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Installation and laying of water underfloor heating

Not to be provided on the cold tiles after a visit to the soul, should arrange competently system of underfloor heating in the apartment. This will require to know certain points and nuances, which pay attention to the installation process. In addition to direct installation of warm water floor, to complete need to complete a quality tie. Flooring warm water under the floor may be completely different content. All proceeds from the particular circumstances.


Underfloor heating generally considered to be one of the possible heating system in the rooms of premises. The main feature is, that the contour pipeline system is located in the floor space, and not fixed to the walls, as in radiator heating. This version brings a lot of positive moments, that attracts many artists.

Start the review installation of floor heating and screed should be focused on traditional embodiments of heating systems, which are often located under the windows in the room. Air, after heating from the radiator enters the Top, that is, to the ceiling. Therefore, that most of the heat will be located near the heaters themselves, as well as the height as high as possible to the ceiling. On the floor while almost no warm air enters. As a result, have to mark time on the cold floor covering, that the very unpleasant after showering or joining with cold preview.

Installation of floor heating

Technology devices of warm water floor sees all this from a completely different side, taking into account all the shortcomings and complaints from users. Hot air starts to come off the floor and soar. Consequently, the bulk of the high temperatures it receives base. Walk very nice, and felt comfortable in the room, since the high heat does not go away, and it is held at a distance 2-2.5 meters from the floor. Around the ceiling - the lowest room temperature.

As for the cost, the water option will be slightly higher for installation, than for example electrical. But the operation process much easier and less costly. It can be not only the main source of heat in the room, but also additional. It is very important to correctly and in compliance with the technology to produce screed.

Advantages and disadvantages

Installation of warm water floor has both its advantages and disadvantages, to be aware of each, that he wants to organize such a system in your home.

Besides, that the room temperature is evenly distributed, from its inception and throughout the area, for heating spent significantly less, even if it is large in floor space. Almost twice as possible to save energy, If the rooms have high ceilings more than three meters. It makes no sense to let the warm air, which focuses exclusively on the level of human growth.Installation of floor heating

No heaters, as well as their connection will not be together much. Everything is very carefully hidden in the grounds of sex, formed where concrete screed or any other version of it. It has to be spent once more on the water floor heating apparatus, that then for a long time to enjoy the comfort and coziness.

Among the disadvantages of such a system may include a complex assembly process. If the first time to perform such work, it may be allowed a large number of defects, which was already evident in the early days of the space heating. This indicates, it is best to pay attention to the specialist services, which not only produce quality installation, but it will also guarantee. the main thing, used in the tested materials from leading manufacturers and pay special attention to it pipeline.

Prevent the installation

Before the start of the device water floor should be familiar with the recommendations of the meeting, as well as learn moments, when there are restrictions on its installation in specific residential areas. The greatest popularity it gains in private buildings. Besides its generally lay in apartment buildings as the primary heating system. There will not be any problems.Installation of floor heating

If there is a desire to meet all apartment and at the same time there is a direct selection of the heat carrier of the central heating, as well, and hot water supply, here introduced ban. If in such a case will be used Radiant Floor, in the general scheme of the pressure starts to fall significantly, and coolant temperature regime. The exception here is the use of a heat exchanger. In any case it is necessary to agree on the adoption of this important decision with the operating organization. They do not always give a positive response.

It is also important to choose flooring options, which is arranged over the water underfloor. No low-quality components should not be in them, because very quickly lose its original presentable, and also begin to fail. It deals more with parquet, laminate. Not rare cases when heated allocation of odor floor covering. Shallow system efficiency underfloor heating It would be in the case of materials with high heat-insulating capacity. These include carpet, or the same parquet. No harm will generally consult experts or the representative of the selection of high-quality material for flooring store on top of the water floor heating system.

It is important to understand that the apartments heating system reaches a temperature of 800 degrees, and for underfloor heating is sufficient 40 0

Substrate preparation

The device water floor heating begins with preparatory activities. The first thing to think about the full dismantling of the old pavement and floor screed. You do not always know and visually seen it, that being in the thick of the old ties and below. Consequently, it is best to get rid of it completely and perform a new fill. So it will be much safer and more efficient.

Installation of floor heatingAt the first stage should be qualitatively make floors Heated floor under water. They must fully comply with the horizontal level. This is especially true of areas with significant elevation changes. The choice of tie option depends on the artist and the specific requirements.

We can not forget about the layer waterproofing, which must be located exclusively in a clean and prepared surface. In addition, the damper is mounted tape around the perimeter of the room. She should be placed on the line between the circuits, if there are several in the dispensation of the water floor heating type. All these details are needed, a coupler to protect itself from being destroyed as a result of thermal expansion.

Material for insulation the base is fully dependent on the destination floor heating, as well as its location:

  1. A thicker layer will have to buy at the device on the ground floor insulation, further wherein the bottom is unheated cellar. The thickness may be up to 100 mm. To spend less funds, then poured another and a layer of expanded clay, over which stacked sheets, such as polystyrene.
  2. In the presence of the heated space below the floor level, wherein water produced sex device, then choose polystyrene layer sufficient height and 50 mm. The main thing that was so thick, which will allow to cope with the negative manifestations.
  3. There may be cases water floor apparatus as additional heating system. In such a case it is possible to take polyethylene foam, having a foil covering. It is the latter will allow you to save heat and direct it into the room from the floor base.

