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Methods styling warm water floor

Often, after a hot shower had to walk on cold tiles. It's certainly not nice to anyone. This situation can occur even in the kitchen or other areas of the home. Do not play the role here flooring. Avoid this problem by, if qualitatively arrange a warm water floor system. The most important thing in this situation, to choose a particular heaters stacking system, to enjoy the result of in-service.


Warm floor belongs to one of the systems, through which the heating room in the house or apartment. The main feature is that, that all heating elements are mounted in the floor space. This option allows you to fully utilize the space in the room, as well as not to spoil its aesthetic appearance.

Prior to consideration of the system water underfloor heating, It should define the water heating device by the conventional radiators. The air after heating rapidly rises. Consequently, on the body, he just misses, especially on the floor. The main heat mass is positioned around themselves radiators, as well as in the ceiling.

Methods for mounting the warm floor water

Warm water floor It can cope with these all the problems. All the heat begins to rise from the floor, Consequently, initially heat up the legs and the whole body. Heat-to-ceiling hardly comes. Moreover, all the heating elements are arranged uniformly over the entire surface in a room. The height of the heat content will be approximately 2 m.

Such an option would be most comfortable for the person. Legs are always on the warm surface, that will not allow heat lost through the stack.

Despite, that the cost Mounting options water heating, compared with an electric, significantly higher, Yet much more economical operation of the process. Besides radiant floor heating can act as a primary source of heat in the room, than can not boast of the electrical analogue. After all, the price of electricity are much higher liquid value, through the pipeline.

Scheme "snail"

Otherwise this layout pipeline warm floor called spiral. It refers to the number of budget options, are effective in transferring heat from the process of laying of floor heating pipes. Methods for mounting the warm floor waterPopularity is constantly growing, and demand is growing.

Pipe installation runs along the perimeter of the room, from the walls and closer to the central part. The radius is thus reduced. The main advantage of such a system is, that the heat is evenly distributed along the carrier, minimizes heat loss, and also eliminates the likelihood of thermal pits in the floor. Step distribution pipes may be at least 10 mm, and reach any selected distance. It can also be attributed to the positive qualities. From the onset of laying method underfloor heating "Snail", he has not ceased to be considered the most reliable, popular, most working.

Since the pipe mounting process hardly bent relative to the original position, and the work itself does not take much time and does not take force. If there is such a desire, all work can be done on their own without the involvement of construction crews and wasting money.Methods for mounting the warm floor water

Embodiment has the versatility, as the laying of pipes for warm water floor can be carried out in the areas of space edge - veranda, street doors, large windows, etc.. As soon as a person enters the room from the street, it is warm and cozy. Any size of rooms, as well as their shape can be equipped with water floor heating system. The number of turns should not be limited to one. You can make a few turns, which circumnavigate, such as a sofa or cabinet mounted.

Methods for mounting the warm floor water
Methods of insulation of external walls of the house

Another plus this system - the work can be used completely different pitch between the pipes. It can reach up to, that step will be 10-15 cm. Heat will be enough for the whole room. Each square meter, even in such a case transmits the order 60-65 W.. The norm for heating is 45 W. I.e, there is supply power to nearly 50%.


There are some drawbacks, which may be encountered when using the arrangements of pipes warm water floor "Snake". The main one - the big heat loss due to the, that the supply of heat medium carried from a single source. Until it reaches the end of the system, medium very cool. Consequently, the heat will be stored only in the areas, wherein starting flow begins. Hot floor will cool down as the distance from the source.Methods for mounting the warm floor water

To one of the disadvantages include difficult assembly process. The pipe can be bent up 180 degrees. Step in this case between the tubes may reach 20 cm. At least it makes Snails 10 mm. Losses can be reduced, creating a ring on the end of the loop. But then we need to make more efforts in the installation process.

