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Selection of electric underfloor heating under tiles

Tile has a huge number of advantages, including the practicality, durability and beauty. This also can be attributed to the excellent thermal conductivity. But often in the cold season comes from her cool, which does not always lead to comfort. To avoid this, there is one very good option - make laying of floor heating. But it is important to know, a warm floor under the tile to choose, depending on the specific situation.

Electrical floor heating

The best option for heating subfloor tiles - electric warm floor. Its main advantage is that, that he can work all year round. Heating season here will not be able to influence. Housing will be warmed even in spring and autumn, when it's cold and damp.The choice of a warm floor under the tile

They are most often used in apartment buildings and in some cases - in private. It can act not only as the primary heat source, but also additional, include periodic. the main thing, that in this case as a floor covering is perfect for ceramic tile, which will delight the residents with the beauty and comfort. Here you can adjust the temperature level, which is suitable for a particular season of the year and weather conditions. This is not possible at water underfloor heating.

It should be noted, that the electric underfloor heating identify several species, with its advantages and disadvantages. One only has to deal with the, which one will be the most optimal for the installation of ceramic tiles on the floor base. The choice of a warm floor under the tileThis will help us to answer the, What better electric floor under tiles. Among the variety are the following:

  • Cable warm floor, requiring additional concrete screed before laying the floor covering.
  • Electric heating mats, to avoid reducing the distance from the ceiling to the floor.
  • Infrared Heated floor, referring to the number of modern and progressive.

cable option

In rare cases, a Cable floor heating under ceramic tiles. And there are several reasons for the fact:

  1. fill the need concrete screed, whose thickness is typically up to 40-50 mm, depending on the flatness of the entire grounds and the contents of the "pie".The choice of a warm floor under the tile
  2. When the additional layer tile adhesive and most tile distance from the ceiling to the floor to be reduced 60-80 mm. It is not suitable for rooms with low ceilings.
  3. It creates a burden on the basis of concrete screed. For apartment buildings do not always be usefully.

Cable floor heating device to perform better in the production of new housing. Living area without finishing allow to mount the heating under the floor, without the extra cost. Suffice it to arrange for the draft floor leveling base, to continue to perform in the subsequent cabling electric underfloor. In some cases, the cable floor just parked a rough finish, placing it in screed.

It is necessary to determine only here so, which cable to purchase for laying under flooring. It also will tell, how to choose a warm floor under the tile.
There are single and twin cable. Less costly and a budget option - Single. But if the room layout, where the wire mounting, very difficult, then it can not do without a dual-core version. After all, there is mandatory refund should be arranged to thermostat. Both ends of the cable must come to a single point. Twin cable thick. Laying them is much easier due to the fact, that its ends are not tied to each other.The choice of a warm floor under the tile

Start of operation of the electric floor heating cable is aimed at not only the complete drying of the concrete screed, but also tile adhesive. If this be neglected, and the solution itself and the glue will crack, peel off and lose their quality.

heating mats

If we take into consideration the sports industry, then it mats are presented fairly thick. With regards to the underfloor heating, all a little differently. Underlying heating mats - slight thickness cable, very thin. They are placed in reinforced mesh. Roll thickness is only 3 mm. The distance from the ceiling to the floor in such a case will remain virtually unchanged.The choice of a warm floor under the tile

Heating mat for ceramic tiles suitable in the case, when there is already a concrete foundation in a house or apartment. Suffice it to their peals of floor surface, then they are coated with a special tile adhesive. In the future, can only produce flooring flooring, namely tiles. Consequently, it is suitable for all rooms, which are already low ceilings.

During installation, you do not need to apply professional knowledge. The work performed may on its own, without the involvement of experts. Probably, everyone has the power to make laying the heating mats on the surface, then withdraw existing cable podrozetnik. It is there and will be installed thermoregulator.The choice of a warm floor under the tile

You can pay attention to the cost of laying such a variant of the electric floor heating under the tiles. Compared with cable floor, the price will be higher by about a third. Yet the positive qualities can attract the performers. Heating mats can be attributed even to the best underfloor heating under tiles.

film floor

Some of the modern and the most popular include the film Electric floor heating. It has also called infrared. When choosing a tile floor heating, What better help you decide Specialist.The choice of a warm floor under the tile

During the operation, he will not allow the infrared radiation to the space under the floor, and does not emit electromagnetic waves. Some say that, that from him a lot of harm to human health. But if you see all settings and data, we can say with confidence, that it is not more harmful than getting close person. All under the current regulations.

Film floor are among the most efficient and saving heat indoors. Installation does not take much time and it can be run as soon as possible, even on its own.

material for Infrared floor heating - a film of polymer, which is divided into squares, in which a large number of plates soldered to warm subfloor. These plates are actuated by the inclusion of mains.

Concerning device tiles over infrared heat-insulated floor, here it has its own peculiarity, that is, that the tile adhesive is best not applied directly to the elements, the heat transfer. In most cases, for the separation film and the adhesive layer of plaster is used. The reflective properties of the coating in this case, somewhat reduced. In this case the subfloor heating time increases, which will increase the cost of electricity.

Efficiency Infrared floor heating is very high. But he is hardly combined with ceramic tiles. Some experts do not recommend to combine these components in the same room. Film electric floor heating is very weakly connected to the tile adhesive. Alternative option, if not already do without infrared heat-insulated floor - carbon.The choice of a warm floor under the tile

Quality ligament tile adhesive and the film itself for heating the subfloor can be improved. For this purpose the mounting fiberglass mesh, having insignificant size cell before 30 mm.

experts say, that the device is under infrared underfloor ceramic tile, degree warm indoor air is significantly reduced. That is, all the properties are reduced to a minimum. This applies not only to the tile, but also porcelain stoneware.

So it is better to think of a more cost heating options indoors, than to buy expensive materials and waste their properties in combination with each other. When choosing a tile floor heating electric, which is better, It should be based on the specific situation. It is not superfluous to consult with experts in the industry.

If you need warm floor under the tile, important to think, What is better to choose, that it is not only a heated room from the base, but had a low power consumption. In addition, the cost should be combined with the received quality.






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