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Fill screed under the laminate flooring

In the apartment, you can choose a completely different flooring options, which perfectly fit into the interior. The most popular is a laminate, characterized acceptable cost and excellent quality. Moreover, this material has specific requirements for the substrate, which must be perfectly smooth horizontal. It also provides technology and laminate installation on a concrete floor.

Numerous methods are used for floor leveling. pouring concrete of the prepared solution is most often carried out among all their diversity. The main thing here, know exactly, how to do everything according to technology, to subsequently do not alter.

The right choice of covering

The choice of laminate is best done before the start of work. It should for a few days rest in bed in the room, where in the future will be laid, I was able to get used to a level of humidity and temperature conditions. Fill screed under the laminateThe thickness of the floor covering can be in the range of 7 to 12 mm, width - from 17 to 30 cm. Importance during calculate the exact amount of the laminate plays length panel. Often it is in the range of a meter and a half meters.

The duration of the maintenance period flooring will depend on the quality and condition of the upper shielding case. But it concerns points, happen when another thread or force majeure. So it should closely monitor his condition.

Also this laminate panels differ from each other by the presence or embodiment of the tool joint. Less demand products, which during installation It requires the use of glue. It adds work and hassle. In the presence of castles, they can be of two types: «Click» и «Lock». In a particular case will vary only the process of connecting the elements to each other. The most simple lock is released «Click», where you need to collect as soon as a number and its subsequent "paste" in the previous under lock angle 45 degrees. Dropping to the lowest position the laminate should publish a click, testifying, that everything is correct and all the panels together securely fastened.Fill screed under the laminate

acquisition tools

Technology laying laminate concrete floor, and solution casting for equalizing the base, It requires preparation vessel for mixing a mixture of, rule, putty knife, materials to be placed beacons if necessary. You should also have in place a pencil or a similar tool, allows to make marks on laminate panels. Measurements can be made using a tape measure, line, gon. customized elements laminate to each other is possible by means mallet or hammer metal together with a block of wood.Fill screed under the laminate

There will be another set of tools, which is suitable for the installation process laying laminate and aligning the base under it. Everything will depend on the particular circumstances and the condition of the concrete surface.

Estimation base

Before work on laying laminate focus on examination of the base in a room. It can even be called a crucial moment. on, how much quality will be all done, It depends not only on high-quality laminate flooring, but also the duration of its operational period.Fill screed under the laminate

Irregularities can be detected independently and very simple. Enough to put a wooden base rail, on top of which put the building level. You can also use special levels, having the main part of considerable length. Permitted discrepancy level heights for every two meters in the room 1 mm. If this figure will be higher, you will have to take measures to alignment. Ready to laminate flooring in this case can not be. But minor defects base floor will suffice to perform a self-leveling mix fill.

There may be cases, when to have to remove the old coating, remove all tie, as it is very damaged and not suitable for further use. In the future, there already have to perform concrete pouring, to hide potholes, pronounced protuberances, as well as cracks and chipped surface.

Preparation and distribution solution

If necessary, on the basis of sex in the room can be arranged beacons. There are several popular options, among which the most popular and rationality are installing beacons on mortar slides. After finishing work do not even have to dismantle.

The solution can be prepared by yourself, respecting the exact proportions of the main components. To save time and effort, better to buy ready-made dry mixes, are in the range presented in any hardware store. It is worth noting, that their cost is not so high, but they contain all the ingredients of a quality solution for leveling the floor under the laminate.