After the insulation layer should reinforcing. With it feels safer screed, which will cover the entire floor heating system with all components. By reinforcing grid can be made of fastening underfloor pipe, using special elements for fixing.

Installation of floor heating
underfloor heating layers

The calculation of the material and its selection

To determine the order, What is the amount of material will have to buy in order, device to perform water sex, raschertit should first plan of arrangement of elements on the floor. For this purpose, the paper sheet, in which the parameters are transferred in premises strict proportion to scale. Recorded on paper pieces of furniture, who are more likely to remain in place as a result of, as well as other components, under which do not have to make installation of underfloor heating systems. All of these sites should do pipe. This selects the specific implementation scheme underfloor, and casting technology and devices screed flooring. In the end, will only apply on paper execution fastening pipes on the basis of, calculate their total length. Thereafter, the obtained result is multiplied by the selected scale.Installation of floor heating

As for the other components of the entire system, you can even buy a full set of, which will include:

  1. Hot-water boiler.
  2. Pipes and Wiring tubes, which will be located on the surface.
  3. The injection pump, It included more often in the acquiree boiler.
  4. Fitting, connecting elements, fasteners.
  5. Collector.
  6. Ball valves, etc..

A complete list of material will depend on the specific conditions indoors. As for ties for underfloor heating, what materials to buy will depend on the selected variant thereof. Concrete ties - sand and cement, various additives, and in dry performance - filling and sheet materials.

Installation of the collector and the heating boiler

The collector is selected depending on whether, what kind of circuits will be arranged in the system underfloor heating. The number of its conclusions should match the number of loops. All configuration underfloor, as well as its adjustment during operation will be fully included in the number of manifold functions. Use in component allows control valves to regulate the flow of water for each loop. This collector will cost a bit more, but when used will allow for the setting exactly, to obtain uniform heating.Installation of floor heating

Very important, that the system had a valve to divert water, and also the drain outlet. In the presence of the servos, as well as special mixers, regulated as desired water temperature in the conduit. But it is worth noting, the automatic setting is not always so effective, as it seems. Equipment costs will be significantly higher than conventional options. Sometimes it is easier once properly set up system performance, to fully use it.

The collector must be installed in the collector box. Its thickness is often 120 mm. All will depend on the so-called collecting group, that will be included in its number. Must be provided all possible sensors, plums, Duct, etc.Installation of floor heating

This all suggests that, that originally installed the collector box, and everything is located in the rest of it. If the wall mount cabinet, then it generally will not be noticeable. Especially small thickness will perform all works quickly and accurately.

The box must be located above themselves underfloor. There should be no drainage pipes up from him. All of them should be sent to the lower part. This will allow you to work the air removal system.

When is radiant floor heating installation and laying conducted in compliance with technology. One can not buy a boiler for heating water heater. Everything will depend on the required capacity. Even in the moments of maximum system loading, Boiler has to cope with warming water, plus the have some margin in power level. That is, it should not work to the maximum, export.

Installation of floor heating
Wiring diagram for floor heating with bypass

So that the water fully operational across the line, the pump is installed. Most often it is already integrated into the heating boiler, however he was not. Additional pumps are provided in the case, if a large area of ​​the premises within the 100-150 m2.

Fixing pipes

Fastening pipes mainly performed to the base floor by means of special elements, which can be anchors, screws, plastic ties, clamps, etc.. Selection will depend on the base, as well as the preferences of the Executive. the main thing, to quality has always been at a high level.Installation of floor heating

If necessary to make the pipe bend, this should be done as precisely and accurately. For each type of pipe may have limitations on the maximum radius. And this should be followed during the device of warm water floor. Otherwise, the surface of the product will crack and will need to be replaced.

The ends of the pipe, which will be fixed to the collector, it is best to pave through walls. This is not to forget about their insulation, Using polyethylene foam. To connect more often purchased compression fitting.

It is important to choose a specific stacking scheme pipe. They can be fixed on the basis of a "snake", by scheme "Snail" or combine certain elements in one, when you want to get a higher quality warming. In the latter case, most often refers to the walls on the street side, as well as to colder areas inside the room. But should not be less than from the wall to the nearest circuit of the system 15 cm distance.Installation of floor heating

To the last and important stage of the installation of warm water floor - screed, required to make inspection and testing of the system performance. If the tests were successful, you can continue to work further.

Screed floor heating

When all the work on the arrangement of floor heating components are made on the grounds of sex, can begin fill screed. But in this case, much will depend on its choice. Installation of floor heatingAlso concrete screed dry screed can be arranged, where there is no wet jobs. At the same time they have both advantages and disadvantages.

Before the end of the device ties floor heating system can not be left to work. Although some experts still recommend to include heating pipe by pouring concrete ties for a better and speedy drying. Experiment certainly no one should. Suffice it to comply fully with the technology and not to deviate from the steps toward the. Only in this case, the warm floor water device will best, with a set of positive moments.







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