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Lighthouses for floor leveling

For the formation of uneven surface in the room should make a great effort. Thus it is necessary to pay attention to a number of preparatory activities, where, including part and installation beacons. They enable the fill as close as possible to the level of, which is also set to perform any type of floor screed. There is a huge amount of options lighthouses, the choice of which will depend on the particular embodiment pouring.

Substrate preparation

ground, where they will be mounted beacons of any kind, It must be prepared and cleaned of excess debris and dust. Among the preparatory activities can be identified:

  • Repair floor: removal of chips, potholes, cracks. Here in the applied tile adhesive, cement-sand mortar, solution-based adhesive, etc.. Beacons for floor levelingEverything will depend on the specific situation, as well as variants of floor repairs.
  • Cleansing base of debris. It must be removed any dirt, buildups, putty, Cement. As a tool you can use a hammer and chisel.
  • Priming the surface. It allows to improve the degree of adhesion with subsequent pouring subfloor. The primer penetrates the concrete structure, that allows you to rid it of dust emissions.
  • Exhibiting zero, as well as marking the perimeter of the room.
  • Apparatus waterproofing layer.
  • Gasket heat and sound insulating layer.

The last two events are usually arranged for new floors, as well as gender, which completely opened up to the base. The old structures are only shorten the distance from floor to ceiling. The thickness of the screed will significantly.

Determination of the zero level

Before using lighthouses should make all the calculations for establishing and marking the zero level in the room. Subsequently, this allows you to perform all the fill level and get a positive result. The paper used building level. There are also more modern methods and techniques - laser level, allowing the most accurate calculations. But it should be aware of, how to use a laser level for floor leveling.

Beacons for floor leveling
Determination of the zero level

Originally celebrated at about the point 100 cm from the bottom of the floor in the room. Similar points are made in the level and along the rest of the walls, then all connected in a single line. This solid line is called the base. From it exhibited zero.

To this end, around the perimeter of the room is set down point, which will indicate the height of a future tie arrangement. In consideration of this point is the thickness screed, as well as the highest point of the sub-floor in the room. Consequently, on one of the portions may be a distance from the base to the zero level in 30 mm, but somewhere and all 50-60. From it will be different and the thickness of the screed in some areas. Looking at the zero level, carried out the installation of beacons in the room. In any case, they must be fixed at a distance of approximately 20-30 refer to the location of walls. Is not superfluous to draw the appropriate line on the floor.

There is another way to determine the zero level. To do this, the screws are screwed into the floor base, are relative to each other at the same level. Between them tensioned thread. Along this thread and installation of beacons or mortar filling elements is carried out. But this method is more time-consuming because of the "floating" lighthouses.

Lighthouses for dry grievous

when dry screed is the main feature - there is filling material for floor space, which is leveled. The most commonly used concrete block, has a large number of positive qualities. But not everyone knows about, some beacons for floor leveling is best to choose.

After installation of beacons ties remain thicker filling. Beacons for floor levelingThey are not deleted. It is for this reason that the guides to align the sexes should be exposed to the same level as height of a future tie. Usually this 30 mm. Often used profile, called "Beacon". In no case should not cave in at any of the sites, so as not to make mistakes in the process of leveling.

It can be used and the slim profile. But for fixing have to look for additional materials, to carry out a serious process for the preparation of. It can not be fastened with screws, because the waterproofing layer in the room will be damaged.

Lighthouses for concrete screed

How to install beacons for floor leveling, when it comes to "wet" version of the base unit. For concrete screed, and cement-sand, you can choose over a wide range of beacons to create a flat surface.

