are special materials, capable of giving coating such shades. But it is not always a good thing constantly contemplate themselves in the reflection.

Deep space can make rich paint color (Submit the correct lighting), and contrast - on the contrary contributes to reduction in the area. The feeling of spaciousness bring cool shades tiles, yet more preferred is warm colors.

But the final and the final word will always be the performer. After all, choose a color variant of floor covering in the form of tiles, so that they could enjoy for a long time.

Select picture

The surface of the tiles It can be a gloss or matte surface. Each individual species will have its pluses, and disadvantages. Gloss on tile surface contributes to increase the visual size of the room. This shows the importance of knowledge, What tile is suitable for the bathroom. true, care for this type of tile is more problematic and difficult because of the permanent abandonment of limescale (by drops, that dry).choice of tiles for bathroom

Ceramic tile itself is presented in the form of a smooth or embossed image. With regards to the latest version of the coating on the floor, it should here be careful when choosing. Attention is drawn to the image itself on the surface, as well as the presence of decorative elements. Often, they can be damaged and lose their quality. If we have a small room, it is best to avoid a large number of drawings with relief.

It is best to choose tiles, on each of which a separate drawing. It will be much more pleasant to be felt in a small bathroom, The more images, composed of several plates. Large panels will attract the eye and visually reduce the distance. It should be understood, some tiles lay in a small bathroom, to the room does not change in the smaller side parameters.

Selected Images for each tile, which is selected in the bathroom with minor dimensions, must additionally be bright and eye-catching in the eyes. One can even alternate coating with a pattern or without.

Application Method

For flooring planks, namely, the tiles on the floor in the bathroom can be used different ways, where there is a huge amount of. Most often you can find an option in Extension laying at an angle 90 degrees with Extension on polplitki. A similar version - in the corner tiling 45-60 degrees, but in an oblique direction with respect to the entrance of the room. These methods will enable you to get an answer to the question of, some tiles are better for a small bathroom, to enhance the visual perception of the area and the size of.choice of tiles for bathroom

If you already have and start working, the means, how to put the tiles in small bathroom, you need to know. When purchasing, you can submit a collection in one form or another, combine them together, to achieve the desired result. In a separate room the same tile may look completely different.

suitable size

Before making repairs in the apartment, and specifically in the bathroom, purchased a certain amount of coating. It should pay attention to what, what size tiles for a small bathroom should be, to premises not pinch or reduced in size.

There is no need to take a very small or very large tiles. choice of tiles for bathroomSuffice it to select the average. If you take the little tiles, it will begin to narrow the space width at the expense of tile joints. This is very well demonstrated in the application of the grouting, which is markedly different from the tone of the material used.

It seems cumbersome large element tile. In addition, in this case, and leveling the subfloor must pass at a high level. Even minor irregularities manifest immediately after laying. This in turn increases the thickness of the floor screed in the bathroom, Consequently, reduces the distance to the ceiling.

So what size of tile to choose for a small bathroom? The answer is simple - the average. Thus it is necessary to pay attention to trimming along walls and partitions. It should be minimal. It is necessary to do the calculations correctly, not to be mistaken.

decorative elements

choice of tiles for bathroomAll these components will be relevant in the bathroom at the decoration of the walls. On the floor it will be difficult to see any insertion enjoy plenty. Besides touching the floor is not necessary because of the large number of sanitary accessories, which covers more than half of its.

Get rid of catchy contrasts allow the use of grout in one tone with tiles. They would not attract attention if it enters the room. Every nuance in this case allows you to learn about, what tiles to choose for a small bathroom. If you pick up everything correctly and on the recommendations of the manufacturer, the result is always to please.

Calculating the number of

When it was decided on the, how to choose tiles for the bathroom, you can go to the store and purchase required amount. But it is necessary to calculate the exact amount and the desired size of each element. It is necessary for the distribution of funds, and fewer cutting. There must be met certain requirements and rules, allowing to make a correct calculation.

  1. Set total area, which will be covered with tiles. Some saving is not placed under the coating bath or shower. choice of tiles for bathroomThese areas should be thrown out of the total area.
  2. Calculation of the area of ​​a single material element, to determine the number per square meter indoors.
  3. It calculated the total number of tiles to the bathroom, based on the total floor area, and coating dimension.
  4. Please note, that in the course of work on the flooring coverage is not ruled out fighting and cutting material. Each piece of tile reduces calculation. In this case, it is best to buy in the store about 12% More products, than was calculated.
  5. When it comes to buying, you'd better buy some more stuff, than later to buy more of its. The fact, that another batch of products may vary in color and slightly in size. Will have to pay twice, to provide a uniform surface.

good decisions

When it is determined in order, some tiles for a small bath better, you can see some great options Device bathroom floor covering with.

The room may be interconnected by three different kinds of tiles. for example, fine mosaic, as rectangles medium size and large square shape. Last suitable for floor, and decorate the walls along the shallow sinks and toilets if available.choice of tiles for bathroom

Some in creating a bright room with a bathtub acquire only whites. But this should give. It should also be complemented by bright colors, but with shades of light gray, yellow and other muted scales.

In the case of a square tub can be expanded using vertical deck flooring circuit. In addition, there is better to buy a rectangular tiles, which is laid not only on the floor, but the walls.

Blue colors will look great on the walls, if they supplement the marble floor.






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