Universal step can be considered 15 cm, and if the edge zones (the walls, at the entry door) – 10 cm. It is possible to cope with the loss of heat. But then you have to perform a variety of system - double snake. If there will be a little better than a heated room, the editing process still refers to the number of labor-intensive. For clarity, we can see scheme stacking warm water floor in the drawing.Methods for mounting the warm floor water

Often, the system pipe-laying "snake" is used for, to align the adjacent zones of different contours. Only occasionally - for installation in sanitary areas. It is very difficult to get a large number of devices, which may be unsteady, shell and all that. In addition, these facilities are often very small area, which also adversely affects the whole circuit device warm water floor. There is already a better use stacking "spiral".Methods for mounting the warm floor water

"Snake" is most often carried out in the central part of the property room, if this clipped edge zones. The temperature distribution in this case is the most optimal and rational. If necessary, some sections, which are not necessary for warm-up, system can be outlined by the warm floor water.

combined method

When you can not choose a specific option in the system piping arrangement, it is best to resort to the combined method laying of warm water floor. Methods for mounting the warm floor waterThere are several schemes demonstrated in one assembly. It is even possible duplication of one of the schemes - double "snail" or a number of "kinks". But this requires a corresponding layout of the room, allows you to perform all these actions.

There are certain areas, which does not require a strong warm. This can be input into the room. Here fit and "snake", but in the central part of the room - "Snail", because it concentrates the energy is all possible, which transmits in the subsequent people, We are on it.

Combine can not only schemes, but also different types of underfloor heating - electric and water. It is not always possible to include central heating and feel comfortable in the summer time when crude and wet weather, at low temperatures. It can be switched off in this case is perfect for stand-alone operation of the water floor heating.

Until the installation is best to do a schematic sketch of the proposed embodiment of the device warm floor, wherein reflect specific portions for increased warmup, highlight minor areas and other problematic issues. This not only allows you to select a specific option pipe device in-floor heating system, but will also provide an opportunity to carry out an installation of warm water floor with the greatest efficiency.

Technology of laying pipes

In addition to direct arrangement of the piping system of warm water floor is understood, that there are technologies, which made the subsequent closing of the pipeline for direct use. Among them are:

  • polystyrene. There is no need to device concrete screed. The result is a very lightweight construction of all types of floor heating water, as well as easier to perform all installation work. Since the thickness is reduced in all of the "pie", the distance from floor to ceiling varies insignificantly. All stacking system includes polystyrene plates, is both thermal insulation material. This technology will be important for rooms with low ceilings, as well as the inability to create an overlap on the load.

    Methods for mounting the warm floor water
    Scheme polystyrene technology

  • Rack and pinion type of wood system. Perfect for warm water floor of the second floor of the house, made of wood. Layer insulation significantly reduced. Arranged on the joists (I propose) plank insulation layer (minvata or polystyrene). During the laying of boards with a thickness of 28 mm, areas are left (slots) width 20 mm. The slots already inserted plate of aluminum, in that the pipe system is build in warm water floor. Rough finish is carried out with sheets GVL, produced and finishing.
  • concrete. Rules laying of warm water floor in this way must be respected and can not be rejected on the technology. Originally also arranged insulating layer, and on the perimeter of the premises is mounted damper tape. We should not forget about reinforcing components, It is often presented in the form of metal mesh. To a grid fixed with buckles of plastic pipe heating system. Some experts recommend the top of the stacked tubes to arrange a layer of reinforcement, to design received great strength. After verification of the entire system on the performance and integrity, fills concrete screed. Its thickness is generally from 3 to 15 cm. it all depends on the specific conditions. Finishing can be started only after the complete drying of the fill.Methods for mounting the warm floor water
  • Wooden model type system. On wooden base installation of warm water floor should be started from the device insulation layer. Further Stel chipboard sheets, which must be cut slots for future facilities in these heating pipes. On top of the "pie" laid GVL, and flooring made chosen variant flooring.


After reviewing all the methods and techniques of laying pipes in the system of water underfloor heating, you can pay attention to some specific embodiments,. Everything will start from the subfloor in the room, and selected tubes, their material. It is not a small value play room area, where carried out the heating system, as well as the financial capacity.

The most universal way sheathing pipes in the system of the warm water is a method for sex "snail". Here there is not only the savings in service, but the heat is evenly distributed over the entire surface in the room. You do not have to search for a place, where occur, to be warm. It can not affect the weather, time of the year, as well as the presence of a central heating or lack of.

If there is no confidence in the final positive result, when the work is carried out for the first time, better to see a specialist, which is able to perform all in a short time and the highest quality.

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