  1. Profile, fixed to a solution of. The most commonly used in the plasterboard profile. He fixed on the wooden bar, hills mortar or brick. Fastening should be administered using a cement-mortar. This is due to reduced drying time for about 2-3 days. But to start the following types of work should not be, until it is completely dry. Alternative profile - pipe. Beacons for floor levelingThey subsequently must be removed from the solution and use, where necessary.
  2. Profile on the screws. On the subfloor screwed plugs. They occur on screwing screws profiles. There will be no problems with setting the level of, since screws can screw up if necessary. If carried out fill on the ground, is attached to the base of the wooden bars, in which screws are screwed. The latter should be set according to the level in the room.
  3. Bars of wood. This option is relative to the number of the oldest. But it is worth remembering, they must first be soaked in water, so as not to absorb moisture from the flooded ties.
  4. mortar beacons. The method is very simple - it is necessary to screw the screws into the ground, which pull the wire. Along this wire decomposed solution in the form of a wall, which after drying and serve as beacons. The main advantage of this option - it is not necessary to carry out the dismantling.
  5. floating screed. Typically, these beacons are provided for cement screed, which is poured onto the foam sheets laid. This also contributes to obtaining a thermal insulation layer. At the base of the floor mounted dowels, in that screws are screwed through the foam sheets laid. In the following it is only necessary to adjust the level of the screed exposed samorezah. Upon completion of works the screws are screwed into the, and appeared voids are filled with a solution prepared.Beacons for floor leveling

In any embodiment wet screed devices for leveling floors, acting as beacons, must be removed, so as not to adversely affect the casting condition. Appeared grooves also are embedded solution.

Samokleyuschiesya beacons

In the construction market represented by more modern versions of lighthouses, which are called self-adhesive. They can be used to equip concrete screed, level-weight, rovniteli and other surfaces. The lighthouse has a millimeter scale, as well as the adhesive base.Beacons for floor leveling

The work is not time-consuming. The adhesive base is fixed on the floor surface, then cut to the required level indicator parameters. Will only carry the mixture to fill the marked level.

If you work with rovniteley, the usual number of beacons per square meter - 3. Adhesive for floor leveling beacons are inexpensive compared to other options, and better accuracy can be achieved by having a graduated scale. Work is carried out in the shortest possible time, allowing almost immediately prepare the solution and pour it over the surface.

Shtыrevыe beacons

Besides concrete screed, should know, billed as beacons for alignment Floor self-leveling method. In either case, the guide pin can be used. But the base in this case should be exclusively concrete. The screws used as guides. It is worth noting, that their size should be more than about the thickness of the screed 20-30 mm. From this we must proceed with the purchase of material to work.Beacons for floor leveling

The first beacon is set at the highest point in the room. After drilling a hole in the base diameter 6-9 mm, it is exhausted or wooden dowel Chopyk. In this construction there is screwed the screw. Subsequent screws mounted around the room, and exactly at the marked level. Step beacons usually 50-60 cm. But in any case it can not be more than used in rule.

Independent performance of lighthouses

Experts recommend that produce beacons on their own, rather than spend money to buy them in stores. All activities can be performed within an hour. These beacons may be used in a subsequent operation to.

Using wood trim, cut a triangle with sides in 10 cm. but the accuracy is not here to play any difference, so that it is not necessary to dwell especially. In the corners of the triangle, as well as in the central portion, openings, to be smaller in diameter than the diameter of screws are used approximately 1-2 mm. This will allow the tightly Screw the screws into the workpiece.Beacons for floor leveling

When screwing the original screws on the corners of a triangle, the cap must be placed at the same level. For horizontal control screed will meet the central screw, which is fixed at least. The length of the fastener is usually selected within 100 mm. Not even very smooth surface can be used for installation of such beacons blanks. If you take a few of these variants, with different measures, it is possible to achieve the best results.

This not only saves money, but time. subsequently,, if you need to repair the subfloor in other areas of the house or apartment, these beacons re-used and perform goals. Do not be amiss to pre-check all the mounting screws and the degree of loosening.

calculation of lighthouses

After determining the location of the first beacon, you can proceed to the calculation of the required number of them. The calculations are very simple, but still they should perform. It suffices to determine the length normally used, which is subtracted from the permissible norm 15-20 cm. That is, when the rule in 1.5 m, the distance between the beacons should be approximately 1.3 m.

It is worth noting, that everything will depend on the selected variant of the device, material for beacons, as well as the desired result. all work professionals can do without extra help. But if fill carried out for the first time, then we can feel sorry for yourself, arranging some more plants instead of a.






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