Fill screed under the laminate
Proportions solution screed

For pre-mixes for 5 kg will be sufficient 1 liters of water. But even in this case it is necessary to observe the resulting consistency. A solution may be prepared independently. Then, together with cement and sand, in one container produced mixing a certain amount of rubble. All the proportions should be in the following ratio:

1 to 2 to 4 to 0.5 (Cement, sand, crushed stone, water)

The amount of water in the resulting solution can vary depending on the consistency of the resulting. In addition to the fill layer, in that the optimum ratio will be equal to 30-50 mm, add plasticizers and fibrovolokno (instead of a reinforcing metal mesh). That will have a plastic solution, which will be very easy with the right to distribute on the surface, It has all the qualities of reliability and durability. When a large amount of water to dry mixture is slowly, leading to the appearance of numerous surface cracks.Fill screed under the laminate

when performed rough finish for leveling the floor under the laminate, it is necessary to think about bringing the base of the ideal. To this end, finishing arranged screed, leveling performed from formulations. Fill layer is very small - from 2 to 20 mm. All will depend on the quality of the first layer arranged. But it is important to pre-primed surface to improve adhesion.

When choosing a leveling, them poured into water, but not in the reverse order, as in the preparation of concrete solution. After mixing the resulting mass must settle for a few minutes, and you can begin to fill. But the process should be carried out as quickly as possible, since self-leveling mixtures are characterized by rapid setting. Some experts even recommend at the independent performance of leveling the subfloor under the laminate to produce a mixture of kneading portions, which will be enough for distribution on the surface in the established timeframe. Next, the second part of the solution is mixed, and so until the closure.Fill screed under the laminate

on expiry 24 hours self-leveling mixture gaining the necessary strength. But subsequent stages of the installation of the laminate should be initiated only after a further 3-4 day. Concrete ties timeframe slightly increased. Works will only be possible to start at the end of nearly a month. The base should observe and periodically moisturize various ways as necessary for the duration. This indicates, that once formed the floor screed laying laminate can not be made.

All these activities and will lead to a perfectly flat surface sex, which can produce laminate flooring, without fear of the consequences.

Do not forget about the substrate

The quality of the laminate stacking will affect also the choice pads. It performs several functions, among them - the heat and sound insulation. This may be a fiberboard, cork, and polyethylene foam.Fill screed under the laminate

The most popular is polyethylene, presented in the form of a thin white film. It attracts buyers low cost, as well as excellent performance. But the base should be qualitatively aligned, that there are no errors.

The disadvantages of such a substrate usually include poor concealment of height differences. Polyethylene is able to eliminate only the error 2-3 mm. It is for this reason that the alignment of the floor under the laminate should be carried out as thoroughly as possible.

Another embodiment of the material under laminate - extruded polystyrene, which appeared not so long ago. stacking the substrate on a concrete floor should produce a smooth surface to the floor covering, and the other - to the concrete base. It is already possible to hide surface defects up to 6 mm. In this installation it takes a little time and can be carried out without the involvement of a specialist.

One of the expensive substrate choices - cork. Among its other qualities may include micro-ventilation, duration of the maintenance period, and air sanitation. Rules laminate laying on a concrete floor does not regulate the specific choice for the flooring substrate. Everything will depend on the preferences of the performer and the financial situation. But hardly anyone would want to purchase cork, when as a floor covering selected budget laminate concrete floor.

Laying of laminate

At the end of all the action will only have to produce flooring of the floor covering according to the rules laying laminate on the concrete requirements and. To do this, there is some installation instructions, which is often found on the packaging from under the floor covering. Manufacturers themselves talk about, and how best to do, to the floor surface in the room it was strong and brought only positive emotions. At independent performance important thing to know about, how to style your laminate onto the concrete floor. The very process of installation does not take much time.Fill screed under the laminate

options laying laminate on the tie there are several, which differ depending on the location relative to the door panels (parallel, perpendicularly or diagonally). The greatest difficulty is exactly diagonal arrangement laminate. Start work immediately sure of the center of the room and toward the walls. In addition, in the latter case there will be more and residual materials. For the required amount of floor will have to add the amount of the order 20 percent, that was enough for the whole installation. Necessarily produced styling laminate on a concrete floor with a substrate, which gives more quality and properties of the material.
It is thus performed and the device of laminate flooring on concrete floors. Basic requirements to be observed, to obtain a durable foundation in the room. Article written